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is there a tutorial for this?


Hi Gingerman,

thanks for the interest in Harmonies!

The program is not very complicated so I hoped by just trying a bit out everyone could figure out how it works... :S 
But of course, I should write some more detailed instructions on the website ;)

In short:

  • click in the staff to place notes (similar to midi editors) or remove (click again). When choosing notes, the grey areas in the "harmony-staff" will show you how "distant" your chord is from the scales (the more grey, the more notes don't exist in that scale).
  • click in the "harmony-staff" to choose a scale with a given base note, e.g.  "C" to have C (e.g. ionian) scale. The red markers in the normal staff will show the notes that do not exist in that scale.
  • below the "harmony-staff" you can choose the mode, (church modes for now). If you're not used to modes, just think of "ionian"=Major and "aeolian"=minor. All of the harmony-staff right of a chosen mode will be interpreted as such, meaning if you only have "ionian" on the very left, the whole staff will be interpreted as "ionian".

I hope this helps! Thanks for letting me know!

Cheers :D