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You Will Be DoneView game page

Submitted by TheRulerMeasure (@TheRulerMeasure) — 6 hours, 22 minutes before the deadline
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CriteriaRankScore*Raw Score
interpretation of the Limitation#1342.2672.267

Ranked from 15 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

Team members

Software used
Notepad++, Gimp 2.10.12

Use of the limitation
The appearing of enemies and the assisted shooting.

Cookies eaten
2 bag of potato chips

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Really interesting concept, and I enjoyed playing!


I really liked the weapons upgrading, it was generally satisfying to clear a wave of skeletons. But I did also have some issues, audio cut out, players direction wouldn't always flip. Also a bullet or raycast line would have been nice.


I enjoyed the variety of weapons, particularly the revolver - the one shot kills but short time between reloads is a nice trade off given the small size of the arena. The difficulty curve is good, and I thought that the forced weapon switching worked well for the limitation.

As with Dundy3 below I didn't get any audio from the 3rd wave on, and would agree with other comments that a little more visual feedback on bullets and damage would have been great.


As said in other comments the execution is a bit rought and lacks some feedbacks like seeing the bullets. But I still enjoyed playing and  for a while, good job I like your concept!


Not too complicated. Execution is a bit rough. I played it for a long time though. Good job.


Nice little shooter


Nice effort and I can see what you were doing with the concept. Although a game like this really needs some feedback like seeing bullets move and seeing the enemies taking damage. 

Definitely worth expanding upon post jam. 


The concept is alright, and I enjoyed the variety of weapons, though the execution could use a lot of work, mostly in terms of presentation. Things like a clear indication which enemy is getting hit, or what kind of weapon you're currently using.


Just a couple of bugs I noticed, the bullet sound seemed to have cut out after wave three. I'd also have liked some visual for the bullets, since it was kinda hard to tell if my shots were landing aside from the enemies disappearing. The health was also a little weird as there was no way to tell if I got hurt until I died.

I liked the random spawning location for the enemies, and I had fun trying to survive. Maybe next time add some more visual cues so the player knows what's happening at a glance, ie the enemies flashing red or something. Good job overall :)

P.S. WASD tends to work better for these kind of games I think, but I suppose that's personal preference


try WASD next time

the up and down  arrows keep scrolling the screen

Developer (1 edit)

Sorry about that. I should have put a label that tells to play it in Fullscreen mode or you can download the zip and play on windows.