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Thanks! We're working on a small patch that irons out some of the issues, thank you for your bug report, I've added your concerns to our bug tracker. ^-^

I'm happy to hear you like the sprites! It was a lot of fun to work on them!

Thank you! :D

Thanks! :D

I certainly didn't expect the sudden "duality" aspect of the game. Never thought I'd see a cute farm sim and a doom-like shooter in the same game.

Interesting mix between various visual elements, pixelart, 3d and post processing! Unfortunately the camera kept zooming in so it was really hard to keep track of what to do. But I loved the dreamy visuals and the different vibes between each world.

Yeah, a bit of lookahead would've been great in the lava sections! Thanks for your nice words about the visuals!

Completely agree with the checkpoints! And thanks for the nice words!

Thank you Daniel!

Haha, yes! Near the end I gave the big guy a bit of a hidden bonus sprint mechanic with shift, to create more of a duality between forms having a different horizontal vs vertical speed. Unfortunately, we weren't able to tutorialize / properly introduce that!

Kian (Baardus) did an amazing job on the sheer size and detail of the level! Always a blast to work with him.

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I think this is one of the greater games I've played from this jam, amazingly well polished, very relaxing gameplay. Sound design was very soothing. Technically it was great (although, I was sad I couldn't burn my wooden horse after reaching a score of 8000!)

The theme was a bit hard to find. (Duality between buying and selling or was it duality between speeding up and slowing down.) Maybe that ambiguity has something to it.

Very charming visuals! I even had some fun stacking things in tricky places such as above the engine! Nice risk vs reward vs buying a lot of stuff and risking losing it.

Thank you! We ran into some technical issues near the end of the jam, which took some time off the final polish. But I'm glad you like the art , shaders and music. ^-^

Thank you, Audune Games did an amazing job on the track!

Thank you, with three artists we spent quite a bit of time on creating something which we hope looks impressive.

Unfortunately we weren't able to get the checkpoint system in on time. :( Still, we hope you enjoyed the puzzle aspect of the earlier areas!

The magic attack symbolizes the duality between might and magic. ^^

Ah, thanks for trying! We don't have Mac's ourselves to test the build on unfortunately. So I'll remove the build!

Unfortunately we can't really provide a WebGL build because that doesn't support compute shaders.

But I'm glad to hear you liked seeing people play it!

The create room didn't work for me either. :(

Love the creative puzzle design, it compelled me to keep playing and I loved seeing new ways to interpret the mechanics.

Cool, expansive world. The enemies near the end were a bit too tanky.

Nice, impressively done, and it's always nice to see Godot being used!

Fun game, the only gripe I had was that it was hard to keep an overview of all the things going on, but fun nonetheless!

The pixel art graphics are absolutely catchy, and the transition / balance theme is really well executed. The gameplay has a nice hook and is addictive! Great work!

Nice cross compatibility between regular m/k and VR. And lovely gothic aesthetic.

Cute artstyle and creative environment. Unfortunately I was the only one in the game so I couldn't play. Still, creating netcode in a game jam is difficult and impressive. Great job!

Thank you! It's always nice to try different things, I'm glad it turned out as well as it did! :)

Thank you! :-) 

I loveee the artstyle and the prompts were really cute.
Great theme interpretation with colour / greyscale and attract / repulse!

Thank you Guuzz131. Glad you enjoyed playing our game!

Eerie, yet fun! Cool mechanic, and I love the emission maps on the character with the bloom! Always nice to put some modern charms to a retro style. ;-)

Strange! Was it a specific NPC or all of them? Have you tried entering and exiting the area? What resolution are you running on?

That's strange, which version were you using?

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Cool Aesthetics! Game was a bit tough, but fun overal!

Creative idea with fun mechanics!

Love the clouds in the main menu! The final countdown really brings some youth sentiment.

I really like it! I was amazing when the purple colors opened up on the top floor.

I'll see if I can find a MacBook to test it on soon. 

Did you get any messages or pop-ups whatsoever? How far could you go? 

Never mind, I already rated it, hahaha, good luck out there.

Whoa, level 4, nice, My record was something like level 7 or 8. I'll be rating yours!

Thanks for the feedback!

Never thought about non-qwerty keyboards, glad to hear your controller works! 

Thank you! It's pretty difficult, indeed. Haha.