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Unravel the mystery of the clock tower, race against time and save the world.
Submitted by otyx — 1 day, 18 hours before the deadline
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Very cool artwork. Superb piano music. The theming was also spot on with the clock sounds and mechanical wheels.

I fell down in the area where you get the air jump and are trying to maneuver the wheel into the bottom right corner, and had to restart the game as I was essentially stuck. 

The platforming felt pretty smooth, although not a fan of how the character's feet stick through the ground (just a minor nitpick). There were some elements that were not very clearly communicated as well - like what was the 2 pieces of shiny stuff that was collected before getting the air jump relic, and what does the time reset do (sometimes it rewinds, sometimes it resets?). Still, this shows what a team is capable of achieving and very well done!


Thanks very much! Just like everyone on the jam, we also worked very hard to produce something we could be proud of. And even though there are glitches to be ironed out in Clockbound, we're glad you enjoyed it. Thanks for your comments.


in response to requests for the soundtrack, Crhis, the composer has made available the tracks he created for Clockbound. They can be found here:

It was brilliant to work with Crhis and he is available for other projects too. Give him a call.  


Man, I really love the art and music in this game. The plot seems super interesting, too! You guys are miles ahead of everyone else in the jam in those departments. There's a lot to like here, but I did have a lot of hang-ups with some of the design.

- For starters, being a game that has a pretty strict time limit, the reliance on elevators (particularly the slow moving ones) was very frustrating. There's one in particular that takes forever to make its loop. It took so long that, depending on which part of the loop is was on, I had to wait through an entire cycle of the 30 second timer to be able to use it and continue the level.

- The dialogue is appreciated, but the constant interruptions to gameplay aren't. Perhaps it would work just to let the player continue moving while the characters converse? At any rate, I also ran into a glitch where the dialogue boxes seemingly took increasing numbers of clicks to close throughout the game, which amplified the issue.

- Probably the biggest issue I had was that, on the level where you get the double jump, I fell off a platform into a bottomless pit. After falling into the pit, I began an endless cycle of respawning in the pit, effectively stranding me and ending my playthrough. 

I think if you work on the issues and improve the game feel, you could have a very cool game on your hands, and I hope to see you continue to work on it.

Thanks for your feedback. We will be definitely continuing on working on the game and your suggestions are duly noted.


Hi everyone,

The problem with the loading times for the final level has been solved. Stupidly, a trigger for one of the final dialog segments was interfering with the entry to the level so the player was treated to a black screen while the not yet completed fade-in blocked viewing the dialog exchange between Bella and Reggie.

This dialog was kind of important because it explained one of the critical tools needed to complete the level! If you have had a play through and want to have another go, it should make more sense now. 

The WebGL build is uploaded to and the itch versions will be uploaded once the rating period is over.

Thanks again for the feedback on forums, discord and here. Game Jams are simply brilliant. 


otyx and the Clockbound gang!


As Racso mentioned the jump feels weird and some things act weird but nice entry overall. And lovely artstyle!


I left another review but for some reason it got deleted. Perhaps I didn't save it :(

In short:

  • I liked the graphics and the music.
  • The controls can be improved (jumps feel weird).
  • I didn't fully understand the consequences of  game loops; sometimes I got teleported to the entrance, but sometimes I didn't. They seemed to reset the cogs and the switches.
  • The story is interesting :) At some point, the game went to a black screen and seemed to stuck there. I wrote my original review at that time. Luckily, when I went back to the game to close it, it had revived, so I could play the last level and see the ending :)


Developer (1 edit)

Hi Racso,

Thanks for your review and constructive comments. We didn't delete you review honest. Even bad reviews (which yours isn't!) have value. 

We have identified a problem with the last level taking AGES to load. We are looking into it and will have a patch ready when we get behind what is going on. For the moment, the level will take about 30 seconds before it appears. Unacceptable, but we'll fix it!

Thanks again!


Don't worry; I don't think you deleted it at all! It was probably some bug of the Itch PC app. 


Hi everyone, 

A last minute bug was accidentally created in our submission during the mad rush to the finish line. This bug has unfortunately made it impossible to complete the last level of the game, and that is, well, a bit of a disappointment!

We really want you all to be able to see the ending, but also don't want to break any rules of the jam. So, until we hear whether it is ok to upload a fix to itch, we wanted to let you know we have a patched version of the game available as a WebGL build at:

Now you can find out, what has happened? Why the world is locked in a 30 second endless Groundhog Day :)

We will upload the patch to the versions either after we get the OK from @MatthewPalaje or once voting has finished, whichever comes sooner.

Thanks again for playing!


Sometimes, jams allow submissions after the timeline for fixing that kind of "I-forgot-to-restore-a-debug-variable-and-broke-the-game" bugs. Personally, I would not mind.