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My man how you make a shooter without SCREENSHAKE?? Thats like the most essential thing for game feel, come on.

Sound is nice i guess, no music. I guess i could recommend "bosca ceoil" (here: if you want to do it completely solo, its free and not too complex yet still allows to make some listenable tracks, though still have to know the basics of it so id suggest to look up a tutorial for it, Brackeys made a good one.

Also dont think i felt any freeze frames (you know when a game like stops for a few miliseconds to add more impact to the action) which is also a minus cuz once again, thats like one of the essential and super easy ways to add GAME FEEL.

Id also suggest to make the friends at least try to avoid danger, even if not like super advanced, cuz like it feels they just walk directly into traps and enemies which is dumb.

Possibly adding some way to move faster could be nice as sometimes it feels like im juuust a bit too slow, maybe like move faster when not firing? Could work imo.

A small neat change would also be to display the controls at the start of the first level so people like me who didnt check the manual dont get too confused.

AAaaand thats all i could think of i guess. Good luck or somethin i dunno.


Too bad >:)

I had a lot of ideas that I couldn't add because of some real life things (and just laziness) limiting the time I could work on the game. I might actually add those thing into the game, though I can't promise it will still be playable in browser. You can follow me to then MAYBE receive information if I continue the project, though I work pretty slowly and basically share like zero info about any project I'm working on, so you would have to be patient. Thanks for playing!

fair enough

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Does the offer still stand? My discord is CheeseBaron#5120

Not much but its alrighty

This was more of just a "break" project, i was (and still am) working on a different, larger project which i got somewhat tired of so i joined the jam to make something else. Expanding the game would sorta break the idea of "SMALL game with lots of polish". Also honestly if you really want i can give you all the assets to make your own version lol

game maker studio 1

its a small (less) but polished (is more) game


At least something now, also if you have the ability i would recommend having it be playable in browser as it allows for the game to played super quickly resulting in more people playing it. Good luck!

The jam started in the middle of the day (for me) and since it was the weekend i didnt have anything else to do, so i basically spend a half of that day and then a lot of the next day working on it. Also thanks!

This is a tiny (less) but very polished (more) game

This is a tiny (less) but very polished (more) game

like tiny dust when you land, some sparkles when you collect coins. Stuff like that


i had like 0 ideas so i just gone with what felt the easiest

Tiny (less) but very polished (more) game

Kindof... Eh... Kindof very barren, which i guess is fair enough its made in like 2 days but still. Maybe adding some more effects would make it a tiny bit nicer. The controlls are pretty responsive (to me at least) and its overall not really bad.

Eh im kinda bad at music, and you can always just turn it off. Still thanks!

except you kinda need to contact me somewhere


If youre still looking for one then i guess i could help. Can make moderatly nice pixel art, examples:

Can also make "HD art" (or however one calls art that is not pixel art), thought dont have much experience in animating that.

And can also sorta help with sounds if REALLY desperate. My discord is: CheeseBaron#5120 and i already gave the links to my twitter.

Pretty entertaining. Looks nice, sounds the same, music is pretty neat. Maybe a bit easy, i completed it in 2 runs (in the first i died to the floor in the third location). Personally id tone down the graphical effects as sometimes it can be a tad hard to see stuff when theres a bit too much going on at the same time. Also allowing for multikills in one jump would be pretty cool, as not only would this allow for sweet triple kills but also sometimes theres multiple enemies very close to each other which may force you to take damage. Also not making the borders an instakill would be nice because as i said i died to one on accident because i was going too fast and didnt see it in time. Also making the view shift slightly towards your mouse (and maybe even to the end point) would be useful as sometimes i got a bit lost for a second, not knowing in what direction to go (i know its generally "upwards" but sometimes theres no planets in view). The final boss is a bit of a pushover, like someone who has used a computer mouse for more than an hour could probably beat that. Also making things that damage you no matter what a separate color would probably be nicer than just saying "hey, that thing will hurt you bad" (i think theyre usually fully red but some bosses have those and theyre the same color as any other normal enemy). Thats all i guess, pretty good.

Its uhhh.... Something i guess.

Pretty neat i guess. Probably should add screenshake though.

I guess some music could have been nice. Also possibly shrinking the player hitboxes just a bit. Removing the slow motion after death would be great so you wouldnt need to wait 3 seconds before trying again. Also renaming the "last chance" ability to "teleport" could reflect its function better.

Its Pretty nice. A menu would have been good. Also some screenshake would make it spicier. Making the bullets faster and the recoil weaker could also help a bunch. Some more explanation on what all the items do would be very good. Also buying the minigun seems to make the disc spawn rate insane, basically making it impossible to survive. Also your money is kept after death. Thats all i guess.

Hey thats pretty good! Hitboxes may be a bit chunky though. I guess adding little bullet casings could be pretty nice. I did experience some slow down on certain levels, its made in game maker so i guess you should probably learn how to use surfaces, they allow for messy floors AND a stable fps. Maybe make blue discs not block bullets, that could probably be nice. I guess some clearer instruction on how to unlock the last level would be helpful, i suspect its just a matter of getting really good times but still. So yeah, good game! Good job.

your wish has been granted, just check the games page and you should be able to download it

i could i guess

This is the only picture i have of my "representative" i guess, most likely doesnt bleed, wears a more or less standart suit (i guess theyre called tuxedos), totally oblivious. If you need more reference i can make some i guess.

Like i know you guys will apparently provide a pack of sounds on the jams start but what if i dont find a sound i need in it and cant record said sound? Is it ok to go out and download stock sounds and stuff like that to use? Asking just to be safe.

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So like when i select fish  or rebel and open the loadout menu it spams error messages and they dont have the extra crowns

EDIT: Ok the problem gets worse and worse each time you open the NTTE menu so thats weird, also i can still start with the extra crowns if they were selected before they dissapeared.

still only designed for pc

point 2 and 3 still stands