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The Gingerman

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sounds cool



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first of all, it's incredible that someone is making a game with blender for this jam,secondly,this game has a lot of promise but you need to work on it and update it,the fact that you can fall of the map if you go backwards in the beginnings of the mazes is stupid and the messages are the same(though kinda funny) so you should make more and I think it would be better if the camera would look on the player from 0 degrees from above,I hope to revisit this game when the jam is over and see a better version of this game,I believe in you dude

how does this follow the theme?

great use of the concept,also educational

great use of the concept,also educational


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THIS IS SUCH A COOL GAME,creative,I have no idea how you even thought of this 5/5,though explaining the goal of the game would make it better exists.....10/10

SUCH AS SIMPLE YET COOL CONCEPT,my only complaint is that you don't have enough time to react to the enemies who are spawning because they literally spawn behind you

I LOVED the concept, simple but great

this is a greaty concept,I absolutly loved it,how do I rate it for the game jam?


I think that as long as you submit it with an executable file it's ok

what game engine is this made with

thanks,that really helps us

this is way too cool

me and a friend want to make a team for this game jam,but how do we upload it?do we submit it from both of our accounts? or only one of us can submit it?