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Golden bulletView game page

Only one bullet for the eternity!
Submitted by CheeseBaron2 (@CheeseBaron2) — 1 day, 11 hours before the deadline
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Adherence to the Theme#3744.2404.240

Ranked from 25 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

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Congratulations for the game! The aesthetics seems very well polished. Rated <3

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I feel like the hitbox of the bullet is deceivingly small, but this is about design, not execution.

It has a great feel to it, very "juicy"!


Cool game. Gameplay feels really responsive and smooth. Its somewhat similar to my game but features bit different core mechanic


Well the idea is not really that original so of course somebody will have something similiar.

Submitted (1 edit)

Idk why, but the game feels really fun to play!

The only problem is the core mechanic is not that original...


Well the mechanic was the first thing that came to my mind so i just made it. It was like "Hmmm... "only one" what can we do with it... Well i make a ton of shooters..! Well its not gonna be very original but oof it!". And i made it. Also the game might feel fun cuz i put a ton of effects in there (also i watched a video on how to make your game feel good so heres that). Dont forget to rate!


Already rated!

I like how you can see where the enemies will spawn.




Please make this into a full game!


Nah sorry but im too lazy and unoriginal to add something without kinda ruining the original feel. Some thing should just stay untouched.


Neat! It's simple, but there's great juiciness here. The game-over trash talking is also a nice touch.


Just got 7059, only tweak I would make would be to enemy spawns. Truly random spawns mean they sometimes appear in front of you with no way to react. Maybe touching them while they are "appearing" would stop them from spawning and add a unique choice of rushing them or running from them.

good game


Well i still have the source code and the rating starts in 12 hours so i might add something like that right now.


Fun game, its really hard though


Awesome game! Good work!


Great game! I love the concept of having to pick your bullet back up. One improvement I would make is the difficulty. The spawns or the movement speed of the enemies could start slow and ramp up over time. 


I did kinda feel like it and in fact i tried to do something with it (like each 30 seconds the spawns should ramp up a bit)  but yeah... I guess thay start kinfa fast.


SUCH AS SIMPLE YET COOL CONCEPT,my only complaint is that you don't have enough time to react to the enemies who are spawning because they literally spawn behind you


Thanks! I didnt really playtest the game that much because i was just sure that there were no place for bugs to appear so i didnt spend that much time tweaking the enemy spawns (also their spawns are completely random so i guess they just decided to spawn behind you).