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Very cool artwork. Superb piano music. The theming was also spot on with the clock sounds and mechanical wheels.

I fell down in the area where you get the air jump and are trying to maneuver the wheel into the bottom right corner, and had to restart the game as I was essentially stuck. 

The platforming felt pretty smooth, although not a fan of how the character's feet stick through the ground (just a minor nitpick). There were some elements that were not very clearly communicated as well - like what was the 2 pieces of shiny stuff that was collected before getting the air jump relic, and what does the time reset do (sometimes it rewinds, sometimes it resets?). Still, this shows what a team is capable of achieving and very well done!

Thanks very much! Just like everyone on the jam, we also worked very hard to produce something we could be proud of. And even though there are glitches to be ironed out in Clockbound, we're glad you enjoyed it. Thanks for your comments.