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Endless Bounty

Follow an orc on his mission to take care of a bounty that is proving to be quite the nuisance. · By WolfBite Interactive LLC

Guide to get all scenes

A topic by zeniticus1 created Jul 05, 2020 Views: 38,672 Replies: 65
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I tried playing the game multiple times but I can't get but one ending. (The bad one) So i ask you to help me and others to get all the scenes. For some reason I can't get the rope.


Here's maybe some non-spoiler clues that could make life easier.

-It seems like you have a small amount of time, but if you save worst husbando Gerald in time, you'll be more free to do other things. And after saving him in more than one playthrough things will get easier

-When you make the morbid discovery in early game, don't just run back to Lozran to report (like I did!) It wastes daylight. Instead, continue to look for clues on Gerald's whereabouts. And after you check the northern forests for clues, check the southern forests (the area around the mines) for clues

-There's a useful tool in the mine. Don't ignore it during the mine quest by only focusing on the ring

-Explore the southern forest. Never know what kind of tangled mess you can find there.

-Clerics and Alchemist are great sources for items that can make people feel better

-It's always good to have more than one healing item on ya

-If you ever cross a bridge and it feels like a dead end- it's not! Click around, there's another path that's not too noticeable.

-If you're ever taking a swim with some cool people,  see if you can examine stuff around them. Also, talk to those cool people a lot.

-If you're lost in a forest, I think, one red mark means go right, two red marks mean go up.

-If you finished a quest for an alchemist,  you get a rock. If you get a rock, you should do some training. If you do some training it should be at night. If you don't know a good training spot, have a drink with a fella at the inn when you stay there one night. 

-Lozran, best husbando, is a guy that could use some attention. So chat with him a lot and lay the compliments on.  After completing some quests rest at the inn since you could use it. When you're done all his quests, and Gerald's safe and out of your hair, visit him again to share your accomplishments.


About the Cross Bridge, I've tried to click all the screen but nothing happen. Can you help me with it?

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Also, dedicate one save file to being a money hungry jerk. sell as much as you can and see what happens

If anyone has any hints on how to get these last three scenes, I'd be in your debt. 

mind helping me with getting the 8th one?  


It seems like I might have the answer for 2 of the ones you need, I have all of them except the very first one and the center right. I’m willing to give you information on the top right and bottom right if you’re willing to give me some hints on how to get the very first scene :)


When it comes to the very first scene...I think you have to introduce yourself to Lozran, chat some and then sleep outdoors. You may have to do it the very first day too. I honestly was shocked when I got it lol


Ah, there is no way I would have gotten that on my own!  Thank you very much! Now I need to find a way to unlock the middle right.

As for the two scenes:

Top Right involves some special oil, once you obtain the special oil you can have some alone time in the inn bed room at night.

Bottom Right is actually a sweet ending, it has to do with the bull, he really appreciates it if you sell everything you possible can to him. After that talk to Lozran and get info about Fence. Then finally try to go back to the bull and just talk to him about several things until he gives you the option to talk about the future

Thanks! These were the last two that I needed!

cant get the bull ending!! i do ll that u say but seems i need more info or something idk

Just discovered the top scene in column 2 (this game really was my entire lazy Sunday)/

So, OP, if you ever get your hands on some oil it's a perfect thing to help you relax during a night at the inn

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yes thank you, but to be clear it’s two slaves find Gerald in the woods (click on the rock) that’s the 4th scene then after that go on the path to follow Gerald that’s the 6th scene 

I spent 3 hours just finding all the scenes that wasn’t the barkeep and hour just for the 6th

Great game btw

thank you sir

Wrote a full guide of everything I know so far, but thought dynewolf might not want that posted...  and I don't have all of them yet. So instead I will ask about the ones I don't have yet. Also point out that you don't need rope, you just need to click on the right spot on the right side of the screen at the base of the waterfall, I struggled with this.

assuming the layout is


34... ect

 I have yet to get 6,7,8, and 10.

6.) I bought both salves, buy may have mixed up the save files, so I will have to try again.
10.) I did everything PuppyLaPour said, but after speaking about his past, the fence is just repeating the bit where they talk about the MC's childhood.

for the middle right, you need to go after Gerald after you get the two salves. 

for right now idk how to do the bottom two! i tried doing the method but it seems i run out of coins, and idk if there's supposed to be something specific i have to do or what.

the bottom left eludes me completely... any help or hints would be appreciated !!

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I got two salves but the bear died anyway :/ I wonder what I did wrong. But I've got the 6th scene anyway.

For the bottom two, you would need to sell 5 or more items to the bull character (Fence) and there will be an additional option when you try to sell him something again. If you don't have enough items, you'd probably need to start a new game and get a couple items at the very beginning.

I sold all of my stuff to him. All the mushrooms, the ore, ring, the moss...everything. I made it to where he starts talking about the orphanage, but, outside of that, I can not get his ending (If he even has one within this game). Please help?

Have you been able to buy some oil from him? The option appeared after I chose "sell something" once I sold enough to him

Yeah, I was able to get the oil from him and have him demo it for me. I also  spoke about his past with him, spoke to Lorzan about him, and had him divulge everything about the orphanage. Now I am just in a constant text loop where he just keeps talking about the same orphanage. I am not sure if I sold him everything...I sold him the Gold ore, Ring, Moss, Stone Snail, Normal Mushroom, Water Mushroom, Forest Mushroom, and a Rock Mushroom. That's what got me to where i'm at. What am I mising...?

hi can I ask how did you get the gold ore?

During the tutorial of the game, there are multiple things you can pick up before the search for gerald truely starts. One of those things is the gold ore. If you search once and cant find it, search again!

thank you I didn’t know to could get gold ore and by any chance did you figure out how to unlock bottom 2 right scenes?

those are the only 2 I need left thanks in advance 

I am still unable to unlock scene 10, but I was able to unlock scene 9. You unlock scene 9 by maxing our your relationship with Lozran, completing all of the games quests, and finally saving Gerald . Just try to complete all the quests, keep flattering Lozran, do one of his first scenes with him, then, once everything is done and Gerald is gone, go back to the inn and speak to him. 

I have no idea :/

In that save, have you rescued Gerald from the hunter already?

I waited till I had 2 salves to talk to the cloaked stranger and nothing changed, the bear still died, help?

you need to go after Gerald first after you find that the bear is dead and he is missing. then, play to get scene 5 in the training area, and then finally leave after Gerald. that should allow you to unlock CG 6.

So, the bear dies either way? Are the salves just to get the scene, because I thought the bear couldn't die for his good ending? Where can we find Gerald then?


//spoilers !

when u examine the bear in the morning it seems dead, but after you find the hunter (go east from the cave and into the forest. it'll be a tree with two blood marks and a sign, a guide through it is somewhere else in this forum post) and get poisoned, you'll wake up with Gerald and he'll reveal that a) he used 50 gold for your poison's antidote and b) he used the second salve on the bear before he got captured. 

after that scene plays out, go back to the same forest and find the bull's training site. click "not yet" to be able to go in. (if it isnt there, i think u need to go to the inn and spend 10 gold on a drink with that bull dude to trigger it?) you'll need to finish the misty moss quest first before youre able to do that

after you get two CGs with Gerald, you should be able to leave through that forest a third time and get the CG.

Any hints on how to get the misty moss?

In order to get the misty moss, you need to progress with finding Gerald. When you are chasing them, a new place will become accessible via the place that Gerald jumped down to at the beginning of the game.  You'll be able to find the moss if you enter the new place and search around a bit. 

Misty Moss, during the day you just have to click on the right spot above the sunbather at the waterfall, I clicked randomly over the whole screen to find it.

Bottom left, once you have sold 5 items, I think there is a new promt where you can ask what else he sells. Buy that item.


Got the full scenes! 

Guide to all scenes! (Spoilers alert!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!*)

Scene 1 - Sleep in the camp on the first night

Scene 2 - Get the lube, and rest in the inn. To get the lube, look at the scene 9.

Scene 3 - Follow Gerald's footstep, and find the waterfall couple at the morning. Have conversation 3 times with them, and you'll find the path to downward. There is a camp tent, and in the night, you can touch the tent and get the scene 3.

Scene 4 - Follow Gerald's footstep, and find the 'path to Thorendell'. Follow the trees(single tree means rightward, two trees mean upward), and then you can find the rescue event with scene 4.

Scene 5 - You have to finish the scene 4. Also, you have to find the Misty moss and give it to the alchemist to make 'rope trap'. After made the trap, go to the 'path to Thorendell' at afternoon~night.  You have to choose 'not yet', not 'follow Gerald', and go right or up until you find the rock. After you found the rock, click the rock and you can find '^ ^ ^ <'. From that place, go up, up, up, left and you can see the scene 5.

Scene 6 - You have to finish the scene 5 and 6. Also, you have to get extra salve before the bear dies, so you can make a bear alive. I also think it'll be good if you choose 'no' when the mayor asks you Gerald is a bad guy. If you save the bear and saw scene 4 and 5, choose 'follow Gerald', not 'not yet'. Then you'll get the scene 6 and 'Gerald's happy ending'.

Scene 7 - You have to do a lot of conversation with Lozran, give him good answers, it'll be helpful if you give mayor ring and don't get the pay. Chat about him and you, and get some rest in the inn. Then Lozran will come to your room and scene 7 starts.

Scene 8 - You have to finish all the tasks including fishing guy, and especially mushroom one, also you have to see Scene 7. Also, you have to save Gerald first. If you answer Lozran's choices correctly and have a lot of conversations with him, you can easily see the 'Mission accomplishment' thing when you talk to him, click that choice and you'll get the scene 8 and 'Lozran's happy ending'.

Scene 9 - Don't give mushrooms to Lozran. Get the Gold ore at the beginning(when you chase the Gerald), do not give ring to Lozran. Keep all things and sell to the Karth. If you sell more than 5 things or more, he will offer you an oil(lube) by $75. So it's good to sell ring to him because the ring is about $50. After buying oil(lube) and sell some stuff, he will offer you a demo of the oil by $10, accept that and you'll get the scene 9.

Scene 10 - Sell most of the things to Karth, but do not sell the Misty moss to him.  To get scene 10, you have to rescue the Gerald and trap the Gerald in the training spot. So first, make sure you buy the oil(lube) in scene 9, second, make sure you talk enough with Karth. You have to find a lot of 'Town', 'You', 'Orphanage' conversations. You can ask Lozran about the Karth, then 'Lozran' choice will appear to Karth and it will lead to another 'Town' and 'You' conversations. After docktar says he trusts Karth and Karth says 'your words mean a lot to me', then it's the max friendship. After that, you have to activate the scene 5 at the 'path to Thorendell' and then Docktar will say that ''I need to decide what I'm going to do now ~~I just have to head back to find Gerald right away~" and "OR I COULD GO SEE THE KARTH". After that, go to Karth and have a conversation with 'The future'. Then you will get the scene 10 and 'Karth' happy ending'.

* To get the misty moss, you don't need rope or shoes, just find the secret path to the cave, and go left, down to find the waterfall. You can find misty moss at the right, green color.

* If you give the ring and don't receive the gold, talk to mayor lady and she will give you an apple pie.

* If you have or have not the lube, some of the sentences are changed in Scene 5.

* I don't know what is the differences of finding corpse or not.

* If you fail to find Gerald until Day 7 night, Hunter will kill Gerald and you'll get the bad ending.


That's all.

You are a god send

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I did everything you said, but I cannot for the life of me get scene 8.

How do i help fishing guy?

Please help :C

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On a rock there's a snail in the area far north of the fisher where you investigate the tree branches on the floor. (at least talk to fisher about bait first then it should appear)

hi was wondering if you could specify on scene 8 that’s the only one I need left 

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make a detailed video?help me 

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thank you guy

Dear egg0213, can i use your gained info for making some guides in steam?


of course

truly an immaculate experience

can you help me at scene 10 

i was do all you say to get it  but Lozran didnt give me the chat about Karth :(

Deleted 3 years ago

You can click the left arrow at the bridge, then suddenly docktar will find downward narrow path.

Deleted 3 years ago

Lozran needs to mention the waterfall first before the path opens up.

Deleted 3 years ago

Can't seem to be able to get Karth to talk about the future, no matter what I do. Does anyone have any tips on how exactly they got that line of dialogue and when?

You need to at least talk to Karth after saving Gerald, then what makes the future pop up is when you pick the "You" option then they talk about trust. But make sure you talk to Lozran at the Inn about Fence, so that you have more to talk about with Karth to get to that point.

can't unlock scene 10,  i did exactly what u wrote but no "OR I COULD GO SEE THE KARTH"... dunno what i missing help pls

anyone know how to get scene 8?

I need to know how I can find the bridge? :<


For the life of me, I can't find the waterfall or bridge area. If someone could give a reference point and then directions, I would love you.

love me, you have to first get the pickaxe from the mines, once Gerald runs off with your potion, he’ll hide in a secret cave, which you’ll need the pickaxe to get access to, it’s near the stream and looks like a boulder that’s a bit out of place, then after that, you’ll have a few new directions unlocked 


If i could hug/kiss you right now I would. Thank you so very much.

Anytime :3

I can't pick the pickaxe :( I click everywhere but it doesn't do anything


can someone hep me please. I can not get scene 10. I sell him all the stuff i find except the moss but i can talk to him about the future. I talk to lorzan to open new dialogue but i do not know how to talk to him about the future. 


Small tip : If anyone's stuck after finding Gerald 'in plain sight', go to the area where there's a fallen log, there's a Bush there that unlocks the rest of the map. 

Scene 10: As for scene 10, currently there's a bug that means talking to the fence too much stops the future option from appearing. 

I got it by selling anything and everything I got to him, cept the misty moss just in case. Talking to lorzan to unlock more stuff about him. Then talking each option, being careful to stop selecting them as soon as he said he has nothing else to say, or when I knew there'd be no new information. Then talking to him after saving Gerald from the bounty hunter, you unlock scene 10. You don't need to do the Gerald trap scene at all like a previous commentor suggested. 

Sorry, but anyone knows how to get the scene 6 pls ? i bought the 2 salves but couldn´t  save the bear.

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it's not really dead, if you got the two bandages before, he comes back to help it 

looks like if you didn't untie Logus while saving Gerald, you need to go back and untie him, before you can talk to Lorzan for that accomplishments option

How do I get these 3? I can't find out


Why cant I get down to the lake at the water fall

same here i cant go down aswell

I basically gave up at this point

I hoped we get some threesome scene with the waterfall couple but its fine

Help I seem to be stuck at karth's ending, but i cant get the misty moss and when the orc fella goes left across the bridge it wont prompt me to go downwards. Do I have to reset my run?