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Grow your garden in this hand-painted strategy game
Submitted by flavedogame, Julyzor, Sapient44, Sealcat — 2 days, 2 hours before the deadline
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very relaxing but also fun game to play! lovery art and music!


this is a really fun simulator-strategy game! wiggling the flowers into place is very satisfying!


I really liked the game! Great idea and great implementation!

My nitpicks:

- a window with a description flickers very often and begins to annoy from time to time, it can highlight the area in the interface for information and only display a message there;

- it was not always possible to immediately collect the resource "N" (possibly due to overlapping layers);

- I got a bug when I switched to the garden and I got the message "lose tree", I agreed and got this:

The game is great! By subscribing and waiting for the full version!


Hahaha omg, I can't believe you managed to make the old tree show up, that's so funny! That tree image is the one we were using before any art was made. Thank you for all your feedback.


What a cool concept! Loved slowly building up my garden. The tooltips and tutorial as you go really helped! For some reason I could not toggle the 2x speed tho. But overall, great game! Very relaxing!


A fun game, feels peaceful to play. I had trouble getting bees to come. Not sure if I was just doing it wrong or what.


++captivating  gameplay , it feels good to play and spend time on it.  easy to understand

Submitted (1 edit)

Bug:  When I have to pay 100 phosfor on the max level tree, the requirement shows 00. 
Flaw: I got kicked out because I accidentally pressed on the 'sumbission to the gream spring jam' link covering over the game screen.
Great game! I may be retarded, but I had a hard time collecting the resources, I feel like they should have a bigger collision shape.

I found the different aspects of the game pretty smart. Defend your flower from snails by commanding frogs to eat 'em. The use of phosphor and nitrogen. What amazed me the most was the shifting of the sprite when you're planting the flower. Very cool. 


I loved it! The aesthetics and music/sound effects were beautiful, The colors were all so similar yet different and the snail is the perfect color to remain similar to the game's style while also attracting the eye with a red only it has. I wish I could do color design that good!

I think that a main menu would probably help, and the speed-up didn't really work in the web version. Also around the last steps towards completing my garden, all the drops and resources started to make the game lag a bit. Not much, though.

Overall, great submission!


Such a lovely, relaxing game! I absolutely love the art and music/sfx, the gameplay is awesome and so enjoyable. Personally I would love to see maybe a few larger garden but overall, this is a fantastic game. Great work!!