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Mad! Crazy! What? Bicycle? Tornado? INSANE 

So much fun!

Oh hell yeah, KingJaw back at it with the STUFF! Excellent showing as always...

Dav, bud, this was brilliant. It's been excellent seeing the updates in the discord and's lived up to the hype, really great atmosphere. The worldbuilding's excellent too!

Exploring about was fun! Good stuff

The artstyle's amazing, I can see this being really good.

Atmosphere's amazing, I agree with previous commenters that the movement's quite slow, but this is a great display of potential. 

If you can make a solid gameplay loop out of this I can see this being a genius game, there's nothing to do at the moment but being able to platform through public domain art is amazing.

Enjoyed it, the space theme is very generic though, and it's easy to lose yourself in the maze.

Basic little battle, gameplay's quite repetitive but the artwork's great.

Oh this is amazing, reminds me of Jungle Cruise at disneyland or something of the sort!

Goodio! Stonehenge is a sick place for a game, and the alien theme really adds to it.

Clever game, finnicky controls but the adventure was really fun, especially the parrot rope section with the cannon balls.

Looks like such a good game, a shame that it won't run for me, instead glitches out and says something or rather on my browser is out of date, it isn't, however when I went to go play something else developed in construct it showed the exact same thing, despite me playing games made in construct before yours, there's clearly something wrong there.

Very cool, loved the Miziziziz inspiration, mouse rotates pretty slow though.

Very clean, very clean indeed. Wish the camera moved down when you do though! In case you fall...

So this is hilarious- I had that feature already in but I was worried it made things too easy with the future gameplay I have in mind for the next round or two!

Stupidly easy to clip through walls, however I think the art and the theme is quite sweet :)

Really cool, I love the whole arts and crafts theme and could see some interesting future mechanics with that in mind.

I don't really know what the level's meant to be or what's going on, but I love the pixelated look!

Oh man this is amazing, the art's just beautiful and the mechanic's genius...

Wow this is brilliant! Really pretty, got a very calming essence to it, this is 100% making it to round 2 

Level Name: Generic platform game


[ { "obj": "obj_end_goal", "x": 3136.0, "y": 1856.0 }, { "obj": "obj_ice_block_1", "x": 3136.0, "y": 2048.0 }, { "obj": "obj_ice_block_1", "x": 3008.0, "y": 2048.0 }, { "obj": "obj_ice_block_1", "x": 2880.0, "y": 2048.0 }, { "obj": "obj_ice_block_1", "x": 2752.0, "y": 2048.0 }, { "obj": "obj_ice_block_1", "x": 2624.0, "y": 2432.0 }, { "obj": "obj_ice_block_1", "x": 2624.0, "y": 2304.0 }, { "obj": "obj_ice_block_1", "x": 2624.0, "y": 2176.0 }, { "obj": "obj_ice_block_1", "x": 2624.0, "y": 2048.0 }, { "obj": "obj_enemy_goomba", "x": 2432.0, "y": 2107.0 }, { "obj": "obj_ladder", "x": 2112.0, "y": 1792.0 }, { "obj": "obj_ladder", "x": 2112.0, "y": 1920.0 }, { "obj": "obj_ladder", "x": 2112.0, "y": 2048.0 }, { "obj": "obj_fire_spikes", "x": 1984.0, "y": 2368.0 }, { "obj": "obj_ice_block_J", "x": 2176.0, "y": 2496.0 }, { "obj": "obj_ladder", "x": 1984.0, "y": 1920.0 }, { "obj": "obj_ladder", "x": 1984.0, "y": 2048.0 }, { "obj": "obj_ladder", "x": 1984.0, "y": 2176.0 }, { "obj": "obj_ice_block_1", "x": 2496.0, "y": 2432.0 }, { "obj": "obj_ice_block_1", "x": 2368.0, "y": 2432.0 }, { "obj": "obj_ice_block_1", "x": 2240.0, "y": 2432.0 }, { "obj": "obj_ice_block_1", "x": 2496.0, "y": 2304.0 }, { "obj": "obj_ice_block_1", "x": 2368.0, "y": 2304.0 }, { "obj": "obj_ice_block_1", "x": 2240.0, "y": 2304.0 }, { "obj": "obj_ice_block_L", "x": 2176.0, "y": 2240.0 }, { "obj": "obj_ice_block_1", "x": 448.0, "y": 2688.0 }, { "obj": "obj_ice_block_1", "x": 576.0, "y": 2688.0 }, { "obj": "obj_enemy_goomba", "x": 1088.0, "y": 2621.0 }, { "obj": "obj_fire_block", "x": 1280.0, "y": 2304.0 }, { "obj": "obj_fire_block", "x": 960.0, "y": 2304.0 }, { "obj": "obj_bounce_pad", "x": 1472.0, "y": 2432.0 }, { "obj": "obj_bounce_pad", "x": 1152.0, "y": 2432.0 }, { "obj": "obj_fire_spikes", "x": 1472.0, "y": 2624.0 }, { "obj": "obj_fire_spikes", "x": 1344.0, "y": 2624.0 }, { "obj": "obj_fire_spikes", "x": 1216.0, "y": 2624.0 }, { "obj": "obj_fire_spikes", "x": 1088.0, "y": 2624.0 }, { "obj": "obj_fire_spikes", "x": 960.0, "y": 2624.0 }, { "obj": "obj_fire_spikes", "x": 832.0, "y": 2624.0 }, { "obj": "obj_bounce_pad", "x": 832.0, "y": 2432.0 }, { "obj": "obj_player", "x": 256.0, "y": 2621.0 }, { "obj": "obj_ice_block_1", "x": 1472.0, "y": 2688.0 }, { "obj": "obj_ice_block_1", "x": 1344.0, "y": 2688.0 }, { "obj": "obj_ice_block_1", "x": 1216.0, "y": 2688.0 }, { "obj": "obj_ice_block_1", "x": 1088.0, "y": 2688.0 }, { "obj": "obj_ice_block_1", "x": 960.0, "y": 2688.0 }, { "obj": "obj_ice_block_1", "x": 832.0, "y": 2688.0 }, { "obj": "obj_ice_block_1", "x": 704.0, "y": 2688.0 }, { "obj": "obj_ice_block_1", "x": 320.0, "y": 2688.0 }, { "obj": "obj_ice_block_1", "x": 192.0, "y": 2688.0 }, { "obj": "obj_stage_controller", "x": -192.0, "y": 64.0, "_stageName": "Generic platform game", "_fire": 3.0 } ]

Freaky, I just wish the random level generation was a bit more stable! From a construct user to another who also did random gen this jam it is HARD to get down. Great stuff with the art and atmosphere though, well earned rating from me.

Hahaha this one was goofy in all the right ways, I only wished you could time detonation to help make the enemies easier to kill by pressing at the right moment.

Really cool job :)

Really pretty art, I love the pac-man inspired gameplay.

Nice work technical wise, gameplay wise I sadly don't get it. The controls are hard to pick up.

I love myself a good rhythm platformer, tough as nails but loveable at the same time. 

Really clever, zelda meets minecraft almost. I only wish there were some more enemies!

Pretty neat, the brick tiles blend in too much with the BG bricks. Really am fond of that early PC days feel. Nice one.

you evil being, how dare you.

First gamejam? Damn! The whole gender-swap tower defence thing is really cool and the bug theme is original to the genre! Great job all round buddy.

Super solid game, tight controls and great idea. 

Such a cute little game and first project, I particularly enjoyed the ice puzzle.

Takes a bit to pick up the gameplay and the fact you have to click each time you land is a bit eh but it’s a duck, who can’t argue with a duck!!!

I’m getting huge “The end is nigh” vibes, the controls feel great and I think it’s an all round solid platformer!

The game controls great, I just wish raising hell was allowed more and that there were some more levels. Great stuff.

It’s nice but the input delay makes it impossible to do any actually good rhythms with it, and it’s well, a drum. Gets old in 30 seconds, nice work though.

A nice little throwback, great levels and that boss was really fun, my only request is that there were better signalling for enemies like the flying ones. 

Nice arena shooter, I love the fact you added leaderboards!