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I left another review but for some reason it got deleted. Perhaps I didn't save it :(

In short:

  • I liked the graphics and the music.
  • The controls can be improved (jumps feel weird).
  • I didn't fully understand the consequences of  game loops; sometimes I got teleported to the entrance, but sometimes I didn't. They seemed to reset the cogs and the switches.
  • The story is interesting :) At some point, the game went to a black screen and seemed to stuck there. I wrote my original review at that time. Luckily, when I went back to the game to close it, it had revived, so I could play the last level and see the ending :)


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Hi Racso,

Thanks for your review and constructive comments. We didn't delete you review honest. Even bad reviews (which yours isn't!) have value. 

We have identified a problem with the last level taking AGES to load. We are looking into it and will have a patch ready when we get behind what is going on. For the moment, the level will take about 30 seconds before it appears. Unacceptable, but we'll fix it!

Thanks again!

Don't worry; I don't think you deleted it at all! It was probably some bug of the Itch PC app.