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OK, I'll look at it, thanks. Anyway, the game is finished just after that, so you didn't miss anything :)

Hi! Thanks for sharing. What kind of crash do you have? When exactly it happened? Just after the cutscene?

Thanks, really appreciated :) Good job on the puns too :D

Thanks :) And I hope you'll be completely wrong :p

Thanks for playing Inspector Waffles, Chloe :) Glad you like the updates :)

Thanks for your video :) Glad you liked it :)

Thanks a lot! See you at AdventureX ? :)

Thank you for the video :)

Me too :) Hope Nintendo will be ok with it ;)

Now you can :) thanks :)

Thanks :)

Haha :) Will do !

Thanks a lot leafo, I really really appreciate that :) Keep the great work! 


GOLOSO Games is a one man indie dev from France. I make games focused on creative stories and strong gameplay, when I am not working at my real daily job. One of my project I'm working on is Inspector Waffles, a point-and-click adventure game with anthropomorphic cats and dogs.

Unfortunately, Inspector Waffles won't be at GDC,  because Fluffy's murder took all my time to solve (and also because it's too expensive for a solo dev like me).

I am really happy to be part of community. Thanks for the #notGDC initiative,  it's a brillant idea and it helps a lot small devs like me. Thanks again !

Yes! And Linux too. :)

Thanks a lot :) We'll release the full chapter this year!

It was a great time watching you playing, your voice acting is perfect ! :) Thank you !

Thanks for your amazing feedbacks, it means a lot :)

Cool game, the art is beautiful. In my opinion, enemies should be a little bit weaker, but it's not really important, the game is really great !

Thank you :) Chapter 1 is not over, that's just the beginning :)

Thanks, that is very kind of you :)

OK, so it means the bug was still there : anyway, I updated it and changed the icon.

Thanks again for the feedbacks !

Hi !

  • I would say a little too long.
  • Yes, no problem.
  • No, it's fine !
  • No again.

  • I would say it's better to have more battles with increasing difficulty. Trying to find the weak post should be the priority, I would say.
  • Animation. It's a little bit static at the moment.
  • It depends of what kind of art style you want, actually. For me that is ok right now.
I like this kind of fighting game, I would say a little bit ot tactic is missing (or if there is, I didn't see it) and of course animations. I would definitely play again if I have to think which spell I have to use on a specific enemy, for example :)

Hi ! Thanks a lot for your feedbacks, I really appreciate it.

I have one question : when did you download the game ? Because your first feedback is a bug, and I thought I fixed it. You can click in the house before the body without any problem, normally. And I can't reproduce it in my last version, that's strange ....

You can put the game on fullscreen with Alt + Enter at any moment. Unfortunately, I didn't have time to make an option menu during the jam. You are right about the icon, it needs to be changed.

Thank you a lot again !

For me difficulty incrementation was perfect ! I finished it at my 2nd play, so I think it's good enough. About powerups, freezing enemies is maybe too strong. Anyway, I liked your game !

Hi everyone !

Game url

You can find Inspector Waffles here :

I'd like feedback on

Anything ! If you like the game, if you don't, if you want a sequel ... Feel free :)

Thanks !

Sure ! contact at golosogames dot com

Thanks, I really appreciate it :)

Thanks, great work ! But .... you missed one item ! :)

Fluffy, a rich industrial in Cat Town, is found dead at his house : Is it a murder ? Did he kill himself ? Inspector Waffles is the one called to solve the mistery. But there is a problem : the cops can't find a way to get to the crime scene.

This game was made in 2 weeks during "My first game jam". I don't know if I'll continue the game at the moment, but I'll let you know soon :)

Don't hesitate to give me feedbacks, it would be greatly appreciated !

Good news everyone :

Game was submitted ! Check here if you want to play. At the moment, there is only a windows version. I'll probably add a Mac version as soon as possible, I don't have a Mac so I didn't test if everything is alright.

A little summary about this experience : it was two crazy weeks. I worked 4 hours each day on it, but I was thinking about Inspector Waffles all of the time. I really wanted to do a classic point&click game, and a great little game, and I think I'm quite close of what I wanted to do at first.

The story was written in one hour, and I have no idea, after the witness part of Fluffy dead, what the next chapters should be about. If people really like it, I will continue this adventure. Most of the point&click aspect are done, I need to write the story and draw A LOT. And add animations, to make a game more beautiful.

If you want to see more of Inspector Waffles, help me to make it happens :)

Thanks everyone for your feedbacks during these 2 weeks ! If you are interested by Inspector Waffles future, check My twitter account !

See you next time !

Hi everyone !

Very short devlog for today. I spent my time testing the game and trying to crash it.

12th day devlog

Puzzles are done. Almost all tests are done. I need to test again a couple of things, but everything works quite well ! :)

Next steps

I just need to do a short end for the game, just before the witness interogate scene. As I expected,unfortunately, there won't be any witness to discuss with : it would be crazy to start the interrogate part now and try to finish it in one day. Too much UI, pixel art and coding to do. Maybe later, if people like the game !

I will also add the talk action, but it will be accessible only for one character : Patches (the other cop).

See you tomorrow for a final devlog post !

Hi everyone !

We are almost at the end of the jam, and well, today I didn't finish what I wanted to do and I want to sleep :D. Tomorrow is going to be a long day !

11th day devlog

Last room !

The bathroom is done ! It's not significant for the game because you can access to it at the beginning of the game, so I'm sharing it with you :) Also, it's very simple because, well, I still have no time for polishing !

New decors and items

I add a lot of new interaction with the other scenes : most of them to start a story and understands the world, Fluffy history and hobbies, working relationship between Waffles and Patches and so on.

Next steps

The game is done at 95%, but I've to test the full game from start to the end of game. Pixel drawing is probably over for the gamejam. I guess I won't have time for interrogating the witness : it depends of how many bugs I found tomorrow :)

Thanks again for your feedbacks, and good luck to finish your games if you are part of the jam !

Hi everyone !

Almost all the game is done without the interrogate part. I have 3 days to do it, it's going to be really challenging :)

10th day devlog


2nd floor is done. I have a little room to do on the first floor, and it will be all done ! I just need to make an other scene for the interrogate part, if I have enough time.

Start screen

I've done a little start screen, I tried to not spend a lot of time on it (1 hour). I'm working 4 hours/day for this gamejam, and now time is running out :)

Next steps :

Tomorrow, I plan to finish the game without the interrogate part. I will do a "small" release : if I don't have to time to finish all I wanted to do, I will share, at least, a playable game with a full story :)

See you tomorrow !

I would like (if I have time) doing some kind of dialogue situations. Like LA Noire. It's pretty ambitious, and I'm not certain to do it before the sunday :)

And thanks for the light, Hexels is a really cool tool !

Hi everyone !

Yesterday I tested the puzzles from all the scenes I have already done. And it works ! I have nothing to show unfortunately.

9th day devlog


Outside/Library/Hall and Bedroom are done at 90%. I just need to have some details on other decors, it will add depth to the story.


You can combine your inventory items with doors, objects,people : changes are visible on the scene. Most of the point&click aspect are done ! That's a real relief. I'll probably have time to start the interogate part.

Next steps

I need 2 more scenes for the story, 1 for the interrogate part. My goal is to finish the story before Thursday, and try to do the interogate part before the submit.

See you tomorrow !

Hi everyone !

Like yesterday, I'm not going to show you what I did to avoid spoilers and let you discover the game when I will submit it :)

8th day devlog

Today, I've added a couple of items, one door you have to unlock, and a new scene : the library !

This scene art is almost done for the deadline, I only need to do the code behind it : but right now, it's too late, I'm going to sleep :)

Next steps :

I need to do 2 more scenes to complete the house : tomorrow, again, it will be a pixel art day !

Don't hesitate to give me feedbacks, it would be greatly appreciated :)

Hi everyone !

7th day devlog

Nothing to show you from yesterday, I'm sorry. I did a couple of new items and decors, but I'm not going to show you all of the items you need to have to finish the game :)

I've also added a saving state from one scene to another : if you moved the painting, for exemple, and you come back into the same room later, the painting will be at the same state you left it. That's a huge progress for the game.

Next steps

I have one week to finish, and I need to do at least 3 scenes, maybe 4. I would like to start the game with a cinematic, no idea if I will have time to do it. And I still need to start the "interrogate" part. It's going to be fine :) Today, I will draw a new scene again and start to test the game, solving my own puzzles (I think I can solve them ;) ).

Don't hesitate to give me feedbacks, it would be greatly appreciated :)

Thanks :)

Hi everyone !

Today, I did a new scene and Waffles can move from one scene to another.

6th day devlog

New scene : the Hall

The hall is the first room you meet when you come inside the house. Not a lot of things to show, only 3 doors which lead to other rooms.

Changing scenes

Waffles can go from one scene to an other, without losing his items. I've added a new cursor (with a door), which let you leave your current scene.

Changing scenes with Unity was not so easy (I met a couple of problems I didn't expect), but it's done !

Next steps :

New scenes, new decors and new items ! I have to do a lot of that before starting the interrogating part !

Don't hesitate to give me feedbacks, it would be greatly appreciated :)