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Introducing Game Embeds

You’ve just finished your Ludum Dare 35 game, and you’re looking to take advantage of embedding your game directly into your Ludum Dare submission page…

or…  you have your own page where you’d like to host your game, but you still want to still use to upload and update your game. has you covered, introducing game embeds!

Any HTML or Flash project can now be embedded by pasting a little HTML snippet, similar to our existing widget that lets you buy or donate to a project.


Game pictured is Chaos64 by KronBits

You can generate the iframe based code from the “Embed game” section of the Distribute tab. You can choose the file you’d like to embed, customize the size, and change the color. Every embed comes with a link back to your game page on along with a fullscreen button.

You can even preview the embed directly inside the page, as seen above.


Embeds are specific to the file you’ve chosen. This means you can have multiple versions of your game (eg. a jam version) and independent embeds for each of them.

Look forward to analytics and more customization options in the near future.


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Can I embed other peoples games, or only my own?

I love this functionality, but I have one question: I do have two versions of the HTML game: a jam version and a more polished one; the latter is public in the game page. I want to create an embed for the jam version, but the drop down menu only allows me to select the one that's public. How do I select another version of the game to embed?

Any help here... please? :(


It's not possible right now. You could create a second game page with the old version, grab the embed URL, then have a link to that from your other page.

Can I pay to remove the watermark in the embed? 


Sorry, we don't offer that as an option right now

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