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We at Firith Studio enjoy the blooming season known as Spring: the colorful wildflowers that pop up overnight,  the April showers that bring the May flowers, and the legions of varmints attacking the vegetable supply. Er, yes... Springtime is another great season for game making inspiration and creativity.


The theme is what makes this game jam special. It's important that you incorporate the theme in order for it to be considered an official entry. This jam's theme is SPRING. So grab your watering can, put on your gardening hat, and get ready for those warm breezy winds.

Optional Mechanic:

Constant Growth:

Whether it's the life of a flower or just your cash flow, constant growth is the perfect mechanic for spring. For example, creating a life simulator where you raise a creature or maybe even a platformer where the world is growing as you navigate through it.

Optional Palette:

Greyt-bit (Get the Palette Here)


  • Development teams are allowed!
  • You can only work on your game during the game jam's time frame (Game must be created during jam!).
  • Keep it clean. (No NSFW, gore, offensive, or hateful content)
  • You may use pre-made asset packs, as long as you have permission from the creator.
  • Make sure to incorporate the theme.
  • Read and follow these rules.


Use the hashtag  #GreatSpringGameJam2021 to spread awareness of the Game Jam!

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