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This is so fucking AMAZING, great job with the game. So much polish, with a great idea. Upgrades would be really cool if you want to keep developing it.

Awesome game, love the feel and polish!

Its really well polished! The games page is nice! My main difficulty was with the movement of the player, it felt a little floaty, but great job overall.

Love the atmosphere and the design! Cool game!

Fun to run around and explore the level! Nice polish!

I like the idea, its very buggy though!!

Amazing atmosphere, love the lighting and sound. You could create more levels and its a great way to learn to type!

The controls are a bit hard to work with, not sure how to make it easier to aim without giving up the ability to turn quick. 2D would have made it easier, but I had the most fun making the player become a bullet and I learned a lot about the camera.

Thanks so much for checking it out! I had a hard time figuring out how much sensitivity to add to it. Wasn't exactly sure where I wanted to take the game when I started.

Really fun. Add some music and have each half of the screen move one way and you have a great mobile game. Awesome polish!!

It was a fun game. A simple concept, but well executed.

Cool game! I wish my first game was that good! Keep it up.

Loved the game! Really fun and original. The sound track it great, I spent a good while playing it. Some minor bugs though with the UI, the score sometimes is too big. Also the camera is a bit too high up for my taste. I think there could be a better way to get a new weapon if you poorly aim then to run around for a few seconds. Also the mobs grouping up makes it hard to get the weapon again (maybe it could drop a little closer to the player)

Overall one of the best ones I've seen so far!!

Great game!!! Loved the concet, the art, the music, and most importantly the gamplay!!

Fun game, I like the sound effect. It might be nice to have arrow showing where to go, and have the camera zoomed out a bit more. Cool game!

Fun game, and it looks beautiful. The concept is cool. Took me a few minutes to figure out that the dash is the most useful move. I wish the bullets charged up faster (or didn't have to charge up) and that the bullets moved faster. The green enemies are really hard to kill, I would have then moving across the line you are in more or having their shot (where they are elongated, last longer)

Great work!

Really fun game! I love the polish, especially after a lot of other games in the jam not being as polished. Cool idea, great execution. Some of the levels are a little difficult.

The camera appears to be in the wrong place and I can only see part of the game.

Super fun game. Its really addictive. I love all of the polish and the soundtrack. The jump feels nice and juicy. Love the simple little animations and the 2 balls to show how many jumps are left. Sometimes the platforms spawn to high up, it would be nice if it was limited how high above the previous platform the next one spawn.

Loved it!

Fun game, its really hard though

I died with shit coming from both sides