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thank you!!

First off, going into the game, I was very surprised to see the amount of effort putting into the story, with an intro cutscene to boot! It seemed like a very interesting premise to describe how these settings had been created in such different ways and were now being brought together.

Comparatively, the gameplay was a bit... rough especially compared to the setup that was made before wise. I wish there had been a bit more effort put into the gameplay when compared to the intro the game. While there was a lot of focus put on the differences between the nature/technology aspects of the setting in the intro, I didn't feel like it played much into the gameplay. It would have been interesting to see more clever ways that the druid and assassin could play their roles in their swapped setting and the different way through which they approached enemies. Some more variety in challenge would have also been nice!

Speaking of combat, I'll also have to agree with the comment bellow. Some more feedback on the shooting and bigger projectiles would have also been nice. It was hard to tell where I was aiming with my character (a reticule would have been nice) and to know if my shots were hitting since they were small. The only way I could tell they were being defeated was by them actually disappearing.

All things considered, even with the harsher criticism, I hope that we get to cross paths together in a future game jam again. Here's to the best of luck to continue growing with your games! Cheers! 🐳

That was really neat! I've always liked the idea of endlessly jumping endlessly on a trampoline just for fun, and I think this game encapsulates that feeling pretty well! Plus spreading out a few coins here and there with some smaller trampolines was also pretty amusing! It's not mind-blowing or extremely original, but it served for the bit.

Considering the level is quite long, I'd have liked to see some check-points here and there. Early on when playing I was trying to go for all coins, but as I'd eventually hit lava on the corners, I'd have to start all over again. That got repetitive after a while, and I just decided to go through the rest of the game. Having some check points here and there that allow the player to keep their progress before a new hazard is introduced (like the moving lava blocks) would have been great.

Another thing I would have liked is for there to be some sort of indicator of where the trampoline is if it's beneath the lava. Something like a ghosting effect just to make sure you're timing the trampoline off the lava at the right time. Making sure the trampoline is clamped to the screen-view of the player so that it doesn't move off-screen would have been nice too!

As for the high-pitch sound, I didn't pay much mind to it, as that issue sometimes happened with us when making WebGL builds. There's no real way to fix it other than trial-and-error with re-encoding the sound with something like Audacity and trying to build again. Though with some perseverance, you will eventually get it sounding as its supposed to. Cheers and here's the best to Jumpy Trampoline boing boing skippeti skippeti jump! 🐳

This was pretty neat! I really liked the combination of platforming and puzzle elements that you've achieved here. Beyond the idea of joining together the robot and the batteries together, I was really surprised on how you expanded those mechanics, such as adding in the self-powered robots and even using cords as swinging ropes and as bridges.

I played through most levels and had a genuine good time! If anything it'd have been interesting to see a few more gimmicks spread throughout. The graphics and audio were pretty acceptable, even if they could be a bit more polished, but looking at your team's previous games, that will come with experience! 😊

Thank you for making this game, and I hope you to see you around in a future jam as well! Cheers! 🐳

three months late but i hope you had a great day!!

maybe getting this reply will let you play it again to make another day!!

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thats a very good boi indeed!!

heres a png of him so you can save  them and take them for a stroll anywhere you want!!

glad that you're having a dreamy time with it!!

some friends think this is the best game ive made because of the good bois!! its delightful that it makes peps happy!!

and thats a lot of adopted good bois!! thanks for giving them a home!! 🤗

they were very good boois weren't they?

which good boi was your favourite? 🐶

glad that you enjoyed petting those good boys!!

which good boy would you pet again?

I'd include a category for Instructions. We've personally got some short PDFs explaining our games and how they are played, however, they don't have the length to be considered a Book, and aren't formal enough to be considered Documentation either. I think it'd be nice for files that explain the game briefly or serve as instruction booklets.

But overall, these is a very welcoming change. Thank you!