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The time between each spawning diminishes of 0.2 seconds every time it spawns, so it's not a constant accelleration but the rate of accelleration accellerates itself, if that makes sense to you (it does for me, at least. I took it from Physics).

Also, when there are that many Godots you can just let most of them slide and drag the red ones out of the way, that's at least how I intended it.

That's also why the Strike score multiplier does NOT reset when you let a green godot fall, but when you eat a red one. So you can focus on not eating red ones and keep your multiplier!

Yes, I will add crunching particles, I wanted to but didn't really have the energy or the time XD

EDIT: Oh, and the background is many many Godots of different sizes, colors and opacities rotating. It is Godots, just really LSD Godots. XD

Very cool game! I just beat it!

The music was really good and the enemies challenging, the sword ones they forced me to change playstyle (I couldn't circle around them and attack like I did with the red and green ones and the boss. The purple ones really destroyed me 3 or 4 times in a row.

However, I would suggest to make the Mouse-pointer-godot less opaque, I couldn't keep it directly on enemies because if I did so I wouldn't be able to see them. Also some arrows that point at enemy off-screen? I didn't know how many enemies would come, what type, or even the direction!

Iconic jam community · Created a new topic She's done it!!

I did it, I actually made a game using only the Godot head as an asset, and it turned out great! It's decently fun and polished, at least for a jam game made using only Godot- oh, what? I said Godot? Yeah yeah, I used Unity as an Engine anyway!

This is really cool, I can't wait until it comes out, it gives me strong Octopath Traveller vibes, I love it! Keep up the great work! You're all incredible!

Aw, that's a pity, if I released an easier version would you try to beat it?

I'll try to update my code to make planting during waves possible!

Thanks for playing it!

With some small fixes I should be able to make the enemies drop suns, and making the player able to plant during waves is just matter of eliminating 1 or 2 variables, do you think it would make the gameplay more tridimensional? Also it may seem that punishments are hard, but the game already rewards you for 5 extra suns for every plant you lost, to help you rebuild.

Also now I want to know, did you make it to the boss? I'm so proud of Angry Goodgis XD

Thank you so much! I'll be happy to hear what you think of it in the game-comments-section-thing!

I would love for you to try mine, although it isn't as deep as yours, I worked hard on it as well!

I just played your game and I'm almost tearing up, especially hearing the musing at the The End screen, beautiful story. Thanks for bringing this to the world <3

That's because THERE IS the close button, but it's invisible (I don't know how or why). So I suppose you didn't get access to the full tutorial, but only to the first slide- oof.

Did you make it to the final boss? o.o

The "Back" button on how to play was there, but it didn't show up :( You could even click it, but the text did not show up, so you didn't know where to click. I'll review your game today, in my timezone is 7:40 am, so I slept until now XD

Oh, that's a Bug with the capital B, I have an idea on why that might happen, but strangely it didn't show up in playtexting.. thanks for reporting it!

I tried downloading the file and opening the Credits and How To Play, and indeed the button missed. I tried to click where I knew the button was, and the button was there, they closed, but for some reason the button does not show its text :(

I'm sorry, but I don't think I can make it :(

I'm in Italy and here is 22:03 now, so I'm gonna be sleeping at that time. I'll check out your game in the future (maybe in some other meeting?)

If you want to play my game I would love to hear what you think of it!

I'll play it and give you some feedback, but I don't guarantee I'll finish it XD I would appreciate if you found some time to try my game, too!

I loved it! The aesthetics and music/sound effects were beautiful, The colors were all so similar yet different and the snail is the perfect color to remain similar to the game's style while also attracting the eye with a red only it has. I wish I could do color design that good!

I think that a main menu would probably help, and the speed-up didn't really work in the web version. Also around the last steps towards completing my garden, all the drops and resources started to make the game lag a bit. Not much, though.

Overall, great submission!

I just finished the tutorial and I really liked it, I played it for half an hour! I'm not going to write my feedback here, I'll write it on you game's page! I hope you'll like mine a fraction of how much I liked yours!

Check it out, he's the king of all gnomes!

And if Goodgis is reading this... don't play it yet, I want to see your reaction playing it on livestream!!

I just wrote this to inform that I'll be submitting a game (hopefully!) and to wish all of you good luck, there's still much time left and I'll start now!

Thanks for the kind words! I know I spent too much time on the story rather than on game design, with a little more thought put into the enjoyability of the game it could have become much better!

I might actually decide to work on it some more time after the jam, I think I'll still keep the core and the finale, but adding some more things to do (like chatting, someone that knocks on your door, all kinds of events that could happen, and make them more interesting and less tedious) and a system to actually write the answers of the test, instead of fading to black and having a grade. Some more voiceacting (and made better) to other actions like dying in the minigame, and things like that.

If you have any suggestion of sorts you should absolutely write them here, it would really help! Also, I can tell you if you want to playtest it XD

I really liked it! The graphics, effects, sfx, squishing and streching were all on point, and the level design was really well done! Very very well polished game!

Making a good balance of gameplay and story is the objective for the next jam!

That's fine, not every game is for everyone and, as many here said, making a game with boredom as a core concept is quite a difficult thing to settle down. I just wanted to make something story-based after my last game that was just an endless runner without story, but I understand this may not have been the best subject. Anyway, I will definetly play your game :D

It was really cool! At first I tought I would control the enemies and the players, but oh well I liked the main heroes' moves, and I ended up targeting the magical girl first! Always target the healer!


Thank you! I'll definetly check out your game tomorrow! (It's 22 in Italy!)

Whaaaaat, really? That thing? XD I made it with literally 6 notes in 5 minutes and hated it, but I'm happy you liked it!

Really cool, I think I got a pretty decent score! Like, 27-something. Also PLZ FIX WATER BOTTLES THEY ARE OP they always hit you! XD

On a more serious note, the game was extremely cute and polished, and I really liked it! Also, Scratch, isn't it a pain to build games with it? Good job anyways!

Wonderful! I adored it! But the ghost is sooooooooooo painfully slow!

Wow, I got like, 5 world records!

That was.. surprisingly pleasant and relaxing, especially the music and the choice of colors!

I read that is luck based, and I was like "what?!" because I kept giving the A, then B, then C, then repeat and got all 10 fishes in a row without deaths!

If you click on the "Study" bar down below, it charges by 1% and 1 minute passes, so you can study without actually leaving the game open 8 hours. Also, I think (didn't have time to test completely) that if you click on the study bar most of the time, you get an OK grade!

Yes, making it 1 or 2 days would have let me add more events like texts from friends and family, lunch and dinner, and add variety to fight the inevitable boredom of gameplay. I'm still happy you liked it all in all, and I'll make sure to play and rate your game, too!

Thanks for the feedback! After 2 games where I only made gameplay, I tried doing something more story based, and failing.. In retrospect, I would add a "Wait" button to super-speed up the timer, eliminating the parts where the player.. well.. waits. Or making the actual "in game" game more fun, but there wasn't much time to do so unfortunately. Next time I'll try to balance gameplay and story better. All in all, it was a good learning experience for me, and it helped me let out my problems creating something. I'll make sure to play and rate your game, too!

Just passing by! XD And I'll also play and rate your game asap!

Looks like I am speed 

Looks like I'm in time [[I don't have emojis here arrgh]]