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holy shit, this was really fun. I hope it will end up a full game like celeste

I have been an avid enthusiast of your work since I have played the first installment in the critically acclaimed Square Not Fair franchise, I remember playing the game while being on the edge of my seat out of shear excitement to what the game has planned for me next. So you can imagine my shock and euphoria when I discovered that I somehow missed the second installment , the new controls and graphics are nothing but excellence and absolute mastery of level design, it reminds of a verse I once read in the bible "thee shall know no excellence other  than God"(Genesis 8:8) , this game has proven the bible wrong, of course it probably isn't the first time the genius SaamTheGamemaker has done this.

But something extremely peculiar happened as I reached level 4, I tried to for hours to find the missing platform so I could progress to the next level but even after trying my hardest I couldn't, so there I was looking at the screen trying to understand what I was doing wrong.

And then just as I was smoking my 1920's pipe I had an Eureka moment, of course! How could I have not seen this.

I only then realized that there is no platform,the whole stage is a clear metaphor for the human condition, it's symbolism for how we always try to reach goals we have set for ourselves...but unfortunately we can never reach them.

when i came across this revelation I was hit with a barrage of emotions beyond my own understanding, some of them were emotions of happiness...other were emotions of shame, how could I have not seen this sooner, this obviously a feat of brilliance only possible by SaamtheGamemaker.

And then just as I was about to give up on all hope of ever understanding the immensely deep message the game tried to tell me I realized....THE PLATFORM WAS INSIDE OF ME THE WHOLE TIME.

And yet....I have to confess about something...I can't sleep at night because of this question that keeps lingering in my head, i don't intend to offend you, the great Saam, by questioning your plans for the game, but is this it for the SNF frenchise?is there more?

the question is..... is level 4 the end of the game?or is it not completed yet?

In the description of the game it says "first version, 4 levels", so I must know, when will the rest come out?

I will be waiting for the rest of the game with great expectations.

best regards

The GingerMan

thanks, I'm not sure about the second hand, but we will see what we can do about  gooeyness

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thank, that's a great idea, we will add it after the jam

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holy shit, thanks dude. I actually have an exam today and your comment made me feel more confident, huge thanks.

I liked it

is there a tutorial for this?



how does this follow the theme?


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THIS IS SUCH A COOL GAME,creative,I have no idea how you even thought of this 5/5,though explaining the goal of the game would make it better exists.....10/10

SUCH AS SIMPLE YET COOL CONCEPT,my only complaint is that you don't have enough time to react to the enemies who are spawning because they literally spawn behind you

I LOVED the concept, simple but great

this is a greaty concept,I absolutly loved it,how do I rate it for the game jam?


I think that as long as you submit it with an executable file it's ok

what game engine is this made with

thanks,that really helps us

this is way too cool

me and a friend want to make a team for this game jam,but how do we upload it?do we submit it from both of our accounts? or only one of us can submit it?