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Thank you so much!

If you want help from a game designer/kind of pixel artist/kind of programmer, I'd be happy to join you!

Yes of course, I totally can! However I don't plan anymore updates in the short term, and all the other updates can be summed up in general bugfixing, but I can go through my folders and see to upload each bugfix version, if it's useful

Thank you so much for taking the time to play! If I ever manage to make a full version of the game, this advice will be really helpful!!

Nice, thank you!! I wish I expanded more on the Town with more NPCs and puzzles, maybe I'll do in a future release post-jam! I'm pretty satisfied with it, though!

Oh nice!! It makes me really happy! Did everything else go smoothly? Any other moments you got stuck?

That's REALLY helpful, tysm!!

Uuuh any way from "Speak to the locksmith" to "I'm trapped" to "Reply" to "Help" to "I'm stuck" to "I'm trapped in a garage"

I'd be interested in what you tried, so I know if I missed anything blatantly obvious!

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Yes! This is the problem of learning parser games so quick: I just assumed everyone would type "use the phone" instead of "use phone",  so it's causing issues! I definitely abused the "understand X as Y" option of inform7 ahaha

I now tried adding some more options without "the", such as the most normal "use phone", in addition to "use the phone"! I hope that solves it!

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Uh, for some reason.. yeah, no, I understand why it doesn't work: due to how I have coded it, it needs to be call *the* locksmith, or call *on the* phone, or  use *the* phone... I'll try to patch that with more options... this is why you need playtesting, lol

I did upload a quick new version with all the options you mentioned and some more, so it should work better now... my brain just works with "the" as a fundamental part of everything, don't ask me why!

Nice, that would be great! I ended up not playtesting at all, 'cause no time, but it was fun nonetheless!

Thank you so much! I wanted to do a much bigger puzzle for the city, adding more characters and more intricate stuff to do, but I barley managed to implement the ending in the last 20 mins.... well, at least I submitted something! For 4 effective days of work, I say not bad! I learned an engine and made a -somewhat- functioning game!

Oh, tysm! That's a relief!

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 Oh, that's a pity! Did it report the garage door open as soon as the phone was sent back, or after using it? Because the idea is that you have to travel to the past, make the phone call, and then travel to the future to find the garage door open! Let me know so I can fix anything unintended! Much love!

tysm to all of you!

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I.. like, can give you the .gblorb file, and, uuuh, I have no idea how Inform 7 works I'll be honest, I just want to check with someone to see if everything is *mainly* alright

Yes, I get this weird .gblorb file... I'll just put it on Itch as I don't even know how to playtest it myself! LOL! I didn't even know you needed an interpreter!

Oh okay, nice! I'm already learning it to make games, I don't want to also learn how to publish them haha

Yes also, can someone explain to me how to make people playtest on Inform 7? I just don't know how to publish a game with that engine! How will I put it on Itch, lmao?

Me making half of my game in 24 hours hahaha


Yesss I willll

Actually today I will just not gamedev at all and actually enjoy going to the lake!

I already learned *some* Inform 7 and did 2 puzzles, I can afford it!

Speeeeeaking of getting started, 51 days later I'm starting to make a short time-travelling (why did I do this to myself) puzzle game, and hoping to finish it while making up an interesting story. Oh, and did I mention that I will be taking a day off of those 6 for vacation? o.o

Yeah, I'd happily take help with testing, since story-design is hard hahah

I don't plan on learning the entire system inside and out haha, just the basics to get something working and functional before the deadline! Yesterday I played around with it a little, it's very complicated but I just use the things that I need, and ignore the rest, I'll come back when I need those haha

I don't really know how long are these games, on average, or really what style... I'm going with a kind of puzzly feel, let's see if I can reach 15m playtime! Until now, scripting new action has been the most fun thing to do!

Tysm!! I hope I'll be able to bring something playabl

Yeah, I guess we are in the same shoes ahhaha, I hope it goes well <3 <3 Starting with a very small scope because I have to really manage my time!!

Yeah, let's just see how this goes, I also gotta learn Inform 7 since I never used anything similar... something good has to come out of this challenge, I hope!

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The time between each spawning diminishes of 0.2 seconds every time it spawns, so it's not a constant accelleration but the rate of accelleration accellerates itself, if that makes sense to you (it does for me, at least. I took it from Physics).

Also, when there are that many Godots you can just let most of them slide and drag the red ones out of the way, that's at least how I intended it.

That's also why the Strike score multiplier does NOT reset when you let a green godot fall, but when you eat a red one. So you can focus on not eating red ones and keep your multiplier!

Yes, I will add crunching particles, I wanted to but didn't really have the energy or the time XD

EDIT: Oh, and the background is many many Godots of different sizes, colors and opacities rotating. It is Godots, just really LSD Godots. XD

Very cool game! I just beat it!

The music was really good and the enemies challenging, the sword ones they forced me to change playstyle (I couldn't circle around them and attack like I did with the red and green ones and the boss. The purple ones really destroyed me 3 or 4 times in a row.

However, I would suggest to make the Mouse-pointer-godot less opaque, I couldn't keep it directly on enemies because if I did so I wouldn't be able to see them. Also some arrows that point at enemy off-screen? I didn't know how many enemies would come, what type, or even the direction!

Iconic jam community · Created a new topic She's done it!!

I did it, I actually made a game using only the Godot head as an asset, and it turned out great! It's decently fun and polished, at least for a jam game made using only Godot- oh, what? I said Godot? Yeah yeah, I used Unity as an Engine anyway!

This is really cool, I can't wait until it comes out, it gives me strong Octopath Traveller vibes, I love it! Keep up the great work! You're all incredible!

Aw, that's a pity, if I released an easier version would you try to beat it?

I'll try to update my code to make planting during waves possible!

Thanks for playing it!

With some small fixes I should be able to make the enemies drop suns, and making the player able to plant during waves is just matter of eliminating 1 or 2 variables, do you think it would make the gameplay more tridimensional? Also it may seem that punishments are hard, but the game already rewards you for 5 extra suns for every plant you lost, to help you rebuild.

Also now I want to know, did you make it to the boss? I'm so proud of Angry Goodgis XD

Thank you so much! I'll be happy to hear what you think of it in the game-comments-section-thing!

I would love for you to try mine, although it isn't as deep as yours, I worked hard on it as well!

I just played your game and I'm almost tearing up, especially hearing the musing at the The End screen, beautiful story. Thanks for bringing this to the world <3

That's because THERE IS the close button, but it's invisible (I don't know how or why). So I suppose you didn't get access to the full tutorial, but only to the first slide- oof.