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You’ve got money to make and you're not gonna let a few tanks stand in your way.
Submitted by BangBangBert (@BertBang) — 26 minutes, 33 seconds before the deadline
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How does your game fit the theme?
The player must manage several carts linked to each other. If one falls the player could lose everything.

Did your team create the vast majority of the art during the 48 hours?


We used pre-existing art

Did your team create the vast majority of the music during the 48 hours?


We used pre-existing audio

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Fun, perhaps a different targeting system would help with the difficulty. I also ran into issues with a cart not firing when I had selected a target it seemed. Indicators of what you're doing would be very helpful (highlight cart when selected, highlight target when mouse over/show a highlight around them to show they're being targeted, for instance). Shop could be completely redone, no need for a buy/sell mode. Just show prices and let us drag around all in one and it'd be far less confusing.


Welp, I suck at protecting the cargo XD
Great concept though; balance feels a bit tending towards "harsh" even on easy (in part for enemies focussing on certain carts it seemed), so kudos to anyone managed to get a train through on higher diffuclties~
Had a few times carts didn't fire on what I'd clicked but with my click accuracy I probably missed the target. Guess that's on me ^^;
Nice work!


Pretty cool idea! However I wish there was an undo button in the shop... Also I bought a turret and it didn't show up? Can I only have 1 of each turret type? Also I exited the shop with no cargo and no money to pay for cargo, so I couldn't attach my carriages together, and when I exited I just left with the head of the train.

It's a shame, but great job regardless, really cool ideas and fun to be had!!

If you get a chance to check out my game, that'd be appreciated! :)

Fun but tricky even on easy difficulty. The tanks target the same carts each time, and that's pretty rough when there's no way to dodge.  It might be better to have the tanks target random carts.


Pretty cool idea, I played for some time! There's one gun that seems pretty useless to me, that one that costs 40$, I think it shoots really slow, so I ended up not using it. It's hard to know if I clicked in the right place since there's no feedback, so that could be an improvement. Besides that I liked the slow / harder enemies mechanic, pretty well thought since it balances the game. Great work!


Fun concept!
I would have liked having keyboard shortcuts to select the turret wagons, but I am not quite sure what it would look like because of the fact that you can buy more turret wagons.

Great job !


Interesting idea. The pacing of the gun fire was a bit slow, and I wish you could click-and-drag to select multiple gun cars. But again, neat idea.


Fun game! 

Unfortunately the game froze when I accidentally clicked on a crate wagon then on an enemy tank. It happened two times :( 


I had a hard time figuring out the shop menu, it wasn't clear that I had to deselect the buy/sell options to move carts. Despite that it's a really fun little game, great concept and the execution was really good, if a little clunky


Nice game but need a better indicator of which enemy and weapon I've selected.


Interesting concept, I like that you can create your own difficulty curve based on risk/reward.


My game crashed on me after a middle cart disconnecting. It was a lot of fun and I'd buy a finished version if presented. I loved the freedom of making my train the picking the difficulty. Hard mode was a lot harder than expected though lol. All in all, great job! 


Really nice game idea. I really enjoyed playing it. However a few shortcuts would be nice and an indicator of which weapon is selected. As the constant Select Weapon -> Select Enemy at the start of a wave was irritating. Also I liked the art style. Nevertheless a great prototype i am looking forward to seeing this as a polished game :).

it crashed several times :S