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Hey Jack! Thank you very much for playing! I always appreciate your feedback :D

Very cool! I loved the sounds and the different types of flowers you could obtain throughout!

Took me a second to understand the floating/blue flower tho, but once I did I thought the mechanic was so smart haha. I got kind of locked, I think - toward the guarded area (before the 4 golden flower block) - I couldn't find a way to go back once I dropped a seed down there.

Overall super cool and a lot of time I'm sure went into it!

Agree on all of that. This is the first jam I've participated in without some sort of ranking or rating system -- and the first ever where the creator of the jam  has not really acknowledged or said anything whatsoever -- in terms of the jam on discord, or thanking participants when it ended, or even promoting any part of it at all on their social accounts. Came out with a cool concept, so I'm thankful for the theme, but I'll definitely be a little more selective with my jam choices in the future - and especially note if the group/discord or person putting on the gamejam seems to even be involved.

Thanks for your comments E1e5en! I agree about the abilities -- I was trying to add a tutorial of sorts the first few levels to help with the learning curve, but I ran out of time haha. The hovering ability tooltip still puzzles me as well (pun intended) - I'm not sure why it doesn't always display. Lots of kinks to work out. Anyhow, thank you for the playtime and the follow! I will (hoepfully) be releasing a full version in the coming weeks! :D

Fantastic music score and sfx! And the UI is also quite beautiful! I got stuck on lvl 2 for a while, I didn't realize that you could move the blue watering device haha. Top down view looks great, and I'm in love with the flower and tree design. I got stuck on Level 9... tried for a while tho haha! Great submission!

Thanks again for making this! So many games, so hard to choose! :D

Simple, clean, and the art and music really add to the mystery of the game! Great work :D

Very excited to play this when it's available! Right up my alley :D

Enjoyed playing as this little guy for a while! Really like the concept, and also that when you back-track your score goes down haha :D

Really enjoyed the artwork, especially the water-droplet transition into the next level. Found the caged sheep a bit difficult but love the concept of flower fighting sheep haha!

Really like the graphics! Very engaging world. I also really liked how the water droplets formed on the plants and trees. Really nice touch and cool mechanics :D

Really like the concept and the art! Tried a bunch of times and couldn't get passed "6" haha. I like how it's different each time tho, keeps you guessing!

Love the plant/flower animations! I went left and fell and found the platform/seed thing, but couldn't find a combo to climb those platforms with it where I didn't die instantly haha. Also, if you go right at first you get trapped and I couldn't find a way to reset the game or go to home screen - escape just brought up the dancing flowers (which I did enjoy tho haha)! Cool game!

I forgot to note that I loveedd the Oddish-type of character model! They were my favorite Pokemon haha

Really enjoyed the different types of puzzles and plants/mushroom capabilities. I made it to level 6 (I think) and for some reason I could not click the reset button to try again... But I did like the music and sound effects as well! Great work :D

I liked the bg and sound effects for clearing rows! Serene Tetris style :D 

Ran into some blocks floating after a row clear, not sure if this was an added challenge or not as I see some of the blocks had different colors.

What a cool concept! Loved slowly building up my garden. The tooltips and tutorial as you go really helped! For some reason I could not toggle the 2x speed tho. But overall, great game! Very relaxing!

What a creative concept! I really enjoyed the music and especially the way the flowers do a little dance :D My only suggestion would be a tooltip or mouse-hover over the flowers that tells what their function is, I had forgotten a few levels deep into the game which made it a little more challenging, although the blue indicators definitely helped!

Thanks so much for the compliments joba! And for sharing your score haha. 

You're absolutely right about the tutorial/teaching of the abilities. It was supposed to be 5-small intro levels introducing each ability, and then 3-challenging levels utilizing them all... but oh well haha - I overscoped! I will eventually tweak it all in the full-version :D 

Appreciate your feedback and time playing FLEUR! 

Super creative concept! "A talking spring!" - no less, a talking Chicken haha! Took me a minute to get the controls down but the levels, and the chicken/gate launching concept were super cool. I can see you expanding more on this in the future to make it an even more challenging unique puzzle solving game.

Happy Spring! (literally... !)

Lolllzzzz :D :D

Super creative concept! And the music is really groovy! :D

Hey Itchers! :D

I've always doodled and tried to create games my whole life... and finally, my doodles are in my own game! 

I was finally able to finish my first game for the "Small Island" Theme by WeeklyGameJam (#189) [after about 7 over-scoping failures... haha]



Most of my games will be immersed in the SEEDZ AND TWIGZ universe I've created over the years! They take place in a microscopic underwater world known as the LIFEVINE. The premise for this game is that there's a current flowing through the LIFEVINE, and vine pieces with SEEDLING food are floating by that your character is trying to shoot down (while avoiding other hungry SEEDZ!)

It's only one level, but even I find it pretty challenging to complete! Would love any feedback or suggestions you have!

I also make my SEEDZ AND TWIGZ art (and sometimes do GameMaker code) on Twitch weekly, and you can also catch some of my Game Art Timelapse videos on YouTube

Thanks everyone! I've loved playing all the games here and I'm super excited to get one of mine into the mix!

All the best, 


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Such a cool game! Great concept!