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Dusty Trails: The Great Dust Bunny EscapeView game page

Rack up as many points as possible and get strong enough to escape the labyrinth!
Submitted by Carlos E. Pérez (@CharlExMachina), sailornoodle, adebe, Dericus — 45 minutes, 42 seconds before the deadline
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Dusty Trails: The Great Dust Bunny Escape's page


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Is the graphics 1 bit?#15.0005.000

Ranked from 22 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

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CharlExMachina, Dericus, mango3102, biajulian, undertalez

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Very cute platformer! The game had good art and nice music with some nice gameplay. Good job!


Thank you so much for playing! 💖


Nice art! I enjoyed the music and the simple yet addictive gameplay. The only thing I would change is allowing more control over the wall jumps.


Very nice pixel art

Submitted (2 edits) (+3)

Cute game with solid movement. Some of the dust bunnies got stuck in walls when an enemy was killed too close to a wall, but everything is nice otherwise. The level design, specifically, was fantastic. The whole thing is polished greatly, and I enjoyed it a lot.

I do have to question the theme’s representation in this, however. In this game, you start with no dust bunnies and then try to gain all dust bunnies. That’s the exact opposite of what this Jam is about. Is the theme related to the timer? You start with all the time, but end with none of it?

Thank you for sharing.


Yeah, the theme is related to the timer, and how playing bad makes you slower, and lose points every few seconds. In the end, you have to rack up points fast, and avoid losing them by moving quickly, getting more points, and defeating more enemies; if you lose points, you will greatly lose mobility, and eventually, not getting points will get you a game over


Exactly! You have the essence of it:

Dust bunnies are fiercely competitive, their zeal escalating as they gather more dust. Start with a limited dust supply, strive to accumulate as much as possible, becoming increasingly fervent in your pursuit. However, overreach, and you'll be left with nothing. Waste time dallying, and your dust will be swept away by the wind (the timer will expire). Whether you aspire to be the dustiest bunny you can be or the dustiest bunny in the world, remember, we are all merely dust in the wind...


Adorable game. Game is fun, I love how you always start at a differnt map, and the execution and polish is great. I love the little run animation, lol

My only complaint is I wish we could change horizontal direciton following a wall jump, and not be stuck in the same trajctory


I loved how the world is bit, the art is pretty cute, and the ability is good, there is wall jump which always make every thing cooler, and there is the part where the cat shrink to get in small area it very lovely, I'll come to play it more...

I'll be happy if you play mine too, it's a plat-former too...


Nice entry! I liked a lot the polish level for this game. Also sound design is pretty clean and basic but a lot effective.


Thank you so much for playing, and I'm glad you found it enjoyable!


But I want to explore the world :(


Maybe we should have included a "Free Roam" exploration mode, lol

Thanks for playing!


This was a fun, cute platformer with all the trimmings: Wall jumps, pipes that propel you through the stage, pads that launch you up into the air and squishable enemies. It's in essence a collect-'em-up where you must try to collect as many dust bunnies as you can before the time runs out. The play area is designed in such a way that the player has quite a lot of freedom in where they want to go.
A good, solid submission to the jam.


Wow, Thanks for the well-thought-out review and summary!  <3

(1 edit) (+2)

It looks really cool, don't forget to check out our game;)

Thanks for playing! I definitely will check out yours! :D 


Really good looking platformer collectable hunt! Music works well and the sprites are absolutely adorable. The tubes are so funny, and the design of the enemies is so cool!
Really neat game and a terrific submission!


A fun collect-a-thon. I like the art of the environments and enemies and I especially liked the bunny character. The tubes for traveling to different areas are fun. The game has good replay value due to the short play time per run and the motivation to try to beat your score from your last run. My last playthrough, I was able to get 527 points.

I think the wall jump is a bit awkward since it locks you in an arc you can’t move from. There were also a couple times an enemy knocked me into another enemy, so maybe you could make the player invincible for a bit during knockback. This wasn’t too bad of an issue though.

Overall, a fun little platformer. I liked this one a lot!


Got 441 points. The game is really polished, looks nice and I felt somehow calm during the whole gameplay. Really nice submission!


So good to know! Thanks for the feedback! 🐰


The artstyle looks amazing the only problem i got are some of the controls, the fact that when you wall jump you are locked in to the jump feels kind of clunky, but the rest of the game is great


Thank you so much for playing! We were in a rush to implement everything we wanted, so its good to receive some feedback 🐰


Glad to see we weren't the only ones that made a game about a rabbit!


They are best friends!!! 🐰✨️🐰

Submitted (1 edit) (+3)

I just crushed Kathleen's score. 545

Also can we acknowledge that the bun hugging onto the wall is both very satisfying and very cute? 

Finally.... TuuUUuuUUUuuUUUBES!


I'm the artist so thank you so much for acknowledging the very cute wall hug 🐰