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Thanks for playing! Glad you enjoyed it!

You can press R to instantly restart, I pit hat in the game's description. I'll add a tutorial in game as well.

Great visuals and gameplay idea, could use a faster respawn sequence.

Thanks for the feedback! I didn't have much time to tweak the numbers on the input timing, but I'll try to clean it up a bit. I'm planning on adding more songs and a "Highscore" mode where you can't die but are rated based on performance.

The first few levels are quite easy, but the diffulty ramps un nicely. They are not so easy as to do them first try without thinking, but also not so hard as to have me pull my hair out. It's just really solid puzzle design.

Nice game, short and sweet!

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Developer note: For some reason the browser version doesn't support sound based animation... The HTML build is fully playable, but if you can, please play the game on the executable windows version, since on browser everything looks really static! Thanks!

Wow, incredible puzzle design and soundtrack. Very interesting.

Really fun idea, keeping input between screens and all. Great way to follow the theme while creating interesting scenarios!

Never realized one second could last this long...

Wow, what a fun and original concept! The game was surprisingly fun given the premise.

Only thing is: it doesn't work on HTML for some reason...

Took me a while to get used to the controls (the practice level helped with that), but once it clicked it was really fun going "blind" through the level only to hit enter and see the SUCCESS screen!

Cool concept and visual presentation! Great job designing around the theme of the jam!

Amazing! A fun, functional and theme appropriate multiplayer game! Really great job with the graphics too!

The visuals are absolutely stunning! The gameplay is interesting and complex, the only thing I wish was implemented is a way to turn your ship faster. Overall really fun experience and well fitting in the jam!

Please make this into a full game!

Great puzzle, really had to stop and think.

And don't think you can sneak a creeper past me so easily.

Amazing work!

This is really fun for a puzzle game, really enjoyed playing it. Also great job designing around the theme of the jam!

The game is great! From visuals, to the sound, to the overall design! One of the best I've seen so far!

Cool and original concept! Could really benefit from added complexity.

Great puzzle game, I would really like to see it developed further!

Good game, it has potential for being a really fun puzzle platformer. I only wish there were more levels.

Good puzzle design, and props for creating so many levels out of one original idea!

The game has a lot of potential, and it could really use some indicator of what object currently has gravity.

Wow this is extremely cute and fun! Great work!

Thanks for taking the time to check my game out! I spent a lot of time (~6 hrs) designing the levels...

Really cool idea!

Great concept, masterfully executed! I'm beyond impressed!