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Ah thanks, wow! This is very useful. I didn't want to make the opening post huge, but maybe should have noted that I did make some adjustments to the scenario, and that the players were unexperienced in RP. So I kind of felt that they were trying out different playstyles, where they started like I had intended but in their experimenting kind of deviated.

I supposed I forgot some rules in the heat of play, like the crossing swords one. Rewinding also sounds super useful (I used it a fair bit, but this extent of giving alternatives sounds rad, esp. for less experienced parties).

These tips are great! I'm thinking about trying this with more hardcore P&P RPG'ers, so I thought I'd post these questions beforehand. ;)

(and yeah, for some intents I think using Mutagen or core Goblinville would be better suited, but I just really love the tone and setting of Picaresque, and thought the mechanics added to it wonderfully, with the titles and Shame and everything. So thanks!)

Hey! I played Picaresque as my first Goblinville adventure, merely because I loved the theme and could immediately envision what it would look and feel like. Rest assured, it was pretty much as I expected, meaning hilarious.

I had trouble with one thing, and I should note that I normally play D&D: the group figured out after a while that checks are pretty easy, always 50/50, and started doing insane things (in a bad way). Like, they robbed a bank by attacking all the armed guards because they rolled so lucky, and it made them less cunning/inventive and more 'YOLO'.

In D&D, you would just make a check higher or have them enter difficult combat, but what could you do in Picaresque? Not let them even try 'impossible' checks, or requiring more elaboration of what exactly they did?

The game has 76% positive reviews on Steam, so that's quite good! Looks like a game for fans of Gone Home and the like. I'm very interested in this.

I pressed backspace and the game quit, I learned never to make a typo again