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wouldn’t it be easier to use cylinder logs?

they deal barely any damage and often friendly fires

you gotta charm the client, not the other way around

use left mouse or j to shoot instead

add some physics to it, something like papers please

got black screen by chance, refresh the page and it’s fine

add movement to it

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play holocure

i like the art style

woah, a boss fight

做了一個替代帳戶只是為了廢話這個果醬? 你沒有更好的事情要做嗎? 从你的母语中学习词汇怎么样?

can you make it bounce once instead of pressing space

next time try something like undyne’s fight

i didn’t expect someone would play for more than 15 seconds



I’d like to make a 3d game about a magical girl in an all girl school, very original concept ik, and she’s tasked to eliminate 4 “evil” individuals in the school dm me on discord if you can make 3d assets or music, or i can join your team, it doesn’t matter.

took me so long to code the walk, gotta show it somewhere

simple but challenging

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if you wanna make another video about previous jams, i’d recommend the bird game, it’s my most popular game. ignore my other games,tho

fun game, you can cheese a level by moving boxes fast enough

H is “talking” to the npc J and K has different animation L is J but cooler

there’s more you can do with 3d like a flying enemy that you can only attack when they are on the ground

browser play counts, right?it froze my computer and i have to restart it

the tight space gets annoying really fast


ig that’s better than making flower unable to grow on them

good job, the sfx is too loud tho

nice attempt to brick my laptop

good visual, should add a random number after every turn

a flower bloomed on the button and i couldn’t finish the level

game of the year

the music is too loud imo

took me 30 minutes to find one (the goal took 15 minutes btw)

nice art and design,dash button should be ctrl imo

i made signs that point at the goal but instead of the the arrow on it, the whole sign point at the goal(backward) and there are like 4 of them

good game, I’d add run mid-conversation and each weapon use separated hotkeys

like a pump that changes the ball’s size and bounciness?