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Classify your projects' uploads

We're introducing a new way to classify the files you've uploaded to your project.

Previously, when uploading a new file, we would ask you which platform it was for, eg. Windows, Linux, macOS. Since many people use to upload things other than executables, this was a confusing step. Some people selected all platforms, some people selected none. Starting now you can tell us what kind of file you're uploading, and we'll only ask for the platform when you add an executable:

Update your existing projects

We've run a script across all existing files to update the type where it was obvious. (For example, .pdf files now are Book type). This will help clean up a lot of the incorrectly classified project pages. For example, the Android games section should no longer include games that weren't for Android but included OSTs or instruction manuals.

The script wasn't able to catch everything though. Please take a look at your existing project pages and update your uploads' types where appropriate. 

The new types

We've included the following top level types, if you have any more please leave a comment below with a suggestion.

  • Executable
  • Soundtrack
  • Source code
  • Book
  • Video
  • Documentation
  • Mod
  • Graphical assets
  • Audio assets
  • Other

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Meanwhile, I have an executable that's not for any of the listed platforms -- mine is an MS-DOS game!


That's okay! We might add more obscure platforms later, for this like roms and older or more obscure platforms.

I'd include a category for Instructions. We've personally got some short PDFs explaining our games and how they are played, however, they don't have the length to be considered a Book, and aren't formal enough to be considered Documentation either. I think it'd be nice for files that explain the game briefly or serve as instruction booklets.

But overall, these is a very welcoming change. Thank you!


This reminds me I need to spend an afternoon uploading all my games’ source codes.


Awesome! Good idea!