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Me too. I gave up a few hours ago. But I learned a lot!

love it

Olá, manja fazer chiptunes estilo Game Boy?

The deserved champion! :)

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Just played my 100th game. I think I am done for now haha.

How about you? :)

Very nice atmospheric and sound design. Unfortunately I find pretty hard to navigate, found a bunch of keys but then I started running in circles and not knowing what to do :(
Good jog anyway :)

Pretty and solid game. Deserves more attention. Good job! :)

one of the most polished and one of my favorites! I find the "long wing" sections the most fun.

Good job! :)

very polished and well made. Why so few ratings people? :-/

Oh, I didnt understood it at first, but now I did. Beat the game! It gets even better after you find the parts :)
And yes, I am a Firefox user. Firefox is the best! :) Do you know why this happens on Firefox?

Cant really complain about anything. one of the best! Also, Very well chosen palette.

One of my favorites! Very well made mechanics! Can wait to play more

I liked the atmosphere a lot! Couldnt find any of the parts, no luck, but have a lot of fun anyway. Nice work!

I also found a bug: for some reason, the correct font (as shown in screenshots) was not loaded, it shows a ugly Times New Roman. :P

pretty good! I took some time to understand the controls, but once I did, I have a blast!

I love the concept! With more variety it can become a pretty solid game!

Thanks for the feedback! <3

I am glad you liked it! Thanks for the feedback! :)

I wish there was some music too haha I was going to use some free music, but is was against the jam rules.
In futue updates it will have some tunes for sure :)

The sound effects are made by changing the sound registers directly (the game uses GBDK), and was very place-holder-ish.
I am glad you liked it.

Thanks for the feedback!

I like the music.

Also: found a bug that once you enter fullscreen, the title screen is completely broken, and you cant go back to previous window size (it even persusts between launches!)

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One of the bests of the jam! Looking for more :)
EDIT: Any chance of a downloadable version?

Oh... the memories of Windows Pinball :'-)
More pinball games are always welcomed!
Nice entry!

Wow, a Rhythm game! What a nice surprise! I would love to play more.

I think I found a bug: sometimes enemies can enter in the same tile as the main character, then I couldnt attack it :/

Nice Interpretation of the Secondary Theme

Except for Gameboy Soul, 5 stars for everything else. Really great!!!

Any plans for future updates?

Thank you! =)

I really need to balance enemy behavior and put some tunes :)

Thanks for the feedback!

Thanks for the feedback I will iterate on controls and other things after the jam. :)

Lacks a bit of feedback when moving, sometimes you fly far away and cant figure how to get back.

anyway, Great control feeling !

Thank you! =)

Thanks for the feedback. I need to make the water much less safe, indeed!

The gameplay is pretty good and have a lot of potential.

any plans to develop it further?

Pretty polished. Congrats!

In my humble opinion, everything, the enemies, the camera, etc, seems to move too quickly. I cant get enough time to appreciate the nice sprite work. (:

I would recommend some kind of bounding box based camera movement, so it doesnt move when making very small movements. Also something like Mario, in which the camera only moves up if you land in a platform above.

nice game anyway :)

Wonderful and cute! One of the best entries. I just wish I could play this on a real game boy <3

This game have a great feeling, great graphics, great music, great presentation!
With some polishing in the controls it can become great in everything :)

Also: No fullscreen?

You really get the "feeling lost on an alien planet" right! Congrats.

Really cool game. How long it takes to get the first upgrade available? I got about 200 "coins" but nothing happens :/

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Yes, have most of the functionality, but no favorites, it is slower and cant be used offline.
Also could be useful for anyone who didnt submit to track played games, since it is not possible to rate in this case.
Being able to instantly shuffle the list was very useful too.

By the way, I made the scripts to make this playlist for another jam in the past, in which every game was a game boy rom.
So I downloaded all the roms to my flash card and went to a trip with no internet with my game boy, it was a blast.

I like how you can go to the space without leaving the sofa. haha
The music is lovely too (played the windows version)

my only complaint is that the camera rarely frames the enemies until you are too close. I find a bit hard to aim properly because of this.

Anyway, great entry!

If I have any complaints, I cant remember any when writing this. Seriously, one of my favorites. I wonder why so few ratings for such a well made game!
Five Stars!

I think people prefer playing jam games quickly in the browser window (myself included, so I can play more games faster).
to download there is greater friction. I downloaded this game and haven't played it yet, for example, but it's on the list, it looks promising :)