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Well I reloaded a few time but it seems to not be working for me(chrome), all I can do is move around and there is no music/sound while the "made by" text continuously reappears every few seconds. Besides that, the controls felt really nice and fluid, and I like the color choices you made.

really good art/animations! 

woohoo! pretty fun, the camera angle was a bit awkward for me at first but I get why it is like that. I wasn't super clear on whether or not the balloons were good to hit so I just went full sonic the hedgehog and collected as many rings as I could lol. Really cool soundtrack to, good job.

SO MANY BLACK HOLES. This was great fun, wish the bombs were a bit more impactful though, they felt more like rockets or something like that. Nice soothing music.

This was a cool experience, the color palate and music made a really convincing atmosphere. 

Cool, but obviously a hallow knight clone. Just the fact that you were able to make it and that it plays so smooth is impressive though. I think if you used those skills of yours and paired some originality with them you could come up with a very good game.

Nice job on the art I know you worked hard on it for this jam, the sound and music was really good also, I like the constant rise of the soundtrack. My only real critique is that the game speed starts maybe a little bit too fast, but I did eventually get used to it.

Hey thanks for the feedback! I was actually planning to add meteors that would crash into the trees and destroy some from time to time, sadly as is common with jams, I ran out of time xD

Have any suggestions on how to improve the game? Share your thoughts here.

Tycoon of the HighSeas community · Created a new topic Bugs

Found a bug in the game? Post about it here.

thanks for giving it a real shot

Fun game! I really liked the sun haha. Not sure what was shooting missiles at me though, I assume it was a tower? but I either never made it to a tower or they don't exist. I also wish there was stuff to spend my gold on but these are minor points. Good job overall.

Nice concept, core mechanic is an interesting twist on the typical platformer. I felt the music didn't fit very well but I was having so much fun with it that I had to go back and start the game up again before rating because I didn't even notice the music the first time lol. Extremely enjoyable  over all though. great job! 

It took me a little while to get used to the controls but, after I had It felt really good, especially after my engines were upgraded. I also thought the music fit really well for the game. to me, it seems like a massive game for being done in such a short amount of time, really well done. I kept thinking how comparable it was to Eve online while i was playing, which is really cool.

Very cool game, I sorta wish there was a bit more feedback when I hit an enemy or their projectiles. Beyond that I found it really fun. Good job on this.

I'm glad you enjoyed it! In my own testing I found that the game only crashed if I happened to be inside the terrain while I was also touching the pink character. Simply being inside terrain while not also touching the pink character didn't freeze the game and allowed me to try to pull myself out. If you choose to play again and get frustrated you can hit "R" to restart if the game is not frozen. My collision system is a bit bugged though and my biggest regret is that I did not have the time to correct it properly.

Thanks! I worked pretty hard on the music. The collisions with walls is a bit bugged right now, but the hook works correctly and with a little practice it is possible avoid getting stuck inside of anything at all.

I'm glad you were happy with the tutorial page, I wasn't exactly sure how people would respond to it.

oh I gotcha, I like it there is potential here.

Hey, thanks for the feedback, i'm sorry the game was not more clear to you. Really useful advice about planning and thinking critically, something which I believe a lot of people either take for granted or maybe skip all together.

This project is currently on hold but I may pick it up again once I finish my current game project Tycoon of the High Seas, which can be found on my itch page if you are interested in checking it out.

The game seems kinda broken, after attacking an enemy once, I was never able to attack again.

Yeah sticky keys are always annoying, I played it again and I must say that while only using the arrow keys for movement, the space bar attack makes perfect sense and feels right. I was just a bit confused since I have a preference for awsd movement. I'm looking forward to seeing where this project goes in the future, and best of luck to you guys with the jam results!

The only thing that I found awkward was using space for attacking, I think I can speak for most people here when I say that I am accustomed  to space being used almost exclusively for jumping. As for which button to map the attack key to, there are many possible options such as L/Rshift or some keys on the right side of the keyboard(J,K or L maybe), or possibly even left/right arrows since the attack is only horizontal(consider adding a vertical attack as well?). I think game pad controls could also work really well with the game. :)

Yes, I would say so for sure.  Ran out of time, I always  have a scope problem with game jams that I am working on correcting lol. The main game play loop is intact though if you die, but the game is pretty easy in it's current state.

Wow, this art style is very visually appealing, and the animations are very well done. I like what you have here so far, the game feels nice and smooth but I think the control scheme could use a little tweaking. I also think some basic sound effects and music would really add a lot to this game. Nice work!

This is a fun game, I love the concept! The music is also very enjoyable, great job!

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Hey could you please send me an email at, need some information on your screen's resolution and aspect ratio, It is difficult for me to test across multiple resolutions and ratios on my own. I'd also like your help in testing the resolution options if your up for it. Thanks and in the meantime, try out the AR_Test build and see if choosing a 5x4 aspect ratio fixes your problem.

Hey QuantumStar! glad to see that you're still checking up on this. Sorry that I haven't gotten to it earlier but I do plan on adding an options menu into the game which in part will give the ability to select your own resolution. I plan to implement this no later than alpha patch I put out a new patch weekly so keep an eye out :)and if you are interested in keeping up with development you can follow the devlog at