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you can pick up the ejected bullets from the ground by holding X, though theres no pickup prompt and i think if youre on max ammo they just vanish into nothing (works for all guns)

Big fan! Good music, nice sounds, neat writing and very great pixelart! Reminds of me live a live for a little bit somehow. Beat the first boss and put it down for now.

Found an odd thing:
In the top right corner of the town map there seemed to be an oddly scaled up building and a discolored path of ground, and i could enter a door there and it restarted the entire map. Not sure whats up with that.

And heres some personal suggestions:
-You GOTTA somehow tell the player they can pick up the ejected bullets from the ground, especially since thats the only way to get ammo out of the lever action rifle. Probably easiest to do so with a checkpoint hint or by putting a pickup prompt onto them.
-Some more direction on where you should go would be appreciated.
-Think it would be neat if you could twirl your knife with the mousewheel.
-Also would be nice to be able to dodgeroll over crates/logs/whatever other low cover.
-Maybe somehow allow to pour contents of one bottle into the other so you could merge 2 half empty bottles into 1 full? Not sure how to do that though.
-Also maybe either disallow picking up empty bottles or maybe allow to throw them as a last resort.
-And also it very much might just be me but the first revolver feels a bit inconsistent with how it controls compared to other guns, primarily that loading/unloading a bullet is 2 separate buttons where everywhere else its 1 button that does both, if you merge them and move the closing input onto the right mouse button (which would also be consistent with how you need to press RMB to open it in the first place) youd also get space to allow to rotate the cylinder both left and right. Not sure if the awkwardness was intentional but heres that i guess.

Overall great demo and i will be awaiting the full release with glee!

Recently started playing it again and god damn i cant stop staring at the web page waiting untill i can afford something
As a result kinda not doing any work lol

Share any random distraction in your life that has been popping up

Dumb question i know but wanted to be sure since technically then im not the *only* one who made the game. Want to ask some people not participating in the jam for things to add to the game, but obviously would do the actual work on my own.

Also just is a nice site to get sounds from but theyre recorded and submitted by other people onto there so also checking if its allowed to use.

Oh yea definetly. Usually i do more action-y stuff but this time decided to try making a sortof managment simulator. More focus on UI and number tweaking than usual for me. Honestly no idea if itll even be a fun game but hopefully interesing nontheless lol

Adding more explosions never hurts i think

Ill keep it in mind for the future

god damn it was posted only like a minute ago

Meant to attach an image
This difference in size feels ridiculous

He doesnt have godot in general sadly. And im more afraid that the giant size will make the HTML5 version take forever to load, plus generally big files are annoying to download.
Is there really no way to reduce its size?

Hey there, just exported my game to send a small test build to a friend. Its about 2 scenes, like 5 nodes total and 1 script file (no audio or images), yet the filesize when zipped is a whopping 25 MBs.
Feels like thats a bit much? Is there any way to reduce that or is that just a normal thing you gotta live with?

Im using 4.2.1 and all the default settings for Windows runnable export.

I think playing with opengl3 just removes certain shaders which kneecaps some of the visuals. Not much you can do about it outside of buying a new graphics card i think.
Not sure whats up with the audio though.

2 (almost) immortal fuckers repeatedly shooting each other with a shotgun.
And im all here for it, because i find it hillarious tbh.

Love the aesthetics (even if i had to play with the opengl render).
Love the animations.
The gameplay is fun, though i must admit its a little annoying that phase 1 feels kinda pure RNG but at least its short enough that you can retry it fast.
Audio is snappy. The muffled phat beats really make it feel like youre in a backroom of a club and the music changes at the end makes it feel even more stressful and climactic.

It feels like theres something more going on so perhaps there will be a continuation? But even on its own its a nice quick thing.

Anyway epic game

And epic dev


Least schizophrenic ItsTheTalia game

And thats how Osman Sinnocks was born :D

I couldnt decide between the 2 comments so have both

Hey sent you a DM on twitter about potentially volunteering to do art. Twitter seems to be bugging so idk if you've received it yet though.

Option to toggle fullscreen/windowed would be nice (the game seems stuck in windowed mode but the window is so big it gets a tiny bit cut off by the taskbar at the bottom of my screen,)
And also the first ever attack you perform freezes the game for a few seconds (presumably to load all the effects and animations)

Otherwise very lovely and neat


A captain shall not tolerate a mutiny.

And can i forgive myself?

Yes. Yes i can.

Very nice for a gamejam game!
The teammate sounds probably should have been made quieter than the player sounds but otherwise no problems really. Good job.

Still no clue what the teammates were talking about with the "did you hear that?" stuff though.

Very impressive damn lol

Rip egg dungeon

I remember getting all the way to the end and then being like 1 or 2 souls short to climb the endless staircase even though i seemingly completed all normal levels. I assumed the mod just wasnt finished or something or was i just really really stupid back then?

At last, i can finally experience... THE   T O I L E T    D I M E N S I O N.

Huh couldnt have guessed the person who made this game is also making rusted moss. Nice.

Nah, sorry

Understood, no problem!

Why did you read my twitter?

Also the game wasnt really built with that in mind + i dont even know how to properly implement it + im not gonna make some poor champ do it without payment, that i do not have, sorry.

But thanks for the offer anyway!

Literally the first donation message i added was "SHOW US YOUR FEET" so yea theyre all kinda intended to be a bit weird/thirsty

I swear i changed it to just drain followers faster rather than remove follower gain 2 hours before the submission window closed. Weird.

Gained no followers for two events? Was it the rival event? I thought i patched that out.

Quite nice, the graphics are decent, and the mechanics work nicely. The music gaining more layers as you progress is a very nice touch.

Admittedly it was a bit awkward at first cuz i was using WASD and had to hold Z to pull the companion closer but then realised i can use arrow keys. Also the lack of any sort of death animation on contact with spikes is a bit jarring but eh. 

Overall quite a good job!

The controls seem to be busted for me. Cant give a rating for this, can i?

Its a pretty nice little game, though theres some small annoyances.

Its a bit unclear how to reduce the redness of the ring, and also i couldnt seem to close the end screen and had to open task manager to do it. Also the game has a folder labeled as "do not ship" which im pretty sure was not supposed to be packaged with the game.

Overall its somewhat comedic and doesnt have any super glaring issues. Good job!

Alright alright ill play it when i get the chance, unless its 3d cuz my laptop really doesnt like 3d :(

Eh i think one or two faux ratings wont affect the overall score too much. But yea im mostly doin this as a lil joke of sorts.

Its actually very much intentional for the event windows to be a sortof pause momment where you can assess the situation and prepare to act so dont worry about "cheesing" with them

(1 edit)

Aight so im a completely and utter pussy and get scared too easily to actually play any horror games so if you made one send it here and ill just give it a high rating lol

(obviously cant really comment on them but i will give you a high rating in all categories)

Seems to be kinda harder than it should be most of the way through, didnt complete it but otherwise its somewhat alright.

Bullethell with a pretty big and hard to control hitbox is not quite ideal but otherwise very nice!

Ror2 engineer lol

Love games when you can make yourself a lil army.

I think the resources should have been condensed into just 1, instead of being 3 vaguely defined ones. Also building robots seems kinda finnicky in where you can and cant build so thats a bit anoying.

The audio was alright, thought the lack of music is pretty sad.

Overall pretty nice!

Just alright tbh, dont think theres much special about it but definetly cant say its bad. Good job!