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It would be better if the platforms didn't fall then you touch the bottom, only fall then you stand on them. And then you fall into the acid, you should immediately die. It's nice that you did all the art and the programming, good job!

The game is very simple, but I really like the story and the clean graphical presentation. 

I loved the back story and the text in the dialogs is very funny. Art and graphics style are really well done. The gameplay is a bit too random, it's more luck than skill. But great job!

I like that the player character can rotate by bouncing of edges. It's like dancing :-) Cool music!

For some reason the gun doesn't work, so I can't really judge the game. Might be a browser issue. I tried Firefox and Chrome on Linux.

Very cool minimalist graphics style. The sound fx really make this game.

Nice idea. I like the art style of the characters. And how everyone is standing in the middle of a street intersection,  :-) It's difficult to know if people are hit by the rain, it takes long before there is a visual clue (turning green). Also, I didn't understand exactly what the difference is between the green and gray cloud.

Clearly you had some more ideas that you wanted to implement. There's the platforms in the game but they don't really have a function in the gameplay, yet. But 3 hours is not much time. Keep it up and you'll get better!

I really like the art and the music track is great. The game play needs some work. For example, why can I rotate the mouse with the mouse? It doesn't seem useful in the game. Dashing doesn't seem to be very fast compared to normal movement. By going all the way to the left, it becomes really easy to avoid the rain because the drops will be far apart.

Impossible to get all the rain drops, due to speed of player.  Just make it faster. Some other ideas to make it more interesting:
- only when acid rain hit a flower should remaining hitpoints decrease. 
- only the gray box should collide with the rain drops, not the whole player

The art is very good. Except the player sprite doesn't match the style and theme of the background. The music is really awsome! Did you make it all yourself? If so: kudos! (If not: put it in the credits) .

I like the back story about getting back at the capitalists for poisoning our world. A bit short, but nice graphics, music and sfx.

Good game. A bit repetitive, but that's okay for a 3 hour jam. I like the rain background sound, it's very relaxing. Curious what the 'sad slave' remark means. Did you have a background story for the game in mind?

Great game! I love that the player has the role of the angry/sad acid rain cloud. Sprites are great. Great music.  Game play is solid.  SFX are simple but nice.  I like the little details, such as the slight pulsing of the angry rain cloud and the flashing to indicate you are hit and temporarily invulnerable. All really classic arcade stuff.  The text above the player at the beginning of the  game is a nice touch (but it can be off screen when player is high up, maybe overlay in a fixed position, and maybe add some more randomly during the game?). Everything fits with the retro/lo-fi style of the game, except for the font.  

Ha, the acid follows the player, I didn't expect that. It would be nice to improve the level design so the player can take multiple paths to avoid the acid. There's already the lower path (storm drain) you could make that a possible way to the exit too. 

I've started working on the lag/performance issue. Pico-8 has a limited number of instructions per frame on purpose, but I've already managed to optimize performance by a factor 2 or so. 

Hmm, yes, I can see how the azure background and green acid might be a problem for color blind people, they are of similar intensity. This is the default pico-8 palette, but I can play around with it.

You can also place dirt directly under yourself, that's a lot easier than sideways. 

I really like this idea. But the game is frustratingly hard, because the movement is so fast. At first it made me laugh, that I couldn't do it, but now I'm just frustrated. I know you did it on purpose. But still.

Oh, did I wish I learned to type with ten fingers! :-)
The graphics for city background and the stages of destruction are really good! I love the colors you choose for that. The clouds on top a a bit too cartoon-like compared to cityscape. The sound track is really nice. Not sure about the quack-qauck sound though... I thought it was a duck joke :-)  The back story, even if just a texts screen, i like how it sets the mood.

Solid game! I like the graphics, music, sfx, all good quality stuff. Controls are a bit tricky, getting stuck in corners etc. The web build doesn't restart at end of game for some reason.

Wow, that's some really acid rain! I could only play the web version, don't have a Windows machine anymore. But still, very impressive work. I could hear sound and music, but it was very soft.

I wasn't able to pick up any cubes though... but I just lured the dudes to them.

I like that the player and the floor both have a health bar. It creates interesting tactics where you have to decide to clean the floor but lose health and missing other rain drops.

I really like the curved movement of the snake, compared to the well-known rectilinear snake. The game could use some sound effects no notify the player of good events (eating) and bad events (acid rain). Also, don't call the player a loser when the game ends :-(

Nice! simple.  but well executed game. The sound of the rain coming down is pretty intense, gives me the creeps :-)

Really cool game. I love the wasteland bike-rider theme. The game is challenging but not unfair. The parallax scrolling effect of the clouds is really neat and you put the dithering to good use for semi-transparency.  Great job!

Cool game! Good choice in texture and colors. The acid animation is really nice. Walking and jumping has a very smoothed acceleration curve,  which makes the game feel slow.  Too bad there's no music that would have really helped with the atmosphere.

Nice flower animation! 

I like that you started out with a back story, even if you didn't have time to work it out in detail. It does give your game a unique look and feel. And you did submit a working game in three hours! (which is more than  I can say).

Really nice art! I love the color scheme. Very difficult to control the worm when burrowing and flying out of the ground. Best time 15 seconds. That's a short game :-)

Yeah, the restart from the beginning was a mistake :-)

I'll fix it after the jam

Lovely little game! I enjoyed the music, the story and the little jokes. And Cats, lovely cats! It's inspiring to see what you've created using Raylib and Odin.

Indeed, i had Descent in mind when coming up with the idea!

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Thanks for your detailed feedback. Interestingly, I never set out to make a horror game. It just sort of turned out that way. Flying around in  someones insides and hunting for ever multiplying viruses seemed like a cool thing to do, but it turns out to be really creepy! Who would have thought? :-)

If I ever post an updated version I think I might try to further the horror aspect.

I'm so used to inverted mouse look, I didn't think of adding an option to game. Good to have play-testers! I'll definitely add it after the jam is over.

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Cool concept. I love the dithered look of the objects in the scene. It's easy to get lost, but i guess that's part of the game. The aspect of not crossing paths is really neat. I missed a counter to keep score. And a restart button.

Hilarious game. The very artistic intro sequence. The game is incredibly repetitive, jumping over spade-missiles. The bounding boxes of the missiles are horribly unfair. But then, you only never have to jump over more than four, which is kind of the developer. I think? Not sure. But I kept going at it, because I was sure there was going to be a fun ending, so I bravely beat all the evil card. Actually, the game said I won before beating the king, which is the last card, so that was a surprise. I thought it was all very humorous, but your mileage may vary. The evil eyebrows on the spades make up for everything else.

Very fun game! Awesome music, great  choice. Really great and very believable back-story. Now I finally know what the moon is for.

Running the python code directly on Linux.  Ran into bug. I always died during the second jump, even though clearing the wall easily. Cool of you to share your code!

Nice solid game, i enjoyed playing it. Music during main game is very well chosen, giving a good sense of urgency. 

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The sprites drawings and animations are really great! Smart use of AI generation there. Nice mellow music. Simple game. A bit hard too see how far you can move exactly before hitting salt and dying.