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The in-game setting is correct, your itch page info is wrong.

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Thanks for the valuable feedback😄

I totally agree, difficulty pacing needs some work. More bullet types, enemy drone attack patterns, enemy bosses, you can expect to see a lot more in the next update :)

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Thanks for the feedback. More bullet types, enemy drone attack patterns, enemy bosses, you can expect to see a lot more in the next update :)

Thanks for the feedback. I thought of different bullets, attack pattern,enemy bosses and what not, but couldn't do all that in time. You can expect to see a lot more in the next update :)

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Just awesome. KiScr: 1332

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Yay, another space shooter. But wow, this one is leagues above mine. Loved the different space ships, couldn't defeat the 3 boss ships unfortunately. Gotta try again later. But really really well done. And people said my game was hard 😆. This is truly next level.

Update: Finished it 😁 kiScr: 1332


Damn, the game has some complex mechanics. I find tower defense games a bit  monotonous for the grinding, but this one was simple enough. Really liked it.

Cool idea but the puzzles were a bit too hard for me.

Awesome! Feels like geometry dash but with those orbits. Hits the top spot. Amazing visuals too.

Wow, this already looks like a complete with an in-depth progression system. Awesome!

Looks cool, solid game. You put the control info wrong, Jump is not "A", it's "X" is think.

Got that legendary space milk! 😋

Nice little story. Didn't expect such wisdom tbh 😆

I agree, it is a bit too easy, but surprisingly some people still found it very difficult. The ship spawn rate, and number of ships allowed on screen at a time increases with each level, but maybe I'll  increase the movement speed of the enemies too in an update. Thanks for the feedback 💚.

I couldn't find the ship, but absolutely loved the game mechanic, the art and the music.

It has that Gangster City vibe to it. I love these top down racing games.

I liked the music, it was relaxing and the game had a very relaxing vibe overall.

Loved it! Awesome twist on the space shooter genre.

Thanks, I will do that.

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Here's my game, Space Shooter. Made the first thing that came to my mind and I'm happy with how it turned out. 😄

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Hey everyone, I just wanted to make a post about my game "Space Shooter".

It seems no one managed to finish my game yet. It has 4 levels and you need a total of 212 kills. Can you save the galaxy? 👾

I didn't find any other space shooter yet, I thought I would find more since it's the first thing that came to my mind. 🚀

So many great games here! Feel free to share your submissions and I'll check 'em out if I haven't yet. 😄

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Thanks for playing. But I used the specified resolution for everything - sprites, texts, animations.Only the output resolution being a x3 multiplier, which was need to see it on big screens and was mentioned in the rules. I also used the same 4 color tones as in the original gameboy. I only didn't use the green LCD effect and used the original grayscale colors.

Funny article 😂. Since I also used Unity for my submission, I highly recommend using the minimal template . Removes the clutter and the full screen button (the game goes out of view).

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Thanks for playing 😊. I tried to make the best possible space shooter I could. I planned on adding enemy bosses, different kinds of bullets and all those cool stuff, but I couldn't give it enough time. Spent the last few hours trying to make the movement smooth (I learnt that timers don't help much with frame based animations, so it took some trial and error and some magic threshold values to make it somewhat frame independent 😁). It is not endless, there are 4 levels and to complete the whole game  (and save the galaxy) you need a total of 212 kills.

Okay, understood. I'll make such a version for itch, but I will be a little busy this week, I'll try to publish it next week.

The reason I didn't do that is because of in-app purchases and cloud saving relying on it. Google play services isn't required for the game it is optional, so there  is a simple solution. You can install the  the apk and disable internet for the it. Would that be a viable solution for you?

There is a reason Jonas ranked this game number 1. Consider releasing it on PC, mobile and everything. 

Thanks a lot :)

Thanks for playing my game 💚 You played good, loved your reaction.

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Oh sorry. gg then.

Sharpen your mind by crunching numbers in a relaxing way!

The Yin Yang is a concept of dualism. There must be some darkness in the light and some light in the darkness. Shaolin Sudoku borrows this idea and presents it in an aesthetic sudoku game. It might just be the most beautiful Sudoku game!

Sudoku is a logic based number puzzle. The objective is to fill the missing numbers in a 9×9 grid with the digits 1 to 9 so that each row, each column, and each 3×3 sub-grid has no duplicate numbers.

Shaolin Sudoku has the following main features :

☯ Sudoku generator : The game has no database of pre-made puzzles. It quickly creates entirely new sudoku puzzles with unique solutions.

☯ Custom difficullty mode : Input your own Sudoku puzzle and start solving. You can solve your own puzzles or use it as a sudoku solver. [Premium]

☯ Themes : 8 beautiful themes that reflect in the entire game. Set the theme according to your mood. Some themes help to play more comfortably in the dark.

☯ Auto save : Don't worry about loosing your progress on an unfinished game, continue where you left off.

☯ Statistics : View your best and average times for each difficulty level.

☯ Portrait and Landscape modes : Play in any orientation, with auto rotation for seamless transition. [Premium]

☯ Perfect fit: Displays perfectly regardless of screen size and aspect ratio. So it can also be played effortlessly even in split view!

☯ Sharing : Easily import and export puzzles with sharable links. ☯ Full controller support : Can be played with keyboard, mouse, touch, gamepad, etc.

Experience the nostalgic tile-matching puzzle game in its new glory!

Arrange glowing falling blocks of light and clear rows to break them apart. ColorTris brings the magnificence of colors and shapes to our favorite puzzle game.  💚

ColorTris orange blocks

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Hi, you make be glad to know that I added the "bag" mechanic and controller support to the game 💚

Thanks for the heads up. I'll fix it soon. Meanwhile please play the downloadable version to enjoy the full game. 💚

Good to know :)

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Haven't received any updates. So is my game gonna be included?

I would like to add Shaolin Sudoku to the bundle 😊

Okay then please add it to the list as well 😊

Hi, I have submitted Shaolin Sudoku. Do you think I can also submit ColorTris?