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Communities enhanced

Since launching communities for jams & games, along with the new global community, we’ve gotten a lot of feedback. We’ve added and fixed many things, here are some of the highlights:

  • New community profiles that let you see all the posts made by someone. Check out Amos’s profile for an example
  • You can now subscribe and bookmark topics, you can find links to do so on the topic’s header
  • We’ve added topic tags. Community creators can set a list of tags that chosen when creating a new topic. E.g. on the Ideas & Feedback board we’re using them to mark topics as In progress, Resolved, or Planned.
  • We’ve added a new recent posts page that lest you quickly browse what’s new
  • Tons of bug fixes and usability updates

All of these updates apply to all communities on, including the ones you can add to your project pages and jams.


You can read the entire update on the community updates topic. Additionally, you can check out the announcements board for any other updates and announcements.

New boards

In addition to the new features we’ve also reorganized the boards a bit, and fleshed out the rules. Here are some new boards:

Great topics

We’re really impressed with some of the topics we’ve seen so far. We’ll to share them as they come. Here are some standout ones:

Additionally, we’ve seen some great devlogs:

Look forward to many more updates in 2016!


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