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Hi everyone !

Game url

You can find Inspector Waffles here :

I'd like feedback on

Anything ! If you like the game, if you don't, if you want a sequel ... Feel free :)

Thanks !

The view size is really small, which makes it hard to read the text. I would have liked a full screen button or for the view to be twice as large.

I clicked on the house before I clicked on the body. I ended up in this room unable to click on anything. I had to close the game and restart. I could navigate normally after I examined the body. Perhaps if someone tries to click on the house before examining the body, Waffles should say, "I need to examine the body first."

The writing is very funny. I liked how there's a furniture store that just sells boxes, a litter box in the bathroom, a painting by "Meowgritte"... I also liked that it makes fun of its own puzzles.

The icon for this game is barely visible on my dark taskbar. Maybe just Waffles's head would have made a better icon?

If you plan on continuing this, I look forward to seeing more of it!

Hi ! Thanks a lot for your feedbacks, I really appreciate it.

I have one question : when did you download the game ? Because your first feedback is a bug, and I thought I fixed it. You can click in the house before the body without any problem, normally. And I can't reproduce it in my last version, that's strange ....

You can put the game on fullscreen with Alt + Enter at any moment. Unfortunately, I didn't have time to make an option menu during the jam. You are right about the icon, it needs to be changed.

Thank you a lot again !

Hm, I must have downloaded it sometime between 3:00 and 4:00 AM UTC, just a little while before I made that comment. I was using the itch application, which may have influenced things.

OK, so it means the bug was still there : anyway, I updated it and changed the icon.

Thanks again for the feedbacks !