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hack'n'slay created for the Heart Jam
Submitted by Lohreck (@Lohreck) — 13 hours, 4 minutes before the deadline

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only me :)

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Neat idea that health regenerates but stamina doesn't. Although, attacks just consume way too much stamina, between fighting every enemy I have to wait a few seconds to make sure both bars are completely full to even get a chance of progressing. Also the audio levels are really unbalanced, I turned up the volume to hear the music but that made the SFX hurt my ears when they played.


Thanks for the feedback, much appreciated!

I wanted stamina to be scarce :) You get also HP back when killing an enemy, I was thinking about a mechanic to force the player to push forward without waiting for the stamina and HP to refresh, but haven't had any good ideas. 

Spoiler: Having stamina full, red and blue enemies can be killed pretty easy by using the shield on the first enemy attack timed so there is enough stamina left for 3 hits. That's a pretty save method to kill reds instant and blues only needing one more hit. 

And sorry for the audio, I know that's an even weaker area than my pixel skills :(

Cool idea about converting HP to stamina.  I thought the HP should regen a bit faster because as it is I just attacked and then converted and then put the controller down to type this comment and wait for HP to regen.  Thats ok though I got to the middle of level 2 this way!

The attack and death sounds were grating but the graphics were cute.  With headphones on I can hear someone breathing and clicking sounds in the bgm.   I loved the dual stick controls and think a longer game with controls like this could really work well!  Maybe something like gauntlet but with melee combat like this.

Nice Job!  Thank you for submitting!


Thanks for the feedback, much appreciated!

I had faster HP regeneration, but that made the game somehow easy. I was trying to get something implemented to force the player pushing forward, but haven't had any good ideas.

I'm not good at audio, guess it will not get any better in the future :-S I might need to rework my setup on audio tools.

For sound one option is to get  BFXR  which lets you fashion 8 bit sounding effects without too much trouble.  Its popular enough that there are online tutorials and stuff.  You're welcome.  Its nice to hear back from devs like you are doing.  Once again thanks for submitting and party on!


Most effects in the game were already done with BFXR but it doesn't cover all needs (especially the dying sounds for example). Try to work myself into Audacity also for recording and rework of recordings, but this is a beast. I also might need a better mic for recordings.


The game seems kinda broken, after attacking an enemy once, I was never able to attack again.


Did you have stamina left? You need to transfer HP to stamina if your out of stamina


oh I gotcha, I like it there is potential here.


Restricting game just to controller is bad idea. I'm not voting  since I couldn't play.


fair enough. I'm a controller guy and I might have issues balancing mouse/keyboard, so I decided to just go with controller.  


I don't have a controller :(