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Selling works! Villages buy almost everything, bread and bricks are bought in other biomes.

That's very strange, can you share the savefile where this happens? Save files are stored inside the game directory. I'll try to reproduce the bug on my side.

Would be very nice to have! The problem is, the fish codes aren't big enough to store names, so it's a technical challenge. If someone comes up with a solution, mods and contributions are appreciated on GitHub:

A .zip containing everything would be great! Then it's just distributed like the mac & windows versions are.

On steam, I had some trouble with zipped mac builds, after steam extracts and repacks the files some things somehow break. A zip with all files would be the safest option.

Sorry for the late reply, but that would be awesome!

I cannot distribute it properly through steam (I've tried), but I can make it available on itch only.

I'm happy to hear the game works for you, and I hope you'll enjoy it!

Very strange to see the game does not quit... may be an electron problem, I'll make a GitHub issue for it.

Unfortunately, Apple makes it very difficult to release cross platform software with their new OS. I would need a developer account, and I need a Mac to build the game and prepare installation packages.

There's a solution though! The source code is available for free, and it includes build instructions:

Alternatively, you can run it as if it were a website, since the game was built using HTML, Javascript and WebGL.

Multiple Mac users have already built the game for themselves from source, and it runs great on Mac!

Thank you for your kind review! I can read most of it :D

If you tweet the article, I'd gladly retweet it.

The audio issues have been resolved as well now.

It's a bit tricky to add one, the book is the best type of long term storage at the moment. I'll make the game open source in a while though, so everything will be possible!

I can try something and see how that looks :) Maybe soon, stay tuned!

Koi Farm has been released today!

After fixing the last bugs and adding a few more colors and patterns, Koi Farm has finally been released! Koi Farm is a game about playing with koi ponds: you can crossbreed koi and combine interesting fish to breed the koi to your liking. Patterns are procedurally generated, an infinite number of them can be explored. Discovering new patterns and colors lets you progress through a set of collecting challenges.

Get Koi Farm here:

Where can we get the OST?