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Hi, I'm the composer and sound designer. Thank you so much for your detailed and kind feedback. I will take very seriously your comment about the music not matching the color palette. I completely agree with you and will work on that for future games, because as a composer I should be giving the player a complete immersive experience, and if the image and the audio are fighting against each other, I am not doing my job correctly.

Wow, the art is stunning and don't get me started on the audio. The composer is absolutely spot on with the music, and the SFX made my day. I would've never thought about doing those organic and natural SFX, specially for the aliens and the ghosts, but it absolutely fits the game and makes you feel happy. I also let the aliens grab me on purpose just to listen to the beautiful SFX it triggers. Congratulations for making this game. For me, it is one of the top 5.

Thanks for your words, I'm glad you liked the music. I'll try to replicate the bug.

Thank you so much for playing. Apparently not a single Itch user is prepared for this trip (not even the devs). Glad you liked the music!

Thanks for the detailed feedback. The game does have a serious difficulty problem, but the programmer will take that into consideration for the next time. As the music composer, thank you for your kind words.

Hi! your game has very unique artstyle and the idea was good. The only thing I found a little bit annoying was the fact that the notes played by the arrows were not in the key of the song used. Apart from that, good job.

I ran into a bug that stopped my movement, but the game looks cute.

Very nice game. The music was awesome and didn't run into any bugs.

Wow, this game is very good. You really need to take a moment to prepare your moves when the levels get harder. Nice job! It is beautiful and didn't run into a single bug.

Thank you so much for your feedback, captain.

This game is very good! it is beautiful and everything works as intended. It is incredible to know that it was made in only a 3 day jam.

or you can add me Dieck#6589

Sure! send me your discord and I'll add you

Hi, I am a composer and could be in charge of the audio. Would you be interested in having me in your team?

Hello, I am a composer, and if you need music for your game, I can compose it for you. 

Portfolio: SoundCloud YouTube

If you are interested, please reply to this topic.

Hello, I am a composer, and if you need music for your game, I can compose it for you. 

This is my portfolio: SoundCloud YouTube

Let me know if you are interested by replying to this topic.

Hello, my name is Julio and I'm looking for a team that is willing to put some effort in this jam. 

This is my portfolio: SoundCloud YouTube

Let me know if you are interested by replying to this topic.

Thank you for your words

Very good game. I had a great time playing it and would like to congratulate the composer and sound designer. Very good audio.

Thank you so much for the detailed feedback. We will keep in mind ours walls and difficulty problems.

good job on doing everything by yourself

This is a very, very good game! I liked the sounds, the art, and the intuitive gameplay.

Really, really nice game. I am very happy to see that very good composers are attending these jams. The soundtrack was spot on. Everything was stylistically perfect: the modulations, the pitch bends, the sounds used, etc. Congratulations to the team and to the great composer!

Hello, I am the member of an already stablished team, and we are looking for an EXPERIENCED and 18+ y/o SFX designer. We are NOT looking for the typical "composer & sound designer" combo, as we already have a composer. We just want a person that creates good quality SFX for the game so the composer can invest his time doing the music.

Reply to this topic if you are interested and willing to put some work ( and also if you are not an 11 year old kid without prior experience).

Now THAT'S what I call feedback. Thank you so much for taking the time to write that and playing our game.

Hello, I have an stablished team of people that like to work hard and put a lot of effort in these jams. I am the composer of the team, and though I've managed to do the SFX for our games, I hate doing it, and I know it is very low quality. As I'm not interested in improving, I would like to know if you wanted to join us only to do SFX, as I am in charge of the music. Not that I am not open to suggestions and working on the music with you, but I want to be clear in order for you to understand that you won't be doing all the audio by yourself. You can check out our team's games in my profile and reply to this comment if you're interested. Bye!

Hahaha omg, I can't believe you managed to make the old tree show up, that's so funny! That tree image is the one we were using before any art was made. Thank you for all your feedback.

Thank you so much for your feedback. I was in charge of the SFX and I wanted to create a sound for when a snail appears, but we decided that it could be more interesting to have those sneaky demons enter your garden without the player noticing. I will think about putting a sound next time!

I forgot the most important part of my message: great game!

We never fixed it and there is no know fix to the issue until now. My team looked everywhere and only found that for FMOD the audio gets synchronization problems in the web build. If you use the app everything will be perfect. I thought it was only an FMOD problem so I thought about switching to WWISE or another engine, but playing your game and communicating with you have shown me that it is something that will happen with web builds regardless of the engine.

Hello, I am the audio guy of another team and I had the exact same problem with the audio layers being out of sync. Did you use FMOD?

I put 5 stars on every field. This is the best game I've played in this jam. It looks like your are all professional developers, as I found everything to be absolutely spot on.

Hi, thank you for your time in case you play it.

Had problems understanding the controls, but good game.

Great game. The sounds are very good.

Thanks for playing! Our favorite thing of the game is that face the seed makes when jumping.

This game is absolutely amazing. Well designed and makes you think about the strategy you need to beat the level. Congratulations, it is one of the best games I've played.

This game is awesome. There is a lot of high quality level design there, and the music is great. Jazz musician spotted.

You got lots of 5 stars from me. The game is very, very good, and it is impressive to see that it doesn't have any bugs (at least I didn't see one). The art and effects are on spot.

I didn't find any additional platform on the first level.