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Huh couldnt have guessed the person who made this game is also making rusted moss. Nice.

Nah, sorry

Understood, no problem!

Why did you read my twitter?

Also the game wasnt really built with that in mind + i dont even know how to properly implement it + im not gonna make some poor champ do it without payment, that i do not have, sorry.

But thanks for the offer anyway!

Literally the first donation message i added was "SHOW US YOUR FEET" so yea theyre all kinda intended to be a bit weird/thirsty

I swear i changed it to just drain followers faster rather than remove follower gain 2 hours before the submission window closed. Weird.

Gained no followers for two events? Was it the rival event? I thought i patched that out.

Quite nice, the graphics are decent, and the mechanics work nicely. The music gaining more layers as you progress is a very nice touch.

Admittedly it was a bit awkward at first cuz i was using WASD and had to hold Z to pull the companion closer but then realised i can use arrow keys. Also the lack of any sort of death animation on contact with spikes is a bit jarring but eh. 

Overall quite a good job!

The controls seem to be busted for me. Cant give a rating for this, can i?

Its a pretty nice little game, though theres some small annoyances.

Its a bit unclear how to reduce the redness of the ring, and also i couldnt seem to close the end screen and had to open task manager to do it. Also the game has a folder labeled as "do not ship" which im pretty sure was not supposed to be packaged with the game.

Overall its somewhat comedic and doesnt have any super glaring issues. Good job!

Alright alright ill play it when i get the chance, unless its 3d cuz my laptop really doesnt like 3d :(

Eh i think one or two faux ratings wont affect the overall score too much. But yea im mostly doin this as a lil joke of sorts.

Its actually very much intentional for the event windows to be a sortof pause momment where you can assess the situation and prepare to act so dont worry about "cheesing" with them

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Aight so im a completely and utter pussy and get scared too easily to actually play any horror games so if you made one send it here and ill just give it a high rating lol

(obviously cant really comment on them but i will give you a high rating in all categories)

Seems to be kinda harder than it should be most of the way through, didnt complete it but otherwise its somewhat alright.

Bullethell with a pretty big and hard to control hitbox is not quite ideal but otherwise very nice!

Ror2 engineer lol

Love games when you can make yourself a lil army.

I think the resources should have been condensed into just 1, instead of being 3 vaguely defined ones. Also building robots seems kinda finnicky in where you can and cant build so thats a bit anoying.

The audio was alright, thought the lack of music is pretty sad.

Overall pretty nice!

Just alright tbh, dont think theres much special about it but definetly cant say its bad. Good job!

Gonna be honest, didnt complete it. It is indeed quite tricky.

I think it would have been nice if the enemies emitted a sound when they shot so you knew that a bullet is going to approach and be ready to dodge. And the turret sounds kinda useless, though i didnt actually buy it so dunno.

Otherwise this is pretty nicely made, good job!

Automaic perfect rating for cheese by cheese

Kinda mediocre and empty but i read you started like a day before the jam ended so thats pretty respectable. Hope you at least had fun!

DId 1 run and survived for 19 days, succumbed to loneliness under an avalanche of beef... oops.

The gameplay is pretty simple, sounds are pretty nice, graphics are very simple but i like that sortof style.

I would have personally either zoomed in or made the island larger cuz the screen seems kinda empty. Also the game started lagging a bunch later in the run (likely due to the previously mentioned avalanche of beef).

Overall very nice, good job!


Got everythin finally completed yesterday, now just need to tweak some things and make a cover for the game and then its done!

Funnily enough in the beginning it was planned to have mouse aiming. The ships would aim in the direction from the middle of the screen to your mouse but i realised that it was kindof a mess to control and decided to just use arrow keys for shooting instead.

Man youre pumpin out these updates quite quick, thats pretty cool. Though remember to occasionally take breaks to recharge and avoid burnout!

Not sure what exactly happened but a few rocky poops kept pushing my defences and it somehow misaligned the grid slightly downwards and to the right, it was on the first loop (after beating middle horn once) in the second level of the ark.

Also i feel like allowing the player to get more babies after looping would be nice, maybe just make it so you get one in the shop that you can buy after a boss?

(And might be just me but i feel like mulibooms and the rock poops are a pain to deal with and there is entirely too many of them)

Thank you!

My man how you make a shooter without SCREENSHAKE?? Thats like the most essential thing for game feel, come on.

Sound is nice i guess, no music. I guess i could recommend "bosca ceoil" (here: if you want to do it completely solo, its free and not too complex yet still allows to make some listenable tracks, though still have to know the basics of it so id suggest to look up a tutorial for it, Brackeys made a good one.

Also dont think i felt any freeze frames (you know when a game like stops for a few miliseconds to add more impact to the action) which is also a minus cuz once again, thats like one of the essential and super easy ways to add GAME FEEL.

Id also suggest to make the friends at least try to avoid danger, even if not like super advanced, cuz like it feels they just walk directly into traps and enemies which is dumb.

Possibly adding some way to move faster could be nice as sometimes it feels like im juuust a bit too slow, maybe like move faster when not firing? Could work imo.

A small neat change would also be to display the controls at the start of the first level so people like me who didnt check the manual dont get too confused.

AAaaand thats all i could think of i guess. Good luck or somethin i dunno.


I had a lot of ideas that I couldn't add because of some real life things (and just laziness) limiting the time I could work on the game. I might actually add those thing into the game, though I can't promise it will still be playable in browser. You can follow me to then MAYBE receive information if I continue the project, though I work pretty slowly and basically share like zero info about any project I'm working on, so you would have to be patient. Thanks for playing!

fair enough

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Does the offer still stand? My discord is CheeseBaron#5120

Not much but its alrighty

This was more of just a "break" project, i was (and still am) working on a different, larger project which i got somewhat tired of so i joined the jam to make something else. Expanding the game would sorta break the idea of "SMALL game with lots of polish". Also honestly if you really want i can give you all the assets to make your own version lol

game maker studio 1

its a small (less) but polished (is more) game