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Very intense! Keeping the layout of the area in my head was very difficult but that probably just added to the panic I felt.  Well done.

Very nice little concept, the rotating threw me for a loop a little since I didn't read the description! Simple, but challenging and fun.

Looks amazing, very relaxing. I accidentally threw away the horse I bought! I couldn't quite figure out when to sell which item so I just tried everything on each station, but it was very fun.

Very nice, I think the jump where the screen moves while you jump and you have to click a lightswitch in mid air is a bit annoying, but otherwise very cool idea and aesthetic.

Very nice and addictive game, good gamefeel! I don't quite see the theme (unless it's when you have two squares) but otherwise very well done.

Cool idea! The running away was difficult, and finding the correct guy to trade with was an interesting puzzle. 

The game looks nice, but the camera/aiming being both on the mouse got too annoying for me to keep playing.

Impressive polish and tech, very nice for 48 hours. Couldn't quite see the theme but every action was very satisfying.

Didn't quite see the theme in this, but the movement was fun and the fire effects were simple but nice. I would recommend only showing the "worldmap" version, since the other one seems to be more of a testing ground (unless of course that was how far you got during the jam)

Interesting concept, I was a bit confused about how the game worked though. I seemed to keep doing damage to myself? I may have misinterpreted the cards though.

Looks very nice, I wish I could move around a little quicker. The cloth simulation was very fun to play with :p

Very nice! Difficult, a little frustrating but fun! I did feel that there should be some sort of indicator for how hard I was going to jump, but well done either way.

Interesting idea, I will say that the camera got a bit annoying. Otherwise not bad at all for a 48 hour jam :)

Enjoyable to play, kind of wish that there was a indicator that was a little more clear for when I was hitting something. Lovely artstyle!

Very interesting take on chess, I like the vibe you have going on with the music.

Very cute visuals and music, I can clearly see what aestethic you were going for. I also couldn't get the party hat out of the crocodile's mouth. The voice acting was very good, with multiple distinct voices, but the text boxes sometimes would disappear early, or the next one would start too soon.

I wasn't quite sure what to do here, and my camels seemed to die before I could find out. I liked the aesthetic and music of the game, and the art was quite nice as well.

Very nice art, but I couldn't figure out where to find any nuts to actually play the game :(

I do wish I could control the camera a little, since the trees kept going in front and making me not able to see where i was going.

Lovely atmosphere, but I got softlocked I think at some point (i could not interact with the record player at the broken bridge after I got sent back there)

I like the artstyle, and the story was quite funny however short/simple it was. The puzzles were not too difficult.

Fun concept, but it is very easy to softlock yourself by losing limbs to the enemies. The art was nice, and the music was very fitting. I personally disliked the step-like movement of the player character, but that might just be me 

I liked the concept, the two dimensions were a fun difference, however I felt like I never really had to leave the pink realm for anything, so it kind of took away from the whole two dimensions thing. The music was nice, but the camera and physics were a little bit janky.

Lovely artstyle, I got stuck on a few places but figured it out in the end. I think the puzzles could have had a bit more variation (both of the big ones were number based), because the answers could be mixed up, causing frustration. Overall very nicely done.

I like the art and the music. The sound effects were a little loud at some times, but overall fine. The movement could have been a bit less floaty, and I would have liked to see levels where you actually have to remember what to get (as far as I played I had to get all the objects in the level either way)

Could you tell me where you got the error? I may be able to fix it.

I couldn't play this with other people, but I really liked the visuals and the audio was very funny.

Nice art and nice physics! I like the interpretation of the theme. I did miss the audio though. It did seem that the arrow wasn't quite a good indicator of how far the wallet would go, especially at low speeds.

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No audio unfortunately, and I did have to play it in single player mode. The maze is quite difficult, and the bonus of more vision from the houses helps quite a lot. I'm not sure if I had to fall through a trapdoor to find the exit, or that it just teleported me to another spot? The game looks quite nice either way.

Oh I should mention you have to extract the zip somewhere for the server to work, I've been playing these games directly from the zip so I found a little snag there ;p

Very nice aesthetic, good use of lighting. I liked that I had to give up some vision to attack, and the ball catching was very solid. Would have loved a longer game :)

I couldn't find anyone to play this at this time, but the screenshots look nice!

I liked the environment and "immersive" main menu (I accidentally exited the game.. x) ), but I could not for the life of me figure out how to dig up anything with the shovel. I did have fun smacking things around with the metal detector though.

I liked the art style, a little short but it is a game jam :)

Lovely chill music, nice models but I wish there was a little more speed in the gameplay. Large walking distances and slow sheep had me bored a little bit. The mouse was also visible on screen, but that is a small nitpick.

Fairly simple puzzling, but executed in an interesting way. I had to restart one time to figure out what to actually look for, but overall very nice. The controls were good for this style.

I was a bit confused about what I was supposed to be doing. The enemy sort of came out of nowhere for me and controlling the character was very difficult. I do like the visuals of the game.

Very nice interpretation of the theme, good voiceover. I unfortunately gave up in the room after I found the play button because I could not get the bigger cube away from the wall.

Unfortunately no audio, but the worlds looked very nice and the ship handled nicely as well. I was sad to see the boost didn't actually speed me up though :p I was a bit lost on where to go, maybe some sort of radar would have been nice.

Did not run very well on my PC, but from what I could see and find around it looked like you guys had a very clear atmosphere in mind, which the music and artstyle showed very well.

Quite slow on my pc as well, looked good but I missed any sort of audio. Puzzles were laid out well, unfortunately I am terrible at them x)

I got very "Lost" in the controls haha! Interesting concept, the jumping section was a bit frustrating as a couple jumps seemed very tight. I liked the voiceover, it was very clean.