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Very impressive!! I loved the use of a serious text-to-speech for the start, it fit very well. The platforming felt good, and the little stories that could be observed added a nice touch! Can imagine you could make a very emotional full game out of this! I'm impressed by how whole this felt, the art was great throughout, also impressive cutscene art! And you even have credits!! Well done.

Some small feedback since it was asked for: I'd make the music sync up in the background, and just switch tracks when you switch eyes, so it doesn't start over every time you close your eyes. I also felt the transition could start a bit faster, I didn't mind that it wasn't instant but it's nice to get quick feedback.

Really nice, I love the bit bloomy style of the pixel art, very pastoral. I wish the levels added more than just new sheep, I don't think the tactics change much. But in terms of audiovisual vibe, this is lovely!

I was immediately so impressed by the visuals of this game! Really nice colouring trick that also acts as feedback, it feels incredibly smooth. I loved the whole vibe of the game. I expected a bit more puzzles that really needed the magnet, or had some kind of push/pull mechanics, but I think you have all the ingredients to expand it if that's wanted. Really nice, I could really see a bigger game coming out of this. Oh, and the 'Wobble' setting and cheeky messages were great :D

Cute game! I liked the gameplay with the two frogs, although the levels were pretty hard to solve from there on... but I can imagine that was due to time constraint. The first levels with one frog were really cool, especially with all the enemy types.

Gotta say I'm with the club who couldn't find the drink! But it felt like a nice game.

Nice, clear mechanics, solid level structure and some soothing tunes!

Wow, I was very impressed by this! The swinging controls felt great and yet very simple — I like that you constantly pull on the rope, it makes the controls nice and simple and different from games starring slinging superheroes :) The music was awesome, the visuals nice and clear, but that swinging! I also love that you can pull absolutely anything!! Really well done.

Cool, nice game, tight mechanics, didn't expect a new mechanic in the last level. :)

Seems like a nice package; I like the palette swap when you press E, and the Bowie cover song was also a good vibe haha. Well done!

Nice idea and very well done visually! Looking forward to trying this a bit more with a partner

Didn't get that far, because when my Oculus Link disconnected by accident the game didn't turn back on correctly, but I really appreciate the effort that you made a VR game for this jam! And all the voice acting was also fun to hear! Lastly, it isn't every day that you get to see your favourite brand of beer in a game. 

P.S. at first I thought this game was about the Nederlandse Spoorwegen because of the cover image hahah.

Very cute! I liked the movement and was surprised by the REALLY COOL effect when you get a high score. I saw that the pillars were randomised, but would have been nicer to have some respawning things to keep going. But I understand 48 hours is short, so very well done!

Visually very pleasing, a nice cooperation between drawn art and tech art... as you'd expect from these folks. :) I like that everything is physically based in the world, but felt that it would have been nice to have a "distance to train station" UI marker instead of the signpost, and being able to buy and sell at the same point, unless that's a conscious limitation! But in terms of graphical feel, one of the stars of the jam!

Very cute! I really like the sprites and animation, and it's a novel combination of some faithful game ideas. I still wish the day/night cycle had a bit more polish with a colour filter and maybe a flying sun/moon — I think it's a bit hard to understand now without context. 

kinda sus!

Looked really nice, I saw it played on the stream. I'm an absolute chicken so I'm not sure if I'll muster the courage to play it myself :'D

Great stuff, it's evident that this builds on the experience of making a top 2 dog-related game in last year's game jam. Nice level of polish, I had a hegg of a time. I'm a bit sad that chicken hand-holding didn't make it in, but punching buttons is pretty gratifying in itself. I wasn't even alone when playing today!

Cool, don't see games like these in jams often :D Super nicely polished, with the music and all it feels great. And gamepad support!!

Nice concept, good rope physics and clear gameplay! The objects were a bit hard to find without pointers in-game but that's how jam games are :D I like that you included a map on the page though, creative solution.

Such a wholesome concept around a theme that really hits home for me! Missing pet posters are always so endearing, and I think this challenging quest really captures the feeling you would have if you put one up. I think the way everything clicks together, like 3xBlast also said, could use some work; it didn't really feel satisfying yet, and the level is set up a bit too specifically for one course for my taste. But there's definitely something in here, and the visuals are lovely!

Cool concept! I think the sounds can get a bit monotone, but I can also imagine this working with two parts of a melody, or something. Not with 10 at a time of course. But nicely done, and good to see what the elusive DenVosReinaert was up to :D

Impressive polish and awesome amount of content!

I didn't like the controls, also sad that I couldn't play with gamepad. The walking felt a bit iffy and it feels like you "hang" somewhere when the destination isn't viable. I understand why you didn't go with WASD but again, gamepad? 👀

But the visuals, polish and voice work made up for this, very cool end product!

Cute! The squirrel design is amazing haha. This is a freaking horror game BTW, the humans are terrifying. I think it would be cool if you could run under park benches and swings and run up trees to avoid them; right now you can only walk on water (?) to avoid them, which feels strange.

But fun game, nice goofy concept!

Even though it seems unstable, it's one of my favourite concepts. I like the risk/reward of taking long versus short rounds. With some polish, better UI and an improved tutorial, I really see this turning into a gem of a game! 

For others: if you reload the game, oftentimes the "Endless" button works. Don't go off the grid and just try to stick to WASD. Also, digging for the Golden City is done by clicking Dig (I first thought you ended every turn trying to dig, so I failed my first 5 games haha).

Great atmosphere! I thought it was a bit long for how many mechanics it had, and some elevators took really long haha. But overall, nice concept and very well executed. The rules were very clearly communicated and I liked that you implemented a field-of-view system! All the lighting looked great as well as the animations. And a last shout-out to the simple but nice audio and music! Well done.

Nice to see a game jam with poetry, I really liked the vibe in this game. I think the hitboxes could use some work (they didn't "feel" fair) and maybe it was just me, but I thought I was looking for a ring object at first, because of the tutorial :) When I returned to the page I got that all that glitters, well, was gold!

Haha, they did on my first try, but I scored lower that time

Sweet! Would be even better with some catchy music to dance along to with mom T-rex

I love the vivid colours, I only understood at the end that I could switch tools, I thought they were some kind of power-ups first haha. I don't feel like 144 is a high score but it says I'm top 5?! I bet you say that to all the players

Cool voice lines and nice music! My highscore is 150 :(

Really well done, I love the effects when you change the paintings, it feels wholesome. The music cuts a bit jarring and I sadly didn't finish it yet! No spoiler tags on I see, so I will leave it at that :D Lovely concept and great execution!

*hug* Cool that you still uploaded it, too bad it didn't work out — I can imagine chess takes quite a while to replicate from scratch! The sprites look amazing though, did you do those yourselves? The idea also sounds cool, so who knows you can make a spiritual successor to this one day :)

One of the most fun mechanics I've seen in this jam, as a quick puzzle game! I was very stressed out by the guards, I guess I would have liked to know a bit better what they actually did haha. It would also be nice to see an indicator of whether your crow can fly where you click, or if he would land on the route. But I understand game jam games need to make do :D Also, excellent crow sounds!

Wholesome relaxing dog walking game, I will walk my dog every day until I meet someone again... please be there!

Cool, super polished puzzle game that's most reminiscent of minesweeper! I would like to see something where the difficulty is in the first time you play, instead of memorisation and trial-and-error, but so far it's very entertaining and again, impressively polished!

Lovely and wholesome short experience, you can almost taste the atmosphere when reading the descriptions :)

Great idea! I'll get back here when I've played some of the games that haven't had much coverage. 

On a similar note, a reminder that there is a page for games that have had none or few rankings yet!

Fun concept, thank goodness for the multiple camera angles. Pretty hard though once you need containers and ramps :D

Ah thanks, wow! This is very useful. I didn't want to make the opening post huge, but maybe should have noted that I did make some adjustments to the scenario, and that the players were unexperienced in RP. So I kind of felt that they were trying out different playstyles, where they started like I had intended but in their experimenting kind of deviated.

I supposed I forgot some rules in the heat of play, like the crossing swords one. Rewinding also sounds super useful (I used it a fair bit, but this extent of giving alternatives sounds rad, esp. for less experienced parties).

These tips are great! I'm thinking about trying this with more hardcore P&P RPG'ers, so I thought I'd post these questions beforehand. ;)

(and yeah, for some intents I think using Mutagen or core Goblinville would be better suited, but I just really love the tone and setting of Picaresque, and thought the mechanics added to it wonderfully, with the titles and Shame and everything. So thanks!)

Hey! I played Picaresque as my first Goblinville adventure, merely because I loved the theme and could immediately envision what it would look and feel like. Rest assured, it was pretty much as I expected, meaning hilarious.

I had trouble with one thing, and I should note that I normally play D&D: the group figured out after a while that checks are pretty easy, always 50/50, and started doing insane things (in a bad way). Like, they robbed a bank by attacking all the armed guards because they rolled so lucky, and it made them less cunning/inventive and more 'YOLO'.

In D&D, you would just make a check higher or have them enter difficult combat, but what could you do in Picaresque? Not let them even try 'impossible' checks, or requiring more elaboration of what exactly they did?