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Oh cheers for such an extensive reply! This is all very helpful; shaders are a completely foreign language to me still so I'm just in openmouthed awe at folks who're able to make things like shadertoy work for them, so this is super kind of you.
Thanks again, and keep makin' them little games!

This is so *deliciously* crunchy, the dithering filter effect really sells the creep - and makes screenshots look extra nice and dirty at a smaller resolution. I simply must ask, did you make the shader for the jam or is it an asset (that I could find maybe in the godot shaders library)?

Grungy and confined; loved the sharp, oversaturating filter effect you had on everything.

Fun, fresh, delicious! So glad you finished this one after we talked about layering (toppings) on discord. It looks so good and runs perfectly.

Never seen a door that should Not be opened as much as that one - alas, protagonists of horror rarely agree!

Sometimes the best creature design is Just Shapes

Very cute and just spooky enough!

You got some great textures but they may be a bit cluttered and the seams too visible because oh man does a fellow get dizzy running down those halls! Otherwise a fun, harrow little run through a spooky place

A bit heavy on the assets but I love a labyrinth!

Love to be shut up in a tight little space with the weight of physics and the unknown pressing up on me from all sides, had an awful time (in the best way)!

Subtle decay and lighting, well put together - a quiet, tense little affair!

Side-scrollers will always continue to engage. Great team effort, fun plot device, runs really well!

I'll probably dig back into this once I have more time; I had some more ideas I wanted to implement before dipping out. Thanks for leaving a comment!

One of my great laments for this submission was running out of time to actually set up the narrative foundation. Just an intro-screen or quick pan-over illustration would've been enough; alas. I assure you that they all deserved what horror you visited on them!

Thanks for leaving a comment!

In The Masque of the Red Death everyone is a horror. Thanks for leaving a comment!

Oh trust me, the rich and noble houses are far from innocent. Thanks for leaving a comment!

I love lighthouse games. You really nailed the 2D lighting, placing all those occluders must've been a chore!

Absolutely just prototype for this poor fella haha, I didn't have time to finish anything much. Thanks for leaving a comment!

Point and clicks have a real special place in my heart, I'm genuinely stoked whenever people dig into them like this. The discrepancy in "crunchiness" between background and spritework feels like the glory days of pre-rendered backgrounds for consoles, felt great!

They're part of the misguided riché who sought to avoid social responsibility by complacently walling themselves off from a plague - the backbone of Poe's delightful Masque of the Red Death. So they may not be demons, but rest assured they're not innocents!
I had at least 4 different varieties of enemy planned out, as well as Prince Prospero for a satisfying conclusion, but there was no time left :>

Thanks for leaving a comment!

Frankenstein is such a classic, love how you mixed it all up. Black and white will always be a huge aesthetic fave of mine; great job!

White Bat slaps and I'll always be grateful to them for their contributions to digital media.

Thanks for leaving a comment!

Really enjoyed it; always great to see how social culture and its new venues of communication change up what we can do with art and entertainment!

That could be it, as the game takes directional controller input as well!

Hey, thanks for the feedback! Like I wrote in the description, the HTML5 version doesn't seem to work on any browser at the moment.
Finding that the text is skipping automatically in the downloadable version is an interesting catch! I tried to replicate it and it only runs through all the text like that if you're holding a key down (any key). If you don't, it should come to an automatic stop.

Haha, thank you! I'm grateful you mentioned laughing, that was my only real goal this jam :D

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Heya! I'm a 2D programmer with experience in Ren'py, Bitsy and Godot, looking for an artist, storyteller, combo or team! I'm usually always writing stuff so it'd be nice to take a load off and just do programming for a change. I'd prefer to work on stories and with people who are are queer and/or neurodivergent, but it's not a hard requirement.

Edit: closing topic for interest, thank you!

Super cool of you to take the time to review all the submissions like this! You raised some good first impressions to take into consideration like the high pitched gold sound; I'll turn it down a little bit. Thanks a whole bunch for giving Guld a go!

Thanks a bunch! I thought playing downward would be a fun twist on a classic.


Thank you! I hate that acorn-launch offset to the point where I spent a whole day redrafting the whole thing to make it work properly, to no avail so really I am sorry that it does that; now that I have more time I'm going to do some depth-diving to check what's really up with it, pull in some folks from the Godot discord to get help haha

Och tack ska'ru ha! :D

Thank you! Did you get a smooch?

I just need to say, how extremely good is that singer on rollerskates? Great, dynamic, colourful stuff; love your work!


Oh I love me some tricky ricochet puzzling! Fun concept, good execution, solid graphics and always nice with a bit of chain explosions. Good sound feedback, you could tell what was going on. My only gripe is that sometimes the "out of ammo" screen just doesn't happen, but since the menu button is right there, it's easy to get around.


Did not expect a rhythm clicker game! Initially didn't realise that I had to face the direction of the oncoming arrows and missed a whole bunch because of that. Would also have been good to know from the beginning if one should avoid clicking the blue arrows, or right-click them.

Very smooth and polished, simple and effective!

That is an incredibly effective picnic defense system! Rewards speed-clicking and doesn't really have much of a difficulty curve; I thought the right hand bar might have been the energy-drain of my laser, but that seems to have no cooldown nor the ability to run out. There also appears to be no way to lose, even when the right hand bar depletes >:) no game over for me

I think this has potential. While the auto-aim is kind, it might be better to actually try to click the oncoming enemies to create a bit of a challenge (the wasps are very fast and might necessitate the emergency, zone-wide wipe). The zone-wide wipe is a bit too easy to recharge, and could be modified to completely drain on use to recharge over time, to avoid player reliance on it.

I still really enjoyed it! It's great for a first game jam where time is so constrained too!

I love pixel-perfect and this is exactly it. Large playground, very smooth movement, like the enemy variety as well as the ruthless amount of mess on the floor that you can't always control the clustering of. Sounds are way loud, and my system volume is like ten out of a hundred. I really, really like your sprite work!

I actually enjoyed the slow pace because I have very low reaction speed. What I did miss was some kind of clear marker that an object/obstacle/enemy had been hit, or rather, that the hit had actually affected it and not just absorbed the impact. Figuring out which clouds did what took a bit of experimenting and could maybe do with some kind of clarity as well, if only at least initially. Otherwise very solid!