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There is a reason Jonas ranked this game number 1. Consider releasing it on PC, mobile and everything. 

Thanks a lot :)

Thanks for playing my game 💚 You played good, loved your reaction.

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Oh sorry. gg then.

Sharpen your mind by crunching numbers in a relaxing way!

The Yin Yang is a concept of dualism. There must be some darkness in the light and some light in the darkness. Shaolin Sudoku borrows this idea and presents it in an aesthetic sudoku game. It might just be the most beautiful Sudoku game!

Sudoku is a logic based number puzzle. The objective is to fill the missing numbers in a 9×9 grid with the digits 1 to 9 so that each row, each column, and each 3×3 sub-grid has no duplicate numbers.

Shaolin Sudoku has the following main features :

☯ Sudoku generator : The game has no database of pre-made puzzles. It quickly creates entirely new sudoku puzzles with unique solutions.

☯ Custom difficullty mode : Input your own Sudoku puzzle and start solving. You can solve your own puzzles or use it as a sudoku solver. [Premium]

☯ Themes : 8 beautiful themes that reflect in the entire game. Set the theme according to your mood. Some themes help to play more comfortably in the dark.

☯ Auto save : Don't worry about loosing your progress on an unfinished game, continue where you left off.

☯ Statistics : View your best and average times for each difficulty level.

☯ Portrait and Landscape modes : Play in any orientation, with auto rotation for seamless transition. [Premium]

☯ Perfect fit: Displays perfectly regardless of screen size and aspect ratio. So it can also be played effortlessly even in split view!

☯ Sharing : Easily import and export puzzles with sharable links. ☯ Full controller support : Can be played with keyboard, mouse, touch, gamepad, etc.

Experience the nostalgic tile-matching puzzle game in its new glory!

Arrange glowing falling blocks of light and clear rows to break them apart. ColorTris brings the magnificence of colors and shapes to our favorite puzzle game.  💚

ColorTris orange blocks

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Hi, you make be glad to know that I added the "bag" mechanic and controller support to the game 💚

Thanks for the heads up. I'll fix it soon. Meanwhile please play the downloadable version to enjoy the full game. 💚

Good to know :)

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Haven't received any updates. So is my game gonna be included?

I would like to add Shaolin Sudoku to the bundle 😊

Okay then please add it to the list as well 😊

Hi, I have submitted Shaolin Sudoku. Do you think I can also submit ColorTris?

Hi, I was wondering when will the bundle be launched. And what do I have to do on my part?

Thanks 😄

Hi, I am interested. This looks like the perfect opportunity. My game Shaolin Sudoku would fit the bundle quite nicely. 😄

Thanks for your comment. You are right, and I am aware of it. It is a easy thing to implement and I did do so in a previous version. But then I saw that many early versions of tetris like the NES version lacked that mechanic and it made the game less predictable and a little more challenging in my opinion. So I reverted back to the randomness. Hope you weren't too bothered by it. I may change it in future. 💚

First (older) version of the game.

Peach squares

Here is a gameplay of the Windows version in landscape orientation. All versions are identical.

Here is a gameplay of the Android version in portrait orientation. The PC and android versions are identical.

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Daily missions, bundle rewards and the ability to input name for a high score have been added.

ColorTris v2.1 (Sky + AtmoSquare)Colortris v2.1 (MultiTrisAB + Maximus)

In-game screenshot from a Redmi Note 4

Tetris is my favorite puzzle game of all time. And seeing that there is a lack of good tetris games on Android, I created ColorTris.  Making games has always been my dream. So this is already a dream come true 😍

36 glowing colours to choose from! Then there are MultiTrises and MultiMaxTris! You can also unlock and play with 32 distinct shapes!

Please give it a try 😊 ColorTris v2.1