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Huge shout out to Juan for making this video, please check them out give them a follow/subscribe

This is a really sweet game! The music was so soothing and I really like the graphics. The atmosphere is definitely super cozy and warm :D

Personally, I feel perhaps the pixel font was a bit too small hard to read sometime, maybe it could be something else to distinct from the gameplay but it was nothing too big!

I think you did an excellent job on this! Well done :D

This is a really cool and super impressive game! The artstyle is really clean and I love the card battle gameplay. Overall an excellent game! Well done :D

This is a very sweet game! I love the unique artstyle and the writing is very wholesome! Great work :D

Brilliant design with wonderful atmosphere.This is sooo well made!! I really enjoyed this game. Great work :D

I absolutely adored the artwork and the atmosphere! Everything feels so warm and cozy, the animation on the character is really cute and the music just ties everything together nicely! Well done :D

Such a well made game! I loved the relaxing vibe when doing all the minigame, and the ideas to make it about festivities worldwide is amazing. I can see a lot of polished and hardwork being put into this!! Amazing work :D

This is such a hilarious, chaotic, silly fun little game!! The mechanic is brilliant and it's so fun making such a mess!! I had a blast playing this! Awesome work

Very cool game! The art is adorable and moving around fulfilling order feels great. The plot is engaging and easy to follow. I had a lot of fun playing this!! Great job!

Very sweet and enjoyable game! I love the character design and the atmosphere, everything feel so warm and relaxing! I had a great time playing this. Well done :D

This is a really unique and interesting idea! It's feel so relaxing travelling the star, the art style and music is excellent and I love the whole atmosphere of the game!! Awesome work :D

This was a really adorable game! The character feels very lively and the art is so well-made. Overall a very polished entry, Great work!!

I love the art and the writing is really engaging! I really enjoyed playing this! Great job :D

This game is insanely high quality! The absolutely love the art style, and the mechanics is brilliant. I'm really looking forward to see the full game. Excellent, excellent work!!

I did not know doing math can be this relaxing! Excellent atmosphere and music, I had a really nice time playing this! Great job!

Very cozy little game! I had a really enjoyable time playing this! Great job :D

This is a really neat little game! The art is really clean and pleasant to look at and the writing is witty and funny. 

My screen turn black too after beating the boss, I think I somehow got hit after beating the boss then everything just went dark. But overall a really fun game! Great job!

You did an wonderful job creating the atmosphere! The warm color and music is so cozy and the writing is charming and funny. I had a really enjoyable time playing this!! Great work :D

This game is excellent! I love the level design and the swapping mechanic. Everything is so well polished and very fun to play! Well done :D

Really cool game to play! Figuring out the answer from the little clue is so enjoyable! I love the artstyle and music, it brings such a nice cozy feel to the game! Well done :D

This is really nice and charming game to play! I love the artwork, the writing is enjoyable and engaging! Great work!

This is a really good platformer! I really like the art and vfx, plus the design is very solid. The control feel a tad bit floaty for me but nothing to bad. Overall, this is an excellent entry, well done :D

This game is a joy to play! I love the artstyle and music, it really bring a warm, cozy feeling to the game! Excellent work :D

Really good game! The art is so nice to look at and the gameplay is a perfect mix between challenging and relaxing. Excellent entry, well done!!

I really love the art and animation of this game, it feel super polished and nice to play. The writing and overall vibe is very enjoyable, I can't wait to see what the full game looks like!! Well done!

Really fun and relaxing game! Took me a little while to figure how the game work, but then it start to flow and feeling is incredible! Maybe some smaller level to introduce how the mechanic work would be awesome. But still this is an awesome entry, great job!

What an impressive game! The overall vibe was excellent, the writing was charming and the music really ties the whole thing together. The fact that this was made in 2 weeks is amazing!! Congrats on a job well done :D

Really charming and light-hearted game, The magnifying glass was a really clever mechanic! Awesome work :D

Thank you so much for playing!! I'm really glad you had fun and your islands look awesome :D :D

Thank you so much for playing! I'm really glad you liked it :D

Thank you so much for playing!

 The terrain slider is indeed based on the height of a tile, both are range from 0 to 1 before the multiplier and act as a minimum threshold. E.g if a tile height is smaller than forest and larger than grass it will be assign as grass