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The GC reached max capacity and it's easier for me to invite people to a server than a GC also, so there is now a server for Spacespy team members only! Join here -> There's now a server There's now a server

Join the team Group Chat with the link below!
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oh my god 

This game is amazing, love to see more Construct made games. Feels like a trip back to the Megadrive/Genesis with a really cool doodle look. Love it.

It's inspired by snakebird, what about people that like SB and want more of it? It's not all about prices and sales, gamer. 

No need to be so toxic man, it's an indie game for a small price. Get lost.

Let's goooo, I'm so excited for this!

Decent score, I think you're first for now. I won't reveal my score because it'll make people feel very bad :D

Ah sijil my beloved, brilliant showing, very big for experimenting with 3D such late into the competition, and you did it quite well, I've always loved shooting galleries and you've managed that perfectly. gratz.

Difficult to control, sometimes it'd go fast when I moved the mouse back and sometimes it wouldn't, a bit annoying but the art and comedic value makes up for it.

Great fun, decently silly, I'll always have a soft spot for that duck, I hope he gets one more for the epic 5 parter.

Really fun lil strategy game, you knocked it out of the park with the art department, and the gameplay had me thinking.

Pretty cute, car mode was quite fun, controls are interesting and make for some silly moments. Frog mode just felt like I had to make the cars go in wheelies and abuse the fact they have slow acceleration to survive forever. Either way it was pretty funny with the animations and commentary.

Pretty good, I feel like it was a huge lore dump only to be revealed with a basic "time the meter" game with no change in gameplay, just the same thing over and over, didn't really stimulate my braincells alas, art was quite nice though, so was the idea.

Really fun, challenging, got me going, got to 1 second and got the pickup in the blink of an eye!

Good good, decently fun dodger game, I feel like the gravity and physics could be better refined, but you did an excellent job.

Really good stuff, great improvements, I'll always prefer the OG crush, but the additions make this into a bigger game and I love all the leaderboards now! Also naked xander is based.

Thanks for playing! I think you're totally right, I just wanted to try a few new things with the gameplay of centipede.

I'm a scaredy cat, got a good fright out of this on stream! Great work.

Not bad! Wish I didn't have to mash the fire button, gave my hands a workout!

Love the cutscenes, story as a whole was nice.

Pretty! I loved the mix between centipede and missile command, so unique!

(1 edit)

So cool! Loved all the unique characters, wish the enemies had more abilities to make it more of a fair fight, great twist on the centipede idea.

Shrooms coming down like a massive avalanche was cool and I loved stuff like the boss fight, felt it was a bit easy/ended quick but this could be easily fixed! Lots of polish too! :)

Amazing presentation, aesthetics on point as always, one of the most difficult ones I've played so far, loving your use of storytelling.

Man, so CUTE, I can't say this enough! Everything was so well executed on every level,  I wish there was 8 direction shooting instead but there's only so much one can do! Huge points from me!

Awesome, loved the horror vibe going on, a shame you couldn't do everything you wanted though what you have is an excellent recreation. 

Really fun, felt a bit easy but none the less so so polished and full of juice, I love the mirror effect on everything, mixed with the rain.

OHMAIGOSH??? You think I'm going to win???? I really appreciate that! What an honor! This game was excellent, I know you didn't have enough time to finish due to illness, though this was still all amazing, I loved both modes, they both feel really different, I think with more bugs and a day night cycle you could turn this into almost like a 2D crafting survival game! Can't stress enough how talented you are, and how I'm going to have a big opponent in the final. Congrats.

Really enjoyed this, great aesthetic, the ad at the start was so clever! Wish I didn't have to restart each time but coding is a hard mood :)

Solid remake! Wished there was a bit more personality but the recreation side of things is rock on! Great job!

Woah! This was amazing, took me a while to get used to the mechanics but by the later puzzles I had that ahah! And felt like a genius, with better tutorialisation this could be a hit!

Wow, really  well done, loving the graphics, the polish was excellent, would've loved a bit more of an oomph on the sound effects department. Overall though really well done.

Really good game, puzzles were creative and you have a really good sense of humor! Well done.

Man this was amazing! The combo system was really good and that energy from building up points was awesome, not a huge fan of stuff like the cobwebs, maybe a system where you mash to escape instead? Really good game, coming back for more :)

thank you!

thanks for the feedback! I’ll take that into consideration. One of the reasons for that might be the “double border” around treasure and bullets.