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Thanks for the response! I tried with 7-Zip instead and that worked just fine; it's buried in the right click menu on Windows 11 so I forgot it was an option. 😅 I appreciate you checking on the issue!

This was such a treat, I love the graphics, audio, and overall idea.

A couple pieces of feedback, because otherwise I think it was great:

Flying around the map feels a bit aimless when you've destroyed almost everything in sight. Even though the non-destructible landmarks remain, the playing field starts to feel empty and it makes you wonder if you'll ever find another chip. I would consider adding a map accessed via the start or select button, or at least you might show the player a map before the game starts so they have a rough idea of where they're at when they start and the directions they need to go in.

Also, I noticed on the game page that you talk about needing to survive attacks from enemy pirate ships, but they weren't very difficult to defeat by just holding down the shoot button. I would suggest making enemies have a little more health so they take longer to defeat, as well as finding a way to prevent the player from just holding down the 'shoot' button forever, like maybe an overheating system.

Really solid jam entry!

Very interesting concept, and I adore the music and SFX, even if they're not quite in line with GB limitations. I would love to play a refined version (with slightly easier jumps, maybe? :P) after the jam, if your team is interested in refining it!

This is a super cute concept for a space-themed game! I agree with the other comments here on the sound design -- when I first pressed 'K' I thought the game was trying to tell me not to do that, haha -- but I definitely prefer a simple music loop to having no sound at all!

I think it would be cool if the game was on a grid so the player was always perfectly aligned with the elements in the room; I had a handful of instances where there was one dirty appliance left but I wasn't lined up with it just right to get the message indicating it was dirty.

Very much a worthwhile first GBJam submission; I look forward to seeing what you do next!

This is absolutely adorable, and serves as an incredibly endearing demo version of what this game could be with more dev time. I love that you created a brief but still complete-able level showing off your gameplay mechanics since you didn't have time to design a full platformer. Excited to see future updates to this game, and/or next year's entry!

An interesting test of skill, and I like the pixel art quite a bit!

One note, I think maybe saying 'get ready' before the countdown starts and then 'go' when it ends could help indicate to the player that they're about to partake in a speed trial.

For some reason, trying to extract from the zip archive throws up an 'unspecified error' in Windows for most of the files. After extracting, the only files that survived were floppy.png, floppy0.png, and txt.png.

I tried re-downloading the archive again and it keeps giving the same errors.

I also couldn't seem to figure out how to leave the first room, despite picking up what I presume was the key to the door. I would love to see a post-jam update that provides a little guidance for players who might not be sure how to progress!

Also agreed, the music is great, really nice work, and the aesthetic from what I could see in-game and the screenshots is pretty clean in a way I enjoy.

we totally agree with these critiques! we were tweaking that upgrade tree right up until release, and even then, didn't quite nail it down. thank you very much anyway! we're glad you had fun with it ^_^

very funny premise for a game

oh this is adorable, love the framing device

really cute! the slow, staggered text is such a cute touch. 

pretty cute and a fun premise. i've never been to portugal but i'd like to imagine the lasers are fairly true to life.