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It brings back memories of my dog,
Thank you for this beautiful experience :, )

Very charming work, I really like the art and the concepts behind everything ^^

Very nice game, I really like the aesthetic you got here, and the sound design was also great.

The movement of the camera seemed a bit too fast to identify the monsters and towers (and made me a bit dizzy), so I really appreciate the soundeffects that told me what was there, but other than that, and interesting mix of mechanics and a great game! :)

Interesting mechanics, and they have a nice feel to them, it was a bit too hard for me, but fun non the less!

Nice submission!

Very nice art and concept, the gravity also seems great, but the package and the spaceship feel kind of uncontrollable, which makes the game very hard in combination with the thight layout of the obstacles

But non the less, great submission!

Very interesting mechanic, it was great how the difficulty got harder due to the platforming instead of the number of slimeballs

My only problem was sometimes, that the color detector was too "sensitive", and it would be really hard to tell the difference between your current color and the goal

Otherwise, great submission!

The way you added a new part to the level every time was a really unexpected twist, it's great how it makes you master the single levels by playing them repeatedly, while keeping them fresh with a new "twist" every time.

Great entry!

A beautiful experience, the art, the music and the writing just work perfectly to create this enchanting atmosphere

My only problem was, that I did get stuck on the second and third constellations, but other than that, really great submission!

The idea is very original, I just feel like the different abilities of the zombie types are pretty unclear

Really nice, I like how naturally the new mechanics get introduced troughout the game!

The visuals are also great, love the simple, yet very polished aesthetic

My only "critique" would be, that you pretty much only heard the first 10-30 seconds of the soundtrack, since it always got restarted when the level started

Non the less, great submission!

No problem, haha, I actually wanted to add space as an alternative jump button, but kind of forgot about it ^^

Hi, thank you for your ideas, I will take them into consideration if I work on this again, and I wanted to ask, do you mean a double jump? Because there's already a jump in the game (with w or up-arrow)

Im glad you like it :)

Hi, thank you! I will try to get a downloadable version, though it's kind of difficult with the program I'm using

Thank you!
I actually wanted to add some enemy variation, there just wasn't enough time, but I probably really should have spent more time on balancing.
I'm glad you like it!

Yeah, the loading time really is long, I didn't find a way to fix it :(, but if you want to try again, I would just leave it open (in the background) for some minutes


That's great, glad you like it!

Thank you ! :)

Very nice game!  

The gameplay was fun, and the combo meter really helped by putting a risk-reward system in

I also really like the story you made

A lot of fun ideas and great visuals, designs and sound to deliver those.

Having the item disappear from your inventory when you press space was kind of confused, but otherwise, everything seemed  really polished

I especially liked how you could see the car progressively getting messier

Very nice concept, I was surprised about all the different puzzles you could make with those rules, so all in all, a nice game

Nice concept and really great execution, the art is very cute and well made (especially the the dust behind the player was really dynamic) and drifting around the park felt good and was a lot of fun

The idea was really interesting, though the gameplay (and levels) were rather dull, but the ctrl+z part showed the potential this could have.
The end was fun

This certainly was a great experience!
Really interesting premise, and I love how everything, from the art to the sounds, to even entirely new types of gameplay, worked really well together to make every act something new while still being familiar.
You can really see all the work that was put into this!

Really love the whole atmosphere of the game, from the fun plot to the unique choice in music for a game (seriously, when I started the game and heard the music, I was instantly exited). It was a bit difficult to get into the controls, but once I did, it was really fun


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The water heals the tree, so you can only water it when it is damaged

It has a great feel to it, very "juicy"!

What a happy little game!

I really liked the calm atmosphere to this! It's impressive how you were able to create this wonderful art and music in just two days!

The knife was really fun to use and had a great feel to it, and I really liked the atmosphere and the art, but it felt too punishing to be sent back to the beginning of the level. But overall very impressive what you have made in just two days!