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A game by Harm-Jan Wiechers, Job Talle, Natalia Patkiewicz and Samma van Klaarbergen.
Submitted by Job Talle (@jobtalle), 3xBlast (@3xBlast) — 1 hour, 2 minutes before the deadline
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CriteriaRankScore*Raw Score
Sound - How well does the sound create the perfect atmosphere in the game?#24.4404.440
Art and visuals - How amazing does the game look and feel?#34.8804.880
Game Design - How compelled are you to keep playing this game?#54.1204.120
Technical - How impressive is the technical complexity of this game?#83.7203.720
Theme - How well and unique is the theme implemented in the game?#422.8402.840

Ranked from 25 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

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Looks amazing, very relaxing. I accidentally threw away the horse I bought! I couldn't quite figure out when to sell which item so I just tried everything on each station, but it was very fun.


What items sell where does stay consistent from game to game so once you remember those you can do business more effectively 😎 making it a bit more logical what sells where might be a good improvement though for possible updates! 


whaha fun fun


It looks absolutely incredible~ also the feeling is really nice! the buying and selling is a little confusing and I still dont fully get it. But the atmosphere really makes this game, Lovely job, excelent


Beautifully made! Love the relaxed attitude of the driver :-)

Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

I think this is one of the greater games I've played from this jam, amazingly well polished, very relaxing gameplay. Sound design was very soothing. Technically it was great (although, I was sad I couldn't burn my wooden horse after reaching a score of 8000!)

The theme was a bit hard to find. (Duality between buying and selling or was it duality between speeding up and slowing down.) Maybe that ambiguity has something to it.

Very charming visuals! I even had some fun stacking things in tricky places such as above the engine! Nice risk vs reward vs buying a lot of stuff and risking losing it.


Thanks a lot for the kind words! 😄We weren't that concerned with keeping to the theme to be fair, so it's all open for interpertation :P


What a fantastic game. This is probably my pick for this game jam of "ideas I wish I had." I really love the idea of controlling the locomotive and the game economics. The visuals are great, and the soundtrack/sound effects are fantastic. The one unclear thing was how the theme was applied, but that's just fine - a good game is a good game.

Jam Host(+1)

One of my favourites! Especially since i know you diverted from the usual unity/unreal engine and use a custom javascript engine. That just makes it even more impressive. I looked through the source files and even though the math is often a bit over my head, it's still pretty clean and easy to read through. 

The music is soothing and and still playing in the background while i type this. The art is amazing for something that was put together in 48 hours. The details on the train and the variety of items really give it a polished feel.

As for the way it fits with the theme i geus it is a bit open for interpretation, but that is not a bad thing.  For me the duality part is the fact that the same item can be worth 10 dollar at one station, but worth 5 times more at the other station. So a difference in view of value. I'm not sure if this was your intention also, because i see soem other parts that could also be considered a duality.
Anyway! Well done, 5 stars because i had fun with it and it made me relax after work!


Fun game with very chill vibes. The sound design and art is stellar. I ran into some issues with being unable to sell after a while, I'm unsure if that is a bug or I misunderstood the mechanic. Fantastic work!


Certain items can only be sold at certain stations, so make sure to diversify your stock! 


Ah that makes sense. Thanks!


It is such a meditative game! absolutely beautiful and relaxing!

Jam Host(+2)

Visually very pleasing, a nice cooperation between drawn art and tech art... as you'd expect from these folks. :) I like that everything is physically based in the world, but felt that it would have been nice to have a "distance to train station" UI marker instead of the signpost, and being able to buy and sell at the same point, unless that's a conscious limitation! But in terms of graphical feel, one of the stars of the jam!


Chill game to relax and/or study to <3 if the selling worked I'd have played this all evening


Selling works! Villages buy almost everything, bread and bricks are bought in other biomes.


Beautiful art, super chill music, pretty robust physics implementation. This should be an interactive wallpaper!

Thanks so much Gerben! I would actually love to have a wallpaper mode for this =) 


Beautiful game! So many nice environments and sounds! I'm not sure if I can do anything other than driving the train forward and putting fuel in though... (4100m travelled)

Thanks Paul! You can stop at train stations to buy goods that you can then sell at other stations (with the scale). The trick is to keep your train going by trading and keeping your coal supply high


Thanks for the explanation, I'll try it again later! Another dumb question: how does it incorporate the theme? (Or will I see when I start trading?)