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Thanks! This is the second game I ever made, I actually returned to it and made into a proper game. If you are interested it's called Hack Grid.

It's on Steam

And as well

That's very strange, the file you get through direct DL and app is the same file, I don't have a separate game version for direct DL and Itch app. Thanks for letting me know and confirming using itch app solves this issue. I'll look into and see what I can do!

Dark Lord is pleased, great job!

I'm very sorry to hear that, I'll get on it right away! Can you please let me know what kind of error message you get?

Ok this link I posted for some reason takes you to the right page... Itch is weird, haha.

You are right, I am sorry but I don't know why. If you go to my profile and check out Dark Sheep, the link literally is

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Dark Crypt is a turn-based puzzler with a horror theme. Sneak through an old crypt where an ancient evil slumbers. Its shadow is corrupting the tomb and the once buried bodies now haunt the halls. This evil must be sealed at all cost!

Don't miss out on the launch discount!

This looks amazing!

Saw this on Kultisti's feed and I was like... This looks like HumanIsRed art style and turns out you teamed up for a game jam!

That's awesome, also cool game!

On r/c64 someone recommended me some modern tools for c64 game dev. It could be a fun side project, but don't expect it any time soon.

Dark Sheep is a block-pushing puzzle game with horror elements, and a love letter to the Commodore 64. Classic Sokoban, new twists. Throughout the game, you'll be accompanied by a soundtrack created with genuine 1989 technology.

The Lord Demands a Sacrifice
As a new member of an unholy cult, your job is to kidnap sheep, keeping them safe until the day of the ritual comes. Trick the sheep by using the grass as a bait to lure them into cages. Plan your moves ahead. Two sheep cannot take the same path. You‘ll do things in the name of your Dark Lord, that you wouldn't do in other puzzle games.

Check out the game

Love it! The sounds are so nice and wobbly, fits so well with the character's animations.

Kultisti strikes again with another amazing game!

It's official, you are awesome!

My eyes... They won't stop bleeding... 10/10 would read again!

I had the pleasure of playtesting this game, so I am clearly biased.

That said, Lonely People Potion Shop is genuinely an amazing, wholesome, creative and atmospheric experience.

It's so lovely and sweet, I almost died of sugar overdose and I mean that in the best way possible!

I got it as a part of the Care Package Bundle to support the amazing Kultisti and the other devs too!

Great idea and great execution!

These designs are really good and I like the style they are in! I'd love to see them in a game.

Great names!
It rocked to participate in the competition.

The Lust page feels like you combined Ahegao with Picasso. Trippy but I like it!
Actually a lot of pages feel trippy to me but in a good way.

This was pretty cool!

Hello, I'd like to submit my puzzle game Hack Grid.

Hack Grid is a hacking-theme puzzle game and love letter to DOS gaming both in visuals & audio.

The goal of the game is to clear the board until only one piece remains.

You can move pieces only on other pieces with a different color.
Not all pieces can be moved and some change color after you move and more.

You can check the trailer here

This is the Dark Souls of Jam Games.
After getting the 5th light, I just kept getting caught, I need to get good.

Really loving the atmosphere and sound in this one, it's so great and atmospheric.

I love how minimalistic this is! 
Less is more indeed!

"Thanks for being my friend." Did Haruka just get friend zoned?

I am definitely planning on coming back to this game and making it better and adding more features like you mentioned. :)

That's awesome!

I'd ping again

I was curious what you're up to after I played your game in the Beginners Circle Jam #4, I am glad to see you making games!

I liked it! 

The graphics are nice, you got something going on there for sure, I think if you refine your art further, it will look great!

I enjoyed the retro sounds!
The enemies felt a bit bullet spongy, I think giving them less health would have been better!

Sometimes  I had issues telling what I could walk on and not, I think it's because they tiles you can walk on are too similar in brightness to the stuff you cannot walk on.

Good effort and job!

Fellow Godot Engine user, I approve!

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Hack Grid is a hacking-theme puzzle game and love letter to DOS gaming both in visuals & audio.

Only one piece must remain on the board!
Pieces can absorb only other differently colored pieces.
Every piece kind is unique in it's own way, some can move, some change colors and more!

Watch the trailer:

Get the game here!



I've attempted to fix that bug (happens only to few people it seems), but since I nor my play testers cannot reproduce it, it seems like I didn't succeed. :(

Would you be willing to send me a log file to It should be located C:\Users\<your username>\AppData\Roaming\Godot\app_userdata\Bob's Body House.

Hopefully, it will help me shed some light on why that's happening.


Thank you, I'm happy to hear I managed to execute the idea and present it well.

I am glad you liked it, thanks a lot for the feedback!

There's fullscreen mode if the small resolution is not up your alley. I'm sorry you experienced the issues with crashes, me nor any of my playtesters didn't run into those issues at all. It seems to be related mostly to switching rooms, meaning I'll have to handle the room switching differently - which means rewriting a huge part of the code.

Ngl, I do need a break after the jam, but I am definitely coming back to this game. I want to improve it, polish it and expand on it and the code needs some fixing too. :) So I'll be starting from the scratch!

Thanks again.

Really like the twisted direction you took with it and the twist at the end was great!

I enjoyed the crisp graphics, there's something dirty-looking about them which fit with the game and its topic well.

Short and sweet!


Thank you, I'm happy you had fun!