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500+?? The artist is so gonna be paid lol.

Though it had some annoying flaws and all but im really happy y’all enjoyed it! It makes me feel guilty not fixing these bugs.

Yeah the hearts are a little iffy because the lives are floats, and the losing state and the visuals rely on integers. My bad lol. About WASD, some bug prevent it to work. Also my bad lol.

Yeah it is unstable in here lol

I will do that as soon as I could don’t worry ;D

Yeah the most fun I had making this game was the game over screens and the thumbnail haha.

The palette is called PEAR36, and thanks for your comment! I said this a lot for many people here but i really appreciate the comments that people leave for me, especially those helpful comments with tips and notes about the shortcomings of my games. I just don’t know what better way to communicate that

Oh i never noticed that! Thanks for the comment!

It’s already an AOE, but the range is so small to be insignificant to be consistent like that. At least that’s how i assume your problem… though I’m very thankful for you to take some time to review my game and rate it, really appreciate it!

Thats the spirit!

This game was fun to play, although it was hard for me to position the mouse correctly but that’s just me.

I also thought the game timer was too long. One minute could’ve been better

I feel pain and i only played the first level.

Very cool concept, though you could ruin the whole level with one wrong button haha.

Thanks for the feeback! Ill look into it next time.

Don’t say that about yourself or your games like that! You’ll get better with learning and experiencing… I believe in you!

Well… I’m not saying this to be mean, but this wasn’t a successful try. I hope you learn from it.

One positive thing I could say that, it has a simple tutorial. Which most games here (justifiably) lack in this jam.

I really love the concept but I hate how it’s designed here. Though the bad collisions is the only negative I could think of at the moment.

You got a neat idea, but I don’t think you had enough time to polish it.

Not my cup of tea.

Ngl I was on my toes the whole time lol

The sound effects were the most stressful part, and I’m glad you like it.

Why I can’t earn money when the island is tipping too much? Shouldn’t I earn the money to balance it back? Seems counter intuitive.

For mobile controls it stops moving horizontally if I jumped.

I had the most awkward poses in this game lol

I tried my best to blow it up lol

This game is cool! Though my only issue its controls doesn’t translate well with mobile, I still had fun regardless.

I’m very happy you liked the story haha :D.

Thanks a lot my friend!

I’m very sorry about that, there’s a little bug that negate it. And I don’t think I can update the game for this…

Something I just realized that the WASD keys aren’t working for whatever reason… that’s annoying. But at least the arrows and E are working.

I had one last question but before they answer the game ended.

I can’t wait to play it.

You did an amazing job. Thanks a lot!

I never knew about this project. But I’ll make sure to check it out when I get hold of the pc.

I was working on it but got irritated at one feature and stopped working lol. I’m going to scrap it and get back to it sometime in the future

Bit floaty movement but I think it’s alright

Bro. How did this rush of a game made me feel a genuine joy? Also I was near to whatever was in the end of the forest and fell down for whatever reason

The race caught me off guard wtf

I kinda like this one good job mate :D