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A narrative racing game set in the roaring Italian 70s
Magical or Not… Everybody’s Gotta Serve Somebody.
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50 games in 1 nifty launcher
Racing Puzzle
An horror-racing game where you need to find and eat 5 magic cookies to escape the nightmare!
Manipulate the game with your trail!
Zapamiętaj losowo generowane sekwencje i ścigaj się ze znajomymi!
Local Multiplayer Minigame Collection
A Tapper with a Virtual Pet Twist
Ludum Dare 41: Idle Clicker meets Racing!
A high intensity, energetic interactive experience.
How far can you get in this high speed dash? Zoom your way around our barricades and smash your high score!
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A local multiplayer race with shared inputs. The same key can move either player.
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2105 Game
A collection of childhood games
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Pacific Coast Highway is rhythm game masquerading as an 80's racer
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floor it!
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An assortment of experiments in construct coding, from chess to drawing to fake 3D.
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Get ready to face the ultimate Runner challenge !
The first racing board game. Complete a lap with $5000 or more to win the game.
Place towers to defend yourself while racing around a map
A single-player incremental clicker racing game.
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Et si MarioKart avait été développé par Squaresoft?
What A College Education In Games Gets You
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