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Yeah, the theme is related to the timer, and how playing bad makes you slower, and lose points every few seconds. In the end, you have to rack up points fast, and avoid losing them by moving quickly, getting more points, and defeating more enemies; if you lose points, you will greatly lose mobility, and eventually, not getting points will get you a game over

Thanks for playing! I definitely will check out yours! :D 

Maybe we should have included a "Free Roam" exploration mode, lol

Thanks for playing!

Thank you so much for playing, and I'm glad you found it enjoyable!

Radeon RX 7900 XTX with max settings at 3440 x 1440 yields 100 FPS which is the max refresh rate of my monitor. Could be higher, didn't disable vsync though.

This game is a marvel in terms of presentation. The gameplay is good, snappy, the UI transitions, the feeling of the movement; the animations. It all comes together to form a really well built videogame.

The one critique I have is that progression feels slow for a good bit until it gets really good.

Thanks for playing the game, and thanks for your valuable feedback as well!

I agree, the movement speed feels slow considering the size of some of the latter mazes. I'll take this into consideration both for this and further projects. I'm glad you liked the art, Ribz made and awesome job with it, and everyone in the team as well in their respective areas

Thanks for the feedback! I agree, the character moves too slow in contrast to the size of the latter levels, definitely something I'll take in mind both for this and future projects!

I like the concept! I also like how you took personal space as a cool implementation of the game jam's theme! Coming from an office job a few years ago, this one made me LOL

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Saw the progress for this one in the Discord for the game jam, and I have to say it plays as good as it looks! I like the good use of the screen's limited resolution, and the gameplay feels snappy and polished overall. The music's good as well.

EDIT: forgot to mention! The fact this was created with a bespoke game engine makes this 10x cooler!

Very nice visuals, interesting gameplay. Overall a very good and fun game!

The presentation of this game is simply outstanding. The visuals, sounds, music, everything is simply superb, well done, and you can feel the love and heart that was put into this game.

The one downside to it is that it was difficult to see what was ahead sometimes, but I understand it's due to the low resolution requirement for this jam. Regardless, this game was awesome. The team did an amazing job. Gave me lots of Star Fox vibes :)

Very cool gameplay, it feels good. Gamepad support would have been a nice-to-have. Animations are tight, and wow, it's so fun when lots of enemies are present on screen!

Very mysterious and interesting vibe. The music and dialogue had me thinking of games like Hollow Knight and Dark Souls. Also, beautiful music selection, the animations flow well, although the controls could be a little bit less floaty.

Overall, I like the theme and vibe you were pulling off for this one.

Really creative re-imagining of the Tilevania project from the Unity courses!

It gives me this "The Lost Levels" vibe that's really cool, I like how challenging it is!

Thanks for playing! And thanks for your feedback!

Absolutely top notch presentation!

Super polished, really impressive considering the timeframe of just 10 days; the theme is beautifully executed.

Overall, very fun and impressive

It's so beautiful, so fun and so polished! Definitely one of the best games I've played during this jam. The feeling is so cozy, the gameplay feels so good. It would be the type of mobile game I see myself downloading.

Overall, a very cool, fun experience!

Cool story, very nice art. Gameplay could be tightened up a little bit, though. Adding some additional sounds and adjusting animations could improve the game field a bit more.

Also, the mechanic was hard to understand at the beginning

Thanks for playing, and specially, thanks for your feedback! I agree with your comments and it's definitely something I'll have in mind for this, and future projects.

To be more specific, what happens is that the screen goes all black when you press the "F" key (or Y on the controller). From the screenshots, it seems it would have this cool effect with outlines and whatnot, but in my end it's all black.

If useful:

GPU: Radeon 6950 XT
Tested on: 1400p monitor
Distro: Arch Linux
Driver: Open source RADV driver

Linux version might not be working. I looked at the game's screenshots and it seems the "sound dimension" is not working for me, at least not in Linux. Reading the comments, though, it seems like it's a very cool game!

Really cool controls, I liked the music and the overall theme is fun and well executed! Love the fun dialogue as well

This is by far my favorite game in this entire game jam. I like the aesthetics, the narration gives it a unique touch, the music, graphics, controls and animations are simply beautiful. The only critique I would give it is that it would have played better if it had controller support IMO.

But I really like it; if this were a Steam release, I would definitely purchase it as the concept is so cool!

I LOVE the effect when you transition from 2D to 2.5D, it's an amazing idea. Movement could be tightened up a little bit more. Overall, a very fun experience!

I like the story; the animation speed could be tightened a little bit. Overall a good entry!

Thanks! I'm glad you found it polished in terms of gameplay. I worked really hard to make it that way 🥳

Yes, I was able to reach the very end. It was challenging but not rage inducing I would say 

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Cool concept! I had lots of fun with it. Some of the puzzles had me thinking a lot; I had a great time playing your game!

Your game's concept is so cool! :O It reminded me of Portal. That last puzzle which solution I won't spoil (but it was very clever, though) had me thinking a lot!

Don't feel bad for not being able to finish the game, it plays really nice! And I agree the concept has lots of potential, even in its current state, I can see you have a great game in your hands!

I really liked this one, I couldn't stop playing trying to reach farther and farther through the level!

As a piece of feedback, the core mechanic got a bit confusing for me at the beginning; maybe a short graphical explanation would have been cool; even if in the project's description at least with a pair of screenshots.

The game itself is very fun, though! I liked it and once the core mechanic finally "clicked" on me, I enjoyed it a lot

Thanks for playing! Also, your game is very cool as well; had lots of fun playing it!

The visuals and sounds are simply superb. The gameplay is tight!, I love the way it controls, and I had lots of fun while playing it. It's definitely amazing what you accomplished here!



  • 11 different fruits
  • Bomb with animated smoke and fire particles
  • Fruits basket
  • 3 different backgrounds for each time of day

You can use the asset on free, or commercial game projects alike

2D Fruits and backgrounds by Carlos E. Pérez (

Thank you! It's been a long time since I made this game, so I lost its source code sadly :(

If I ever remake it, I will make it downloadable as well :D

Thanks for playing and for your feedback as well!

Yes, I didn't think well enough about what makes you lose lives and what makes you get an immediate game over. It's an issue I didn't even noticed up until now that you're mentioning it. I'll definitely give more thought to these details on future projects from now on. Thanks! 🥳


Thanks for your feedback! I noticed the cause of the bug and I'll get into fixing it!