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Fight the Gnome-pocalypse!View game page

A tower defense where you fight gnomes with flowers, with happiness mechanics for flowers on your side!
Submitted by IlDiavoloVesteRosa — 2 days, 2 hours before the deadline
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Very cool game! I really like the colorful art. The gameplay is very fun and the variety of plants and gnomes is very impressive!

I would love it if you can get sun when kill enemy, I think the sun reward after each wave is a bit too little to play around with all the cool elements and since you can't use it during a wave, it leaves little room for mistake. 

But I think overall this is a very good game and with some small improvement, it can be even better! Awesome work!!


Thanks for playing it!

With some small fixes I should be able to make the enemies drop suns, and making the player able to plant during waves is just matter of eliminating 1 or 2 variables, do you think it would make the gameplay more tridimensional? Also it may seem that punishments are hard, but the game already rewards you for 5 extra suns for every plant you lost, to help you rebuild.

Also now I want to know, did you make it to the boss? I'm so proud of Angry Goodgis XD


I think planting during waves is awesome and can be super fun

I didn't quite make it to the boss :(( It was a bit too difficult for me personally (but I'm sure it's awesome!)

I really love  your passion for the game, I'm sure you've put in a lot effort and hard work into it so it's super nice to see it. Keep up the great work!


Aw, that's a pity, if I released an easier version would you try to beat it?

I'll try to update my code to make planting during waves possible!


Absolutely :D


Very nice game with nice graphics. The sound design was a bit annoying at times but overall very good. But I got stuck in the main menu as I didnt know how to close the credits or the how-to so I had to use Alt + F4


That's because THERE IS the close button, but it's invisible (I don't know how or why). So I suppose you didn't get access to the full tutorial, but only to the first slide- oof.