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Gerben Pasjes

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As an interpretation on the theme its quite fun, and leaving heavily and overtly on RNG is funny. That being said the game is quite frustrating because well yeah, it's all 50/50 haha.

Fun little concept! I was able to keep the ball at the bottom for a long time without getting hit but eventually something did got me there. Extra impressive if you did this while managing the GGJ, hats off.

Quite a fun game! The controls are very finnicky and the pacing is a little slow, but apart from that I like the full-body card play mechanics.

Fun take on the theme! I think the difficulty curve could've been a little steeper, and the radius from where you can plant and water could be a little tighter!

Cool interpretation of the mechanic! Like others have mentioned the character controller is very slippery!

Thanks Peanut Panda! Your game is quite the adventure too!

Thanks Neowise! 

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Fun game! I was able to cheese it though by eating the same dead corpse many times. I'm not sure what that says about me...

Thanks Tim! Your game's characters are so cute.

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Thanks Guuzz! I really dig your game too. 

What a fun way to implement the theme. I like the delayed physics, you struck a difficult balance there!

Beautiful art, super chill music, pretty robust physics implementation. This should be an interactive wallpaper!

Hi NinjaMaster! Part of the game's premise is that you have to figure out what to do by listening to the music! We didn't include text on purpose, but we do agree that the level design could've been better. When the Jam's results are in we might update the game :)

Hey Isra! In a way you're right, the only mechanic is moving (and involuntary jumping on the music beat). The game's concept is more about exploration and bringing the musical space back to the instruments than it is about platforming or other mechanics.

Thanks! Yeah unfortunately the level design wasn't QA-ed to perfection haha!

Thanks Greg! The impact of good music is often underestimated in games, jams especially! Be sure to connect with Tom Hoesstee, our talented composer :)

Thank you! We wanted to make a happy feel good game through and through :)

Thanks! Sorry you got stuck, you have to backtrack a bit and go up the desert mountain! Be sure to retry, the ending is worth it ;)

Great looking game. The slightly cartoonish shapes help seperate it from the pack of inside-computer projects.

Very clean looking game. Throwing out the plant and getting it thrown back in your face is very funny.

Super fun concept! The samurai aesthetic is an interesting choice

That is some scary stuff! The ambience is really spot on, well done.

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Lovely peaceful & whimsical game. I like the dialogue choices to gameplay mechanic!

Art direction on this project is great! The UI and the game world really blend together nicely. Good music too!

Impressive art! Has a little horror-version of Astroneer feeling going on. Congrats :)

What a mash-up of experiences. Wild ride, little rough around the edges!

Loving the juxtaposition of music & gameplay. So frustrating yet so chill.

Thanks Mil! Yeah that was two straight days of work by our technical wizard Daniel Torkar, props to him!


Thanks Daniel! I'm really loving the lighting on your game.

Thanks a lot Ireh! Yeah we really wanted to communicate everything with music :)

I am absolutely in love with the low-frame claymation style. Well done!

Love the visuals on this. Bright yet not unreadable! 

The lighting is very beautiful, well done! a labour of love, bringing our 2020 global game jam entry to a higher level of polish. Love to hear your thoughts and feedback.