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reveal the hidden platforms!
Submitted by Kultisti (@Kultisti_) — 6 minutes, 39 seconds before the deadline
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CriteriaRankScore*Raw Score
Use of the Limitation#234.0404.040

Ranked from 25 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

Team members
Kultisti @kultisti_

Software used
Gamemaker Studio 2 + Fl Studio + Audacity

Use of the limitation
The game can be played with one hand, for example on left hand using WASD + shift/ctrl/space. The game only uses four inputs for movement and one for action, making it easier to play with a one hand for the player isn't pressing all the buttons at the same time at any point (hopefully hehe)

Cookies eaten
Unfortunately didn't eat any cookies, yet i had some carrots which were quite tasty too!

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Brilliant game, and phenomenal work! Having to control which blocks were active and which weren't was a creative mechanic and it was implemented really well, and each level had a different unique challenge to it as well, which was great. The movement felt good too, and the little amounts of squash and stretch and rotation really added to that player feedback. One thing I would say though is that jumping felt a bit off; I kept thinking I could jump two blocks when I could only reach one. Maybe it was just me, but decreasing the jump height a little could've been useful there.  The mechanic of switching between player and radiation was nice too, although it did get a little tedious at times - having to jump, move the line across the screen, land, move the line to the other side, repeat - especially when you failed a jump or managed to jump past the puzzle piece somehow, like me. Being able to use different control sets was nice though, since it was more comfortable for me to use IJKL / Z, and I didn't accidentally turn on sticky keys. There were a couple of bugs I noticed too, but nothing game-breaking or major, so that was all fine, especially considering it was made in three days.

And as for the artwork, I found it wonderful! It was a very simple style, but it still managed to look great. I did really like the environment too - it was abstract and definitely not complex, but it didn't feel empty either, which is great. The colours stood out as nice and vibrant, especially with the contrast in the background, but not oversaturated or too bright. The way the UI matched the style of the game itself was a nice touch too and I loved the little story pictures between levels - helped add a lot of charm and flavour to the game. I loved the atmosphere and the sound too - some nice ambient background noise was nice, and the variation in sound effects kept them fresh.

With that all being said, I think it was an excellent game! I'd love to hear about anything that happens with this game in future - it's a fun little puzzle game that's well polished and well implemented, so phenomenal work!


Very fun, makes me want to check out your other games!


Absolutely amazing


Story, Polish, Interesting Mechanics, Great art, and a decent amount of levels. I think we got a winner, this is the peak of Jam dev. Amazing work


The art and ambient music are really great. The gravity-switching portion broke my brain, but I managed to finish it!


Absolutely amazing. Add some more levels and mechanics and this is easily a 10 or 20 dollar game. 


This is an awesome, fun little game! It would certainly be interesting to see an expanded version!


Wow! Thats dope! Stylish graphics, nice core gameplay, some story. Everything is perfect beside of limitation ;_; One hand play is too much in my opinion. Is not too comfy to play this way.

Also its not clear that time stops (for character) while in "line mode". It confused me a little in first lvl, where I should stop in mid-air and then make a block under character


Oh, so tricky! Clever little puzzler, extremely well polished for such a short jam. Smart puzzle revealing mechanic ties into the theme without leaning into the nuclear. Great one!


Wonderful game, hard to imagine accomplishing so much in just 3 days. As another commenter has brought up, really evokes Baba Is You vibes through the aesthetic.

Amazing job.


Blown away. The concept is amazing. This game game belongs to the top spot!


it's just wow, very very cool.


It's so fantastic!!!


The art style and sounds are top notch, and the particles and effects too.

For just 72 hours the game fells reaaally good to play, i also like the variety for the controls it has.

Very well done, i loved it!


Man this game's art style and sound design reminds me a lot of Baba is You, it's just a chill and calming puzzle platformer with a really simple mechanic that is really smooth and helps create really good levels! This can definitely be expanded on in the future!


I loved the mechanic and I was shocked that you were able to make so many good levels in such a short amount of time.


Kultisti strikes again with another amazing game!


Nice presentation and idea. It is small and cute game. Art is simple, but cute).

I really like it(P.S. please check my game, mabe you like it too:))


Really interesting concept and nice presentation


I think it's a great job. It resembles games on older devices ... which were installed (tamagotchi). I don't remember the name. :)

Very clear and nothing superfluous, I like it!

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