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i'm happy you liked that:)

thank you so much:)

thank you so much!

Thank you, I'm happy you enjoyed it!

There is no continuation of this game (yet), but other games follow the story of the same characters, though they are shorter than this one

your processor can't handle the game?

thank you so much!

thank you so much! i'm so happy to enjoyed it:)

Actually I didn't see it myself on the start page, I think the game suggestions change frequently, so it wasn't there for long time or not for everybody. But can't really say how it works

thank you so much! oh, i didn't know it is on the start page!

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thank yo so much, i'm happy you liked it:)

thank you!i'm really happy you enjoyed playing this:)

thank you so much:)

thanks for playing:)

thank you:)

i'm so happy to hear:)

thank you so much! I'm happy that you enjoyed playing them:)

thank you:)

I'm happy that you liked it:)

thank you!

oh, sorry to hear. i think you need HD or 4HD monitor to play it

i'm happy you enjoyed the game:)

Hi again! I still didn't receive any email.....

thank you:)

thank you so much!

hi again, i didn't hear anything from you on my email

hehe:) yes, pencil & watercolours & textured paper:)

Thank you! I'm very happy to hear that:)

i'm sorry to hear, i will upload low-res version after voting is over.

oh. seems the page size has way to high resolution for you, sorry. I will try to upload new version after jam is over.

Thanks for playing and for your detailed feedback!

That was not intentional about the space button, i actually was planning the player to use only mouse (+Esc). I'll check it after the voting period.

You don't see the Play button? Maybe you could send me the screenshot? 

Maybe your monitor is very high resolution? But it should work for HD and 4HD. You can't even go out of menu?

Thanks for playing:) I'm a fan of detective series too:)

Actually it is not clear how to do that. The ending depends if you question everybody about everybody, so if on the first try you completed the game and accused the right person, from which moment should the game start,  because you already know everything and only thing you could try is to accuse innocent person knowing that he is innocent.  Maybe I could think of some creative solution for the next time:)

thanks for playing! actually you don't have to ask all these questions, you can skip them, but by this the ending might change.

thanks for playing the game!

Thanks so much for playing and for your feedback! I love detective series myself and probably Poirot or Miss Marple inspired me a bit:)  

The text should appear with the speed one character per one time frame, which seem quite fast for me. (However I've read that on some computers framerate might look different, sorry if that was the case for you, next time I will try to keep it in mind).

Indeed, I was trying to give characters different tempers, not only by how they look, but also how and what they say. I'm happy that you noticed that they all speak a bit different:)

Oh, I'm sorry, I've made it for HD resolution and browser version for 720:(

You can accuse suspects with if you know their motive or without it. You can also just report no crime and go home. And you can accuse the murderer knowing how he/she did it or not (opportunity). 6*2+1+2=15

thanks to suggestions! I tried to make music not so loud, but I agree, sometimes it might be hard to focus on reading while music is playing.

Thanks so much for played and streaming the game:)