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a weapon-upgrading, surviving game
Submitted by team slime (@teamslimegames) — 48 minutes, 51 seconds before the deadline
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CriteriaRankScore*Raw Score
Gameboy Soul#594.1004.100
Interpretation of the Secondary Theme#774.0004.000

Ranked from 10 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

How does your game match the theme?
The mechanics primarily deal in managing space in productive ways, from the upgrades menu which has a limited space and requires creative placement to get the most out of it, as well as navigating the map as it fills with hostile enemies.

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This game is a marvel in terms of presentation. The gameplay is good, snappy, the UI transitions, the feeling of the movement; the animations. It all comes together to form a really well built videogame.

The one critique I have is that progression feels slow for a good bit until it gets really good.


Amazing amount of effort put into this. Great visuals and audio. Like others, I found the menus slightly frustrating. The progression did also feel a bit slow; I expected to feel "powerful", but never really did (admittedly I don't have much experience with this type of game). It also wasn't obvious what impact the upgrade tree was having on the gameplay (I bought a bunch of upgrades but didn't really "feel" them). I played for quite a while though and unlocked all of the top row of weapons. Really nice work!


FULLY FLEDGED Survivors with an unique twist on the GB in just 10 days??? How???

That's an extremely impressive feat. What with the polished presentation, too. Just wow! Really makes me wish that was a real cart. The inventory tetris mechanics are insane, and I was already shocked before I'd even realised that there's an entire upgrades perk tree in the game.

However, that leads me to a minor criticism. The menus/controls are a bit unwieldy and obtuse. At the start, before I spent some time with the game, I was struggling to select anything. And the lack of feedback when equipping something made me doubt whether I'd equipped something or not. 

Which segues into a second, albeit very subjective, criticism. This is a game you'll be putting time into. Normally, that's a wonderful thing. But in this case progression does feel a bit slow. Coupled with the aforementioned controls learning curve and some crashes here and there, it takes a while to fully get into the game.

Furthermore, the music is really catchy and nice but the tune could've been a bit longer.

Overall, what an amazing stunner of an entry! The clever use of the theme and the brilliant execution of the idea stand out a lot. You guys did a fantastic job.


we totally agree with these critiques! we were tweaking that upgrade tree right up until release, and even then, didn't quite nail it down. thank you very much anyway! we're glad you had fun with it ^_^


Wow, this already looks like a complete with an in-depth progression system. Awesome!


Wow! That was great! The progression was a little slow for a jam game, but the art, soundtrack, and general mechanic is very polished! I especially like the design for the protagonist.

Good job on including volume options! However, the maximum volume, which is the default volume, is still a bit loud; it regularly peaked above +0.0 dB. 

Great job!


loved the music


Impressive scope! I'm not super familiar with survivor-likes, but this seems to have a similar pace as the popular ones! Could be a skill issue but I kinda wish progression was just a little faster. Amazing job, especially for a game jam!


Really cool game! A nice vampire like with tons of weapons and even a skill tree