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Very nice game. Love the drawings and the visual design. The round play area works very well  both as a gameplay element and visually (and somehow reminded me of a petri dish with bacteria). I love that the music theme runs exactly as long as the game. Really good job in just 3 hours.

Not a big fan of clicker games. But i do like the 'garbage in space' theme and the graphics.

I love the minimalist visual style. And the robot controls very smoothly. I didn't hear the high pitched noise the other remarked on, so either you removed it or i'm getting really old :-) Only gripe i have is that the bar showing how full the bag is is not very visible on the edge of the screen.

Really cool concept, and very well executed. Lovely drawings. It's harder than it looks. Great job!

Nice work! Good concept, and quite addictive game play. My only gripe is that the children look like Roomba's too, so that's a bit confusing.

Great job on the 3D graphics ! The sounds are funny (but they also get annoying after a while).

Super fun! Had a good time trying to get a good score. I love the fast paced music and cute sound effects. The whole game feels polished and rounded. Great job within the time limit!

I like the simple but clear graphics style. The game feels very playable but needs a bit more challenge, a new element coming in to break the monotone.

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Nice job! Very satisfying, sucking up those spiders. An indication of when the bag is almost full (I assume that's the delay) would be nice. And health too.

Not sure what the game is...  I guess find enough space to create bigger explosions and more stars? Creating big he explosion is very satisfying.  Needs a big sound effect to accompany it.

Simple but  fun. Would have liked to see an animation sucking up the children :-)

The game crashes in the web browser (Firefox on Linux). Sorry I couldn't rate it.

I had trouble playing this in the web browser. Pressing a planet, the game resets... 

It's a vacuum cleaner simulator :-)  Needs a bit more challenge...

I like the concept, but wasn't quite sure how to play. Which 'stars'  are good and which are bad? Also, controls are probably fine for mobile, a bit difficult on a computer.

I didn't quite get what i was supposed to do, a little bit of text explaining the idea and controls would be helpful. But once i got it, it was pretty fun. Love the sound effect when you get real big.

Nice game idea and cute graphics and sound. But the game is too hard from the start. A slightly easier start would help to help players get into it before ramping it up. Needs an extra game mechanic to stay engaging.

Nice, solid arcade action. Playing billiard with asteroids was a fun twist.

That's a really funny way to play straws. That dog sure has a big stomach :-)

The music and intro screen are immediately attractive. Controls are really smooth, making this game very playable. Little details like the stereo effect on the vacuum cleaner sound really make this game enjoyable. Awesome job for a first time jam entry!

This would have been be a great little time killer back in my Nokia days. I like that you can try different strategies.

What a lovely puzzle game. Great design! Really enjoyed the cute humming voice track, the lovely textures and animations. Ending made me laugh out loud. 

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Thanks! It's actually pretty simple for a pico-8 game. There's so so much more you can do with it.  With more time :-) The music is top notch, the best you can get out of pico-8, but I can't take credit for that.

Thanks, glad you enjoyed it.

Thanks!  The random punching in the air was was actually a bit of an accident, but it's so funny I kept it.

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Hit detection is on the heads of the characters. But combination of enemy movement speed and player control is not so good. Also, you can walk through characters and punch behind the head area. Collision detection would make the fighting work better too, but i didn't get around to it. Plan to polish it up post jam,

Thanks! Yes, there should be a health bar, at least for the player and perhaps enemies. Or maybe i'll make it visible on the characters, giving them black eyes or something like that. The drunken swing-and-miss experience is actually a bit accidental, but it's so funny I kept it.

Great job for 2 hours work. Cool idea to make the reaction force from shooting so strong that it works against you. Difficult at first, but I made it after a few runs. Music is very repetitive drone, but has a nice grainy 8 bit quality.

Funny concept, throwing money at the poor. The mechanic that you move because of the reaction force from the stuff you throw is interesting, could lead to other games.

What a neat game idea, jumping from a base that also jumps, and just two buttons. Love the story about the cat and the car and pizza joint and all :-) If you finish this game it's going to be ever-so-cute. Also love the cool scrolling background.

Very cool project! Great job using the assets that are out there for Unity. I'm terrible at FPS shooters, but this one is nice and slow :-)

Nice idea. That you can leave the play area is not so good, especially with the mixing up of the controls. Maybe play a sound when the controls change?

Funny interpretation :-)  Good choice to make the movement of the Karen's a bit erratic, that makes it fun and playable, and the attack wave at the end is cool. And the music is neat.

A classic red circles versus blue circles :-) Not very original or fitting the theme. But I liked the music, and it runs smooth.

Nice game. Very well paced. Nice idea to make it into a sort of sport. An idea occurred to me: It would be interesting if you can win a match by being the last one standing. Then the goal would be to try to win as many matches as you can, with more and/or faster bullets each match.

Really cool game. Graphics, music, game feel, all great. Loved how the swarm came for me in the end, or is that a bug? If not a bug, then the the swarm should a bit smaller so you can actually defeat it, but deadlier too.

It's fun to watch them battle over a chicken. Like the GFX and SFX. Not sure how you could make it more into a game though.

Nice work on the modelling of the tank. I like that the camera is also using a fish-eye perspective.
Using the sharks background on the wall I found a but confusing. (Why are the fish outside the tank?). Gameplay is too simple and not enough info on how the fish are doing.

Cool 2-bit graphics. Wish there was a bit more story. But what can you do in an hour :-)

Good job. I like the idea that there is a bit of tactics, picking up 1 or more boxes. A bit of humor too :-)

Movement's very slow, gravity very low, makes the game feel not so engaging. 

I think with some polish and balance, this could be a really nice game.