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The ghost looks really cool, cloth physics are really nice. I think the gameplay itself can get a bit boring but nonetheless very creative concept. Well done!

aw too bad about that bug on saturday! i know that feeling all too well. The art looks really nice and i love the reflection shader. Could you maybe explain a bit how this fits with the theme or what your intention was, just curious. Hope you had fun still at our location. Good luck if you decide to further work on the game!

I finished the game but I couldnt really understand if i won or lost :P Still very nice little game with original mechanics. Also cool music

Cool concept and fits the theme really well. I won the game but it felt like i didnt fully understand the mechanics or what some symbols ment. Nonetheless, cool slay the spire vibes.

Love it! the balance mechanic along with tetris works really well. Really creative!

Love the graphics and animations! They look really polished. Well done! I thought it was a bit hard to control the cubes with my magnet, sometimes they failed to "stick" or something. Still one of my favorites of this jam :) 

Nice, i can see you put a lot of effort in the story line and plot twists. It was fun to play through. The art was well done and a little bit creepy. Fits the atmosphere really well. Cool ambience music in the background also. Hope you had fun at our jam site! Thank you so much for your contribution!

You made a game with nothing but squares and yet i have been playing it for over 20 minutes.. The level design is really well done. The animations and sound effects make it feel very satisfying to move and bounce around. It feels really good once i figure out the puzzle, none of them are too hard but yet still challenging. If you haven't considered it yet i would recommended to further polish and add new levels to it and maybe release it on some store somewhere! It's worth it. Hope you had a lot of fun at our jam location and thank you so much for your contribution! 

Yay i made it out! Damn nice punching animations, i think i saw one of them fly outside of my browser window! Some things were unclear and i couldn't really understand why i could punch the first ones but had to sneak past the others. Nonetheless cool vibes art and animations! Hope you had fun at our gamejam and thanks so much for your contribution!

Cute art! At first i could not really find the duality part but i geus the first part was just a tutorial. I did get stuck at the part with the purple frog though. I shoved a box over to the side and then i felt kind of lost. Anyway i really liked what you did with the art and the frog/enemy animations, nice attention to detail! Hope you had fun during this jam and thanks for making such an awesome contribution!

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Well done! While you two were juggling between preparing a music stream, managing a pub quiz and getting some sleep in between you even had some time for improvements after the first iteration.  Theme reference is obvious and the art is simple due to time restrictions but what matters is that you had a gameconcept in your head and made it work and made it very fun and addictive! Awesome!
Fun little improvement could maybe be to increase the speed of the audio the longer you manage to stay alive, just to increase the stress levels. Good brain training nonetheless, and pretty addictive once you read in the comments someone got higher than you..

Fun to play, obvious theme reference so well done! I don't really know why there are chickens in my house or why the dog hates their guts, but it doesnt matter! The art is cool, the sounds are funny adn the visuals are really good for something made in 48 hours :) 

Some really cute pixelart! I was playing on a trackpad and also had some difficulties, it can get difficult quite fast. I'm not sure if i get how it fits with the theme, is it the mix of strawberries and raspberry enemies? Anyhow It worked pretty good, the art was nice. Could have used some *splat* sounds, would have been nice!

One of my favourites! Especially since i know you diverted from the usual unity/unreal engine and use a custom javascript engine. That just makes it even more impressive. I looked through the source files and even though the math is often a bit over my head, it's still pretty clean and easy to read through. 

The music is soothing and and still playing in the background while i type this. The art is amazing for something that was put together in 48 hours. The details on the train and the variety of items really give it a polished feel.

As for the way it fits with the theme i geus it is a bit open for interpretation, but that is not a bad thing.  For me the duality part is the fact that the same item can be worth 10 dollar at one station, but worth 5 times more at the other station. So a difference in view of value. I'm not sure if this was your intention also, because i see soem other parts that could also be considered a duality.
Anyway! Well done, 5 stars because i had fun with it and it made me relax after work!

Cool! very nice graphics, goofy and original. Took me a bit to understand what i was supposed to be doing but kept me entertained once i got the hang of it :) Nice background music also. I got stuck a couple of times though, i'm not sure but i think i jumped outside of the level and nothing really happened after that. Sometimes the braincells will bug through the ground also, but still very impressive for a game jam game!

I like the puzzle mechanics, feels very original :)  They start off a bit too easy maybe but that's not a bad thing perse. The graphcis of the characters feel a bit inconsistent with the artstyle of the levels maybe. Nonetheless i had fun and i think you did a great job!

Cool 3d graphics. Puzzle mechanics felt good and fit the theme nicely! However i was surrounded by 3 ducks in a corner all of the sudden and could not get out anymore. Funny game, nice work!

Nice mechanics and looks overall! except i was not able to even get past the first part, i don't know it just feels like i could not jump high enough. It says the bigger the slime is the higher i can jump, but i could not find a way to increase my size. What am i missing? Nice job though! looks like a fun game.

Aah i wish it was longer :) nice work! Cool puzzle mechanic and great graphics!

Cool game! I did not really find a link to the theme though, maybe if you could explain it a bit more? Other than that nicely done for a first jam! I like the music a lot.

It looked nice and the controls felt good, wish the web version was a bit longer but still nice job!

Nice work! I liked limbo a lot so you had my attention when i saw the screenshots :P the animations of the character looked a bit wonky but the art style was nice :) It fits the theme really well! 

Nice! this game deserves more ratings! The cutscenes were really funny and the gameplay itself was good. Reminded me of super meat boy mixed with broforce. I felt like a real man when i finished the game! thank you.

Cool concept! i did not have anyone to play with but i think it's a great puzzle!

Cool! great job! nice little puzzle game. I like how the other lasers can get distracted if you don't shoot fast enough. makes it so you have to think things through before trying something :) 

Cool! great job! nice little puzzle game. I like how the other lasers can get distracted if you don't shoot fast enough. makes it so you have to think things through before trying something :) 

Nice pixelart! the animations were nice, i like the theme :) It was pretty hard and i got stuck a couple of time. But the gameplay feels very good :)

Nice game! The drawings were nice and the music too. I think the controls could have used a bit more tweaking, it felt a bit unnatural. The animations looked nice but im not sure if some of them were good or not. Nice job and thanks for your entry!

Did you upload the right build? When i play your game it's nothing like on your screenshots. Or did i miss something? Bummer because i really wanted to check it out, the screenshots look really nice!

The visuals were very appealing! You got my interest with the screenshot. I don't know why but i didn't actually notice i could fire shots at enemies. But i managed to complete it. I noticed the enemies would swarm below me when i was in the air so i died when i would land, but since you can just kill them i should have done that :P.  Beautiful visuals and fun gameplay :) This is what super mario dreams about at night

Nice soundtrack :D Watched your game on stream and had to check it out. The gameplay is fun addictive and the difficulty is just right! I like how the gameplay is self explanatory, like the mouse showing itself for a while and leaving prints. nice job!

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Bedankt Tessa, Wietske en Lin nogmaals voor organisatie :) Top geregeld.

Cool visuals, love the trailer. Gameplay was fun, altough it was a bit hard to aim. Nice sound effects!

From the screenshot on this page i was expecting to carry albino around a football field, aside from that dissapointment it was very fun. Easy to understand and nice that you also support mobile controls.

Omg die karakters en animaties zijn echt nice gemaakt, zie gelijk wie wie is.  Animaties ook geweldig. Humor top. Kwa gameplay zou het handig zijn als ik ook balkjes had van me huidige energy level enzo. nu lijkt het soms beetje onverwachts te komen wanneer ik game over ben. Verder geniaal

Nice very addictive! I had a bug were 2 of my opponents were facing each other and they werent moving. Other than that this game definitly has potential :) 

Love the mouse character ^^ very cute. Respect you guys managed to implement multiplayer :D
The match  i played was fun and challenging. Sometimes i wasn't sure why my character fell down but other than that very fun experience. Wish i had some powerups or a way to punch my opponents though :P

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